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Fotasy Contax RF (Outer Bayonet) Lens to Canon EOS R Mount Adapter, Contax RF EOS R, Nikon S EOS RP Adapter, fits Contax RF/Nikon S Rangerfinder Lens & Canon Mirrorless Camera EOS R/EOS RP

by Fotasy

Price KWD 7.6 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 22 Nov - 25 Nov



Contax RF Lens EOS R Adapter, Contax RF Lens EOS RP Adapter allows Contax RF/ Nikon S Rangerfinder Lens to fit on Canon EOS R Mount Mirrorless Camera Infinity Focus Guaranteed. Copper Lens mount, solid and durable There is no electrical contacts in the adapter ring. Exposure and focus has to be adjusted manually. Automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operated with using this adapter. Contax RF Canon RF Adapter/ Contax RF EOS RF adapter is compatible with Canon EOS Mirrorless cameras, EOS R/ EOS RP

Customers Reviews

Great value FD/FL to EOS R Adapter, works as expected

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dimitri T on June 24, 2019
I have a number of FD lenses that I've been using for a long time with MILC cameras (Canon M, Sony, Fuji) but never got to use with my DSLR EOS cameras...this changed with my EOS R, so I was quick to buy this adapter.I have used Fotasy FD adapters for EOS M, Sony NEX and Fuji X, so I am familiar with the usage and built quality - it is good.. Never had a quality issue with them, no real machining imperfections, no left-over shavings or lubricants from the manufacturing process, the black finish is very good, lettering is durable etc. Lenses mount positively with little or no play, focus fine to infinity and the price is attractive enough for you to experiment if you are not sure you want to get into vintage lenses, but also buy more than one to keep them on your favorite lenses permenently, which greatly speeds up lens swaps.Word of caution: There is one little quirk with these adapters, as the pin that tensions the len's aperture iris spring has its own "lock/open" ring: should you try to force the lens on the adapter unless you are sure the aperture lock ring is in the OPEN end of its movement range. Failing to do so, the lens's aperture lever will conflict with the little stud the adapter uses and if you try to brute-force the lens on the bayonet mount, you could shear the pin off, which means you pretty much ruin the adapter. It will be very hard to harm the lens in the process, but you can "brick" the adapter.
Essentially perfect adapter, but FD lenses are (alas!) not so great.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Elliott S. Mccrory on January 2, 2019
This Canon FD to Canon EOS R adapter is essentially perfect. It is very heavy for what it is - it is made with a lot of metal. Both ends of the adapter fit very nicely: Both the camera side (EOS R) and the lens side (FD) connect with a reassuring and tight "clunk". The distances seem to be spot on - no issues with infinity focus.I was expecting to pay a LOT more than this to fit my ancient Canon FD lenses onto my lovely, new EOS R. This adapter does the trick! It is hard to know why one would choose to buy something more expensive.Now, about the FD lenses - they S-U-C-K compared to my new RF lenses (the 24-105MM f/4L IS USM and the 35mm f/1.8 IS STM). I took some rather carefully planned images with the FD 135mm f/2 and the 100mm f/2.8. Before I got to the pixel level, I could see that the images were soft. Even stopped down to f/5.6, they were still soft. My FD 135 seems to be a little misaligned (there are ghosts visible at the pixel level); my 100 is just soft. I was (naively??) expecting more.Also, the nifty little box with fingers above it that move as you focus, which the R has as a second manual focusing aid, are not visible with these lenses. This is a big disappointment for me. You still have the sparkly red focus thingys, and you can zoom in with the EVF to 10X, so (overall) Manual Focus is OK. (I suppose the box/fingers aid is only possible when the camera can "hear" the focus position of the lens.)Alas. Whatever.It is still a nice feeling to be able to mount my old Canon glass on my new Canon camera.Addition: I also bought the Leica M lens to EOS R camera adapter, and it seems that the reviews for that item falls here, too. The quality of the adapter is also excellent in every way. Highly recommended! The biggest difference if that the old Leica M lenses I inherited from my father are very, very good. The pixel-level image quality is great.I am a happy camper!
Works converting old FD lens to the EOS R

2.0 out of 5.0 by Fotoman on November 7, 2019
PROS: This adapter is great if you have a few old Canon FD mount lens hanging around. In my case I had a 20mm f2.8, a 135mm f2 and a 500mm f8 mirror lens. The latter is the real reason I bought this. I always LOVED my old mirror lens and now I have a way to use it again without any additional elements (which was required for the EF mount). It's almost like slapping on a native lens (and f8 is the only aperture). The HUGE plus of the EOS R is that on manual focus you can use focus peaking and really "dial in" the focus accurately -- something much harder to do with even my older FD bodies and certainly the newer Canon EF type bodies.CON: It's a good thing I bought it for primary use with my 500/8, because that lens only has one aperture. On my other two old FD lens, the aperture DOES NOT WORK. I can only shoot wide-open. You are suppose to be able to adjust the aperture and stop down, but at least my adapter does not do that. I have other, more modern, 20 and 135 EF lenses, so no big deal for me.
A few things to consider and be aware of when buying this adapter...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kenneth G. Nielsen on June 23, 2019
1.) This adapter does not come with end caps... so if you plan on leaving the adapter attached to the lens, like I like to do, you will need to order and purchase end caps, at least for the end that attaches to the camera which will be exposed when you remove the lens to change for another lens... You will want an end-cap in that case. 2.) you will lose your ability to use telextenders as there are none made yet for RF to RF mounts and the only way you can use them is if you have Canon EF mounts... which are gone with this adapter. Other than those things, this is a fine quality adapter with adjustment with a included allen wrench to rotate and fix your M-42 mount lens in the exact rotated position you want it in while using this adapter. Five stars for a quality product.
Don't spend money on a more expensive adapter

5.0 out of 5.0 by car24jg on September 3, 2019
Worked great. Fd lenses are not as good as the state of the art today, but it is not fair to say they suck, my 85 to 300 FD is 40 years old and still delivers great photos. RF lenses are the way to go, but you can take very good photos and build a decent lens set with old FD lenses until you can afford a $2000 RF lens. I bought this adapter and I'm glad I did.
Inexpensive FD lens adapter, focuses to infinity and allows aperture control.

4.0 out of 5.0 by savings monger on June 7, 2019
This allows you to mount your Manual focus lens to your EOS R or EOS RP camera. The focus and function well, with aperture control. I gave it 4 stars because the fir is actually a little too tight and is somewhat difficult to remove and the aperture lock is more confusing than you’d think. The lenses focus fine and to infinity, and at the low cost you could buy an adapter for every one of your lenses and not have to worry about figuring out the aperture every time.

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