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MAXPRO Fitness: Cable Home Gym | As Seen on Shark Tank | Versatile, Portable, Bluetooth Connected | Strength, HIIT, Cardio, Plyometric, Powerful 5-300lbs Resistance


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4.1 ratings
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  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: MAXPRO Sport Orange SmartConnect, MAXPRO 3-piece Quick Connect Long Bar, 2x MAXPRO Workout Handles, 2x MAXPRO Ankle/Wrist Straps, 2x MAXPRO Door Mount Brackets & USB Charger
  • SMART CONNECT: Bluetooth connected model, with on-board sensors that along with the MAXPRO App track your workout, monitor your progress, provides valuable data and analytics, and coaches you to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • COACH LED WORKOUTS: Join a coach-led strength based workouts from HIIT, Suspension or Strength. Find inspiration and creating your own workouts and learn how to best use your MAXPRO.
  • BURN, BUILD & TONE: Clear adjustable concentric resistance markings adjustable from 5lbs to 300lbs with a simple turn of a dial from one exercise to the next.
  • VERSATILE & PORTABLE ALL-IN-ONE: Strength, Cardio, Suspension, Plyometrics & Function Training. Weighs less than 9lbs (4kgs) & folds conveniently into a ridiculously small package.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.1 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • K. Y.

      5.0 out of 5 stars I was hesitant to buy, but happy I did.

      I ended up getting the MaxPro, the Wall Track, and the Bench. I'm happy with each, but here's how I'd rate each.MaxPro Device:It is great. I am still in the breaking-in phase of the cables. The lighter weights have smoothed, the heavier ones still have a little settling, but are pretty good already (only few weeks in). If they didn't improve, I'd be fine with it. I'm a neat freak and hate clutter so I really love that this device takes up no space to use or store. I have bowflex selectteck dumbells which don't take up too much space. But this is even easier to change weights and isn't 100 lbs making it hard for me or others to move out of the way. You can really workout anywhere. Regarding no eccentric force: there is just enough for the light weight resistance. And for the heavy weights, to be honest, I think I prefer the no eccentric. For instance, yanking a heavy dumbbell to my lap to do a bench press is just not appealing anymore like when I was in my 20's, I'd rather not risk pulling an odd muscle because I want to get a heavy bench press in. I'm not ruling out dumbbells forever, I'll likely switch things up, but I’m glad I gave this a shot. What is important is doing the work and whatever motivates you is the right program or equipment. Sometimes a new device can make it fun and gets you invested again. This will likely stay my primary device given it's flexibility and low footprint. And it is just so easy to get some sort of work out in (which is always better than nothing); it weakens the excuse factors. Give it a try.Wall Track:You can get by without it, but I highly recommend you get it. It just opens up the list/types of workouts you can do immensely. Sure there is the door mounts, but I think they should be considered for traveling. You could live with the door mounts if you didn't have to regularly remove them. My box came with two so you could keep one at low and high position and be okay. But if you are considering the wall mount at all, just do it. It's better looking than the door mount for one, and it will add any angle to your workout, switching position in seconds. In my opinion, you do want the two door mounts up at all time or the wall track. You can do plenty of workouts with the device alone, don’t be deterred, but including the mounts will replace a gym membership.Bench: The product itself is really nice. I got a black Friday sale so I am going to keep it. I've only just started using the MaxPro system so take this for what it's worth. I think the Wall Track is a must and the Bench is a nice to have. I feel like I can do pretty much everything I want to do with the Wall Track. The bench is there if I want to do more of a traditional-style Bench Press. I see the benefit for that. Don't get me wrong, the app has a ton of exercises to do with the Bench. This is just how I see the value for my workouts. It can easily be the opposite for you.In closing: I know this is expensive, but cancelling a membership for a year at most gyms already covers the cost of this equipment. It's worth that investment to have the options at home. I permanently cancelled my gym membership 5-6 years before covid, doing P90X / Beachbody stuff (which has a great streaming library – check it out too). I haven't missed the gym at all, in fact have been better off physically and financially. And now I'm adding this. I'm way ahead in the cost factor and can add thoughtful things in the future to my home if I wish. Think about the time you spend traveling to/from the gym, time spent in the building and locker room, or waiting for equipment. I'm a working parent and all those time factors became the bigger investment than the money. Cancel your gym. Look for a sale. I'm not saying to buy this, that this is the only option, I'm saying you will be happy with it. And given my suspicion of what the average person does at a gym, this will be just fine for better than 9 of 10 people. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with cable equipment at the gym, download the MAXPro app and look at the exercise library.

