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Tweezers - Surgical Grade Stainless Steel - Slant Tip for Expert Eyebrow Shaping and Facial Hair Removal - with Bonus Protective Pouch - Best Tool for Men and Women (Silver)

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Estimate to be delivered 29 Oct - 1 Nov



YOU ARE SUPERIOR. Tired of settling for the inferior product? Shaped to perfection using Surgical Grade stainless steel, Zizzili tweezers are suited for salon use at a fraction of the cost. Utmost care is taken to ensure each tool meets German industry standards and is individually inspected for quality before shipment. Acid-proof and rust-proof, these instruments are designed to get the job done consistently while retaining their sharpness and proper alignment. YOU DESERVE PERFORMANCE. Zizzili paid close attention to “breaks hair” and “hair slips through” comments you’ll see on OTHER product reviews and has tailored these tools for your specific needs. Engineered with Precision Aligned Tips and Calibrated Arm Tension, Zizzili guarantees efficient removal of unwanted hair at the root. YOU ARE CONFIDENT. Feel confident looking your best. Expertly define eyebrows, pluck chin hair, remove nose hair and all unwanted body hair. Thin, slanted tips provide the perfect angle to grip even small, fine hairs. Safely remove splinters with ease. Keep Zizzili tweezers in your first aid kit or purse for hygienic emergencies. YOU DESERVE CONTROL. Keep your implement clean, sharp and travel friendly in the Bonus Protective Pouch. Do your tweezers always slip from your fingers? Zizzili has the solution. Calibrated Arm Tension gives gentle resistance while ergonomic body design provides added control. Both men and women enjoy a comfortable grasp with tweezers’ 3.5-inch length. YOU ARE THE EXPERT. Put Zizzili to the test. Zizzili wants you to have the best experience possible. If you are not satisfied for any reason, Zizzili will replace or refund your product. Hassle-free. LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Customers Reviews

I consider myself a Tweezerologist.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Force on March 3, 2018
Stand still, look in the mirror, find the hair, pluck in out. Perfection.Stray hair plucking is a self-involved pleasure, no aspect of which is worth it, if — the tweezers do not grab perfectly. With competitive standards, I attack the stray hairs on face, most notably my chin with hyper-vigilance daily, and if that sounds uncool or unhip I could care less. Stray hairs dislocate you, in their barest form they steal your confidence. Who needs a reminder that we face the unpleasant fact that we are barely ahead of our knuckle-dragging ancestors. Clearing stray chin hairs with Tweezers that really work — even when plucking the tiniest stray hair — save the day! Tweezers are one go-to item in the world of beauty, that when the are not perfect, they are completely unless and lead to total frustration in front of mirror when you're already facing a tireless fight to keep the age-moocher at a distance for one more day. Growing older doesn't have to be an impediment to a happy life. Overdosing on the fight to maintain beauty is a sure path from pleasure to suffering. Time is a river that flowers endlessly, but letting stray hairs grow endlessly leads to a goatee. Don't idolize beauty, idolize products that help us maintain our beauty. The quality and precision of these tweezers do that, they deserve a review of excellence. Beautiful High Watt Smiles of Thanks.
Disappointment Deluxe!

1.0 out of 5.0 by Wendy DeVries on July 19, 2018
After years of purchasing from Amazon as a prime member, this is the first time I feel compelled to leave feedback. I've tried many different brands of tweezers & purchased these based upon the overwhelming number of positive reviews. Well...what a disappointment these tweezers turned out to be! I'm so tired of spending money on tweezers, only to be disappointed each time! Tweezerman tweezers used to be more! I was hoping these tweezers would rival the original quality of Tweezerman, but no such luck. Save your money...these don't work.
Didn’t last very long but ⭐️🌟✨🌟⭐️ for customer service!

2.0 out of 5.0 by Timbarina on September 29, 2018
I was so pleased with these tweezers at first I even bought a second. Have had them for about three months now and while they still grasp and pluck the occasional stray eyebrow, they no longer grasp or pluck the horrid little coarse chin hairs I so desperately needed them for. If they do grasp one, they cut it instead of plucking it. I’ve tossed and returned more than a dozen tweezers in the last 5 years, here’s two more. ☹️ I kept both tweezers very well protected with the tip guards and the plastic sleeves provided, all by themselves in their very own cases, to make sure nothing touched them; they’re not damaged but they just don’t work anymore.Update: Laurie, co-founder of Zizzili, sent me replacements for both pairs purchased. I find it highly commendable that the owners of the company stand so firmly behind their products!
Perfect Alignment, completely flush close

5.0 out of 5.0 by L. Allison on February 15, 2017
These tweezers are absolutely the best that I have ever purchased outside of the hospital.  The tips meet and align perfectly, the metal is great quality, but thin enough at the tweezer tip that a single hair or very tiny speck can be grasped easily. I've cleaned them with alcohol on a cotton, but I'm sure that I could drop them in boiling water if I needed to. I am very happy with them. I'm an RN and The tips have a perfect flush used a lot of tweezes though the years, these are among the best.
Barely usable, poor quality, improper shipping

1.0 out of 5.0 by Heather Hopper on August 3, 2018
Item arrived loose in an envelope - no plastic sleeve as shown above. For all I know they could have been used. I still sterilized them and tried to use them. They barely work at all, and cannot pull out shorter hairs. The metal is so soft that the gap between the sides gets smaller every time I use them - now only about 1/4" apart when not being squeezed. I plan to return them.
Not any better than cheap ones at Walmart

1.0 out of 5.0 by TODD MARTIN on December 10, 2018
I am unsure of who is writing these fantastic reviews I bought 2 pairs (spent $22) one for me and one for my husband. What a joke. I had to pull at each hair 5-10 times. The slant tip tweezers I bought from Walmart for $3 work waaayyyy better than these. What a waste of money. Not sure what these reviewers were using them for... maybe a piece of dry skin? Save your money. Walmart- generic for 2.86 work better. At least I dont have to tug at one hair until it turns into an ingrown hair.
Finally, tweezers that work

5.0 out of 5.0 by Quercus on July 7, 2017
These tweezers just arrived so I raced to the mirror to see if they deserved all the praise. What a difference. Every hair was removed with one gentle tug - no more yanking three or four times before finally getting it right or abandoning the effort. I was somewhat hesitant because of the price but it seems this is what it costs these days to get a pair of tweezers that actually work on my hair. I've been struggling with an old drugstore pair for years and had basically given up on those nasty eyebrow hairs that occasionally forget to stop growing and stick out in all directions. The curl at the ends adds a special touch of the goof to my face. Or they did, anyway. They're all gone now, thanks to these tweezers.I really can not believe I'm gushing about tweezers. I am just that glad to no longer have eyebrow hairs I can tuck behind my ears.
Was just trying a few higher end tweezers. Got it right on the first try.

5.0 out of 5.0 by maxGamer on September 28, 2018
I saw all the crap reviews on all the higher end tweezers and thought, well they're only 10 bucks. I'll try the top 5 and see which one works best for me.So I ordered these first, and boom, headshot! They're so good that they pulled eyebrow hairs I couldn't even see. You know, those little blondies that are almost invisible unless you catch them in the right light?So it pulled them out, but there's one caveat. They're sharp. As in, they'll cut you if you're not careful. So just keep steady, pull the hair gently, and these suckers are better than birth control. Get a pair.Oh, one more thing - if Amazon ships it, they'll probably ship it SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Which is stupid for a pair of tweezers, but it happens. Make sure someone is home to sign for it.

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