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Cardo Packtalk Outdoor Helmet Communication System for Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Cycling and Other Outdoor Activities, Bluetooth Wireless Voice Assistant and Talk Back Technology - Black


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4.4 ratings
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  • Wireless Hands-free Intercom: Crystal clear. Cardo brings unparalleled intercom sound quality with easy pairing and robust performance. For up to 15 users at a range of up to 1km/0.6mi. No Wi-Fi or cellular coverage needed.
  • IP67 Waterproof: No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof Packtalk Outdoor will take the beating and keep you connected. Rain, sun, mud, dust, or snow.
  • Year-Round: Use your Packtalk Outdoor all year-round, zooming down a snowy slope, navigating a downhill dirt track, paddling through a raging river or jumping out of a plane. Versatile mounting options for installation on any type of outdoor equipment.
  • Operated by Natural Voice: Keep your hands free to focus on your sport! Our Natural Voice Operation engine rids you from the need to ever press a button again. Just say “hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, your Packtalk Outdoor will do the rest.
  • Sound by JBL: Powerful 40mm high-definition speakers engineered to perfection by JBL experts, with three redesigned audio profiles.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • m. b.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Works well & does what it's supposed to.

      First off, I was really interested in the Milo, but they weren't shipping when I needed them to (I don't know if they're even shipping yet 4/2023). I decided to go with the Cardo because; the price is the same, they're ready to ship, & Cardo has a good history of similar products in the motorcycle world. I'm glad I went this way.The system works as advertised. You can talk hands free across some pretty good distance. I had no issue synching up 5 units together & all of us talking to one another. I've used this skiing & it lasts all day out on the hill. When I power it down it says that there is still 50% battery. Once the units are all paired together, they will re-pair when powered up next to each other the next day.The unit has controls on it that are easy to access & manipulate with ski gloves on, there's also voice command but I didn't really use it that much. But once you learn what buttons do what command, it's pretty intuitive.This has no built in speaker, so you need to use the provided speaker/mic. They really only fit in the ear pads of a helmet, so you'll need to have that. They do provide stick on options but I don't know where you might mount them on a helmet. Maybe if you have an old pair of headband style headphones, you could rig it up into that. Maybe Cardo will make something.The alternative is to use the plug in jack, where you can plug in a pair of corded headphones with a mic so that you get the full function. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH CORDED HEADPHONES WITH A VOLUME UP/DOWN BUTTON!!! So no apple headphones. I picked up a pair of in ear Sony headphones that work with it.You typically mount it on the side chin straps of the helmet, but a sticky tab is provided for a full face helmet. The clip would work on a backpack strap as well if you don't wear a helmet.To get the most out of it; play music, answer phone calls, adjust the volume levels, etc., you need to pair it with your phone & the app. If you have more than one, I'd suggest pairing & updating with each persons phone so that you don't end up having issues figuring out which unit is paired with your own phone.Once paired, it's really great to listen to music in the background of the entire conversation. Your own music only plays for your unit, not everyone else's.Limits: While skiing, having a hill or mountain blocking caused the units to cut in & out at about a 1/2 mile. If there was someone with another unit between, it helped add strength & distance to the connection. There were no issues with trees, it was really just limited by piles of earth. One annoying thing is the length of the announcement when 'group connection is lost'. If you're apart from your group, but just on the edge of it, you'll jump in & out of the connection, & you'll keep getting announcements. I also wish it worked with apple headphones. One last thing is the delay. It's not an issue if you're away from each other, but riding up the chairlift you hear yourself talk back to you because you get picked up by other mics & you hear the person twice (like an echo) because you hear their voice direct, then the transmitted voice. Not a big issue, easy to just mute your mic or mute the conversation, but something you might not expect.I'm seeing another unit advertised at a much cheaper price point, but it's still in the kickstarter phase so who knows if that gets off the ground. The cardo is ready to ship & it works. I really like using it & it's going to be Christmas/birthday gifts for the rest of the family that skis & boards. I highly recommend these, but your milage may vary depending on the company you keep.

    • K. J.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Water sports.

      They talk two way communication but in water I can't out how that's possible.Reached out to support and they basically said good luck. If you don't want it in water outside of just listening you'll love it. I bought to do exactly what the ad showed and it couldn't perform.Finally asked support to just tell me how they made the add. What "headphone mic that that was waterproof and I pay anything for the same thing. They can't tell me.Had cardo for years on my bike and ski helmet. Love the product but just spent another chunk of money on something that won't do what's advertised.

    • A. S.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Must-have communication device for bicyclists!

      I used the Cardo outdoor product and took a bike ride with another friend who has the same device. All I needed to do was connect the device to my phone via Bluetooth. The Cardo device was easy to assemble on the bicycle helmet and my friend and I were able to communicate with each other even about half a mile away. Amazing, super fun experience! Even though there was a bit of rain during our ride, our ability to communicate was still excellent. The voice command was a surprise bonus my friend told me about so I could be hands-free while biking. The only bummer is the limited color range of this product, I would prefer that the device match my red helmet.

    • I. R.

      3.0 out of 5 stars For what it does, it’s fine. Cardo could do better though.

      It’s okay, but for the cost and state of current technology, this really should be able to pair with Bluetooth headphones. The ability to use wired headphones is a nice touch, but I feel like I’m going back in time, and now have to deal with extra cords. I feel like they missed the mark on this model, and need to modernize.

    • R.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Works great on bike rides

      Been doing a lot of bicycle rides and this works great for that. Don’t have to ride side by side to talk, yell at each other over cars, inform others if stopped at a traffic light etc. planning to add more units in the future.

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