    • y.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Has potential

      If you workout barefoot this thing is very uncomfortable on your feet. The stepping area should have been shaped as a foot which could also guide people away from breaking the hinges. I also wish the weight (pounds/kilos) was written next to the cable strength numbers so first time usee that arent new to the gym can get a good starting point.I wish the cables had lines drawn across them so we can evenly lock them accurately so the weights are even.But the main problem is that there is almost ZERO chest workouts with this thing unless you use the wall mount to do chest flies. You cant benchpress with this thing unless you buy their bench as an extra. The maxpro app literally have to add PUSHUPS as a chest exercise on their app because of how limited this thing is for chests. Maybe include a small padded bar you can place on top of the maxpro so you can do floor benches

    • J. H.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Versatile, tiny footprint, safe workout, solidly built. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

      In short:Space Saver- you could get a weight machine, and you can probably do all the things Maxpro can do, but you dedicated the room to the machine. You have a home gym, but that's it. With Maxpro, I have a room I can use for weight training, yoga, sewing, Guitar Hero...Versatility- it can do everything a weight machine or a Bowflex type machine would do (but taking up a fraction of space). Dumbells- sure, I thought about getting hundreds of pounds of metal, but then, doing a lateral pull would be an issue. Maxpro provides training in any direction! I love doing those punching exercises, as well as squats, and lateral pulldowns. All in one small package. Amazing.Safety- I'm not worried about any weights dropping, or something snapping (whether it be a cable or my neck :O) Maxpro feels so safe.I'm a mechanical engineer, and I research stuff to death before I make a decision. Yes, one of those people. When I was searching for a home gym, since I got rid of my gym membership... I wanted something versatile. I'm also kind of person who want options, but I'm not a buff guy. I looked at big names like Bowflex and Nordictrack. I looked at their home gym setup, and also their nifty dumbell sets. They all had major issues. If you see the photo of my Maxpro setup, it doesn't really get in anything's way (other than the mat, which is 4'x8' for your reference). If I had spent the same money getting one of those conventional home gym setup, my tiny room would be full with the setup! I didn't want this gym towering over me in this multi-purpose room I use for hobbies, and many other things. Even the smallest setup would have taken something like 6'x4' PERMANENTLY. Maxpro does wonders in that area. It takes next to no space. You need space to workout, but except for that 10 minutes a week (:O), the space is yours!Build is great. It's substantial. It reminded me of Iron Man... It's all aluminum... not that Iron Man would have been built with Aluminum, but Maxpro feels great. It feels solid, quality made. You get what you pay for (in a good way!).I notice that some people think this is expensive. I mean, for the same price, you could get a towering hunks of metal that will sit in your room, taking up maybe 6'x6' or more permanently. Maxpro did everything home gym did in a small packaging. If you want more hunk of metal, why would one buy Mercedes when you can get a semi-truck for the same price?I also find some people don't like the whole concentric exercise, etc. There's very informational video on the Maxpro Facebook site, and it's not a sales pitch- they're just saying that different exercises serve different goals. I'm not a big guy, and I work out to stay healthy. I didn't notice anything less because of concentric exercise part. In fact, I'm much big of a fan of it now. One big reason is, it doesn't feel like the machine's going to explode. What I mean is, when you use a weight machine or Bowflex, there's this huge energy build-up. Even the cheap elastic bands are going to store energy when you're extending them twice the original length. Imagine bench pressing 200 lbs with a dumbell or a weight machine, and you can't drop it safely, or something snapping, and there's no one spotting you. That's going to come crashing down and do something- at the least make horrendous noise, or at the worst injure someone or your dog. With Maxpro, you put in the effort, but without feeling like something is going to break or explode. I love that.And there's this cool App. There are many exercises you can search (almost too many) for. It also has these "coached exercises." It feels just like a personal trainer, and the video eases you into using Maxpro seamlessly. I'm in the process of trying all of it to see which I like the best, and just to get used to using Maxpro. I say those coached exercieses should be the first thing you try if you get Maxpro. Maxpro connects to your phone's bluetooth, and it counts the reps for you, etc- pretty nifty.Overall, I'm a big fan. It's compact, versatile, easy to use. It feels solid built, unlike some questionable products. I wrote this lengthy review because I'm convinced that Maxpro made a great product, and they definitely deserve the attention!

    • m.

      very well built

      no complaints!

    • A. D.

      Sehr platzsparend aber auch sehr teuer

      Der größte Pluspunkt ist natürlich der geringe Platzbedarf. Selbst nur mit der MaxPro alleine kann man alle Muskelgruppen trainieren. Mit einer Bank (es muss auch nicht zwingend die offizielle sein) und der Türhalterung (enthalten) hat man noch viel mehr Möglichkeiten. Im Gegensatz zu Widerstandsbändern kann man hier aber besser steigern (in kleineren Inkrementen) und es geht auch schnell. Zu beachten ist dass der Widerstand nur in der konzentrischen Phase entsteht. In der exzentrischen Phase hat man keinen. Finde ich persönlich aber auch nicht schlimm. Je nachdem was man für Ziele hat, ersetzt das natürlich kein vollwertiges Gym, aber wenn man keine großen Ziele hat bzw. für unterwegs ist das Ding perfekt. Der Preis ist allerdings übertrieben hoch. 500-1000 fände ich angemessener. Ich spiele mit dem Gedanken meine sonstigen Gewichte zu verkaufen, was mich aber abschreckt ist dass ich die Haltbarkeit nicht einschätzen kann. Selbst Ersatzteile wie die Seile sind nur umständlich zu bekommen (weil Versand fast nur aus bzw. in die USA möglich) und benötigen dann vermutlich auch das nötige handwerkliche Geschick.

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