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Gym Timer 15" Large LED Display, Digital Timer Wall Clock, Interval Workout, Count Down/Up, Stopwatch, Adjustable Buzzer Volume, Adapter & Power Bank Compatible, Fitness Home Garage Gym Outdoor Sport


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4.3 ratings
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  • 15" LARGE DISPLAY & 2.6" JUMBO DIGITS:Gym timer size is 15"length x 4"height.With a clear crystal screen and 2.6"big bright digits,this large LED wall clock is easy to read across from your garage or home gym. It also features 5-level adjustable brightness and 12/24hr format.
  • P1-P9 CUSTOMIZED INTERVALS MODE:This fitness timer allows you to preprogram 9 modes interval for multiple trainings, each interval can loop 99 rounds. No more tedious step to set everytime before your fitness.
  • ALL IN ONE DIGITAL TIMER: Multiple timing modes like Tabata, FGB, Countdown/up timing, EMOM(loop countdown), Stopwatch and 9 custom interval mode(P1-P9). It's great for any daily training routine such as Boxing, HIIT, Crossfit, Fitness training, Yoga exercise.
  • 102dB LOUD BUZZER & ADJUSTABLE VOLUME - Compared to traditional timers with low decibel and unadjustable volume, our wireless training clock timer has a built-in 102dB loud buzzer and 12 levels volume settings. It's easy to hear the timer beep even if the gym is playing loud music!
  • SUPPORTS DC POWER/POWER BANKS - With a user-friendly remote control, you can easily set interval timer with fairly intuitive buttons. This fitness flex timer can be powered by a DC adapter or a power bank via USB-C! Make it possiple to use in places without plugs.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • S. C.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Mediocre clock accuracy, good display

      The display is very clear and bright, which is great.The clock drifts about a half second per day. At this rate, it will be off by a minute in about four months, or three minutes in a year. I guess that's fine, but I don't like adjusting clocks so I wish it was better.The clock mode won't be automatically activated after a certain period of inactivity of the timing functions. I wish it would so that when no one's using it it goes back to being a useful clock instead of a paused timer.The remote is a little slippery in the hand due to shape and texture, awkward, and the buttons are mushy and kind of roll over as you press them, but it's fine and the IR signal works well in my basement.I don't find it to be super easy to use, although I can use the countdown that I need without the manual. They made some choices that I wouldn't have like only number pad entry for the countdown timer, so you have to use the four-way pad and the numerical pad, which is awkward as you move your hand back and forth on the slippery remote. How to reset the countdown timer isn't obvious. For some reason, the clear button just sets the timer to 0 (how is that useful at all?). Hitting the stop button a second time doesn't reset. I actually already forgot how to reset it again, but it's not those two. If I used it all day it'd be no problem to remember, but I use it every other day and don't have to reset it most days, so I forget.The construction is good.I still think it's one of the best I considered on Bolo. I wish there was something a little more thoughtfully designed for a little more money, though. I wish there were some control buttons right on the main unit so I didn't have to have a fiddly remote laying around my gym.

    • a.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Best buy

      I'd be surprised if there is a better timer for the money. I had a very hard time choosing a timer because they are all similar and it was not entirely clear the differences between each. I almost didn't choose this one because of a review that has some misleading (or based on a different model) info (I'll give current info below).Pros: * BIG numbers. They say 2.6" tall, I measure almost 2.75" * Crystal clear and bright display * Adjustable volume (not many timers claim to have this) * EMOM is not just 1min. It is any duration you choose * Value - timers with larger numbers (>2") are all much more expensiveCons: (these are all minor, except for the round count which I would really like) * The preprogrammed buttons (tabata, FGB) cannot be changed to different settings. You are stuck with what they chose. What they chose is reasonable, but you may want something else. * You can specify the countdown time, but not the count up time. Just use countdown if you want to specify a time. * Only four user programmable intervals (P1-P4) . Not sure why they didn't support 9 user defined intervals since there are 9 available buttons (0 is used to mute the buzzer) * No "round" indication. This is my biggest con. - Intervals will indicate which work/rest interval you are on (e.g. F1, F2, F3 up to F9 for each of the 9 intervals). However, if you set the program to repeat multiple times (eg 4 intervals F1-F4 repeated 5 times for 20 total intervals), you will still only see the interval number Fn on each of the cycle repeats. - EMOM would be the same - you won't know how many times you have cycled through EMOM. So if you wanted to do something 15 times on the 3 min, you have to keep track of the count yourself. - tbh, I'm not sure if other timers solved this problem since there is not a place to display the round during intervals (I guess they could have alternated between Fn and the round). EMOM they could have replaced the "dn" with the round number. dn tells me nothing. Tell me the round!Clarifications vs another review: * Tabata is :20/:10 not :30/:10 * There is no programmable FBG1 button. There are 4 user programmable interval timers, programmable countdown and emom. Nonprogrammable buttons include tabata, fgb, up timer, and stopwatch. * Interval timers have 9 programmable work/rest cycles. That can be set to repeat up to 99 times. The problem is it doesn't display the repeat you are on, only which of the 9 intervals.This is a great timer and well worth the money. If they tweaked a couple things it would be perfect!

    • E. j.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use

      Great product really useful to keep counting therapeutic exercises.

    • k.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect

      I really wanted to like this one. The numbers are clear and easy to read. Sound has adjustable levels. Has small icons on screen to indicate if the sound is on/off, if you have the 10 second prep time activated, or you are in stop watch mode. There are multiple ways to mount this or prop it up to suit your needs. It can be powered by AC plug or usb c (usb-c cable not included). The batteries in the clock are used to keep the memory of the time when it’s off.Can only be controlled by remote.Has two built in timer settings that can’t be changed and two programmable ones. The Tabata timer is 8 rounds, :30 of work, :10 rest. As a trainer myself, I usually do :20 tabatas and :10 rest for 6 rounds. I can customize the “tabata1” button for my needs but know that the built in tabata setting would never be used.The other built in timer, FGB, is 5:00 workout with 1:00 rest, for 3 rounds. I probably won’t need that one either, but that’s not the fault of the clock.So that leaves me with only one customizable button that isn’t tabatas: FGB1. It allows you to customize a work time and a rest time, but only up to 9 rounds. So if I wanted to use it for boxing or kickboxing or mma rounds to spar for 10 rounds, I am Out of luck and am limited to 9 rounds and then have to reset it after the 9th round. (But wouldn’t have a countdown for a rest on round 9)So it can also count up, to a specific time you set, or be a stopwatch and count up to a non specified time (basically the same thing to me) and count down to one specific time (your basic timer).The clock part is okay but do wish it showed seconds.I purchased another one that I am going to end up keeping instead. It has the ability to program 10 customizable timers up to 99 rounds. Plus has an EMOM setting (loop countdown). Doesn’t have icons to tell you if 10 second prep is on or if sound is on or off. Also doesn’t have seconds showing for clock mode. It keeps the back-up of the time when off without being plugged in or using batteries. Doesn’t have sound that has levels; only off or on. The display isn’t as nice, but it’s perfectly readable and will work for me use.

    • C. d. A.

      Visto desde lejos

      EL color azul no se ve tan bien a la distancia, el resto, muy satisfecho

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