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LED Balloons,10 Pack Light Up Balloons 22 Inches Transparent Helium Glow Bobo Bubble Balloons with String Lights for Valentines Day Halloween Christmas Wedding Birthday Party Decoration


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3.4 ratings
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Zodight Beautiful BOBO LED Balloons - Enjoying Your Colourful Party

Do you want a perfect party?

These stunning light up balloons are really attention grabbing, our aim is to create brilliant and exquisite balloons in the dark, you can use virtually anywhere you want.

Advantage of our led balloons include:

  • Gorgeous effect at night
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect decoration
  • Holds for up to 72 hours
  • Reusable
  • High cost performance

Feature of led balloons:

  • Balloons size before inflation: 7.8in/20cm
  • Balloons size after inflation: 17~20in/43~50cm
  • Balloons Material: Transparent TPU
  • String Lights Length: 118in/3m
  • Lights Color: Colorful
  • Lights modes: Steady on


Without helium the led bobo balloons will not be able to float.


  • 💙High Quality Led Balloon💙:Transparent large bobo balloon, made of environmentally friendly TPU, no odor, durable, recyclable, not easy to rupture. To inflate the balloon to its maximum (18 inches), YOU MUST USE SOME INFLATABLE TOOLS SUCH AS A PUMP OR A HELIUM TANK. THE BALLOON CANNOT BLOW UP WITH YOUR MOUTH!!!
  • 💙Magic Glowing Decoration💙:Our glowing balloons can be inflated for approximately up to 18 inches (Before Inflation, Only 8 Inches) and keep the air up to 7 days without leakage. The light string box comes with switch and you can turn the light off and on at any time.
  • 💙Easy to Use💙:To activate the LED Bubble balloons and glow in the dark party, fill the balloons with air or helium and put 2 batteries in the battery box (picture 6). Great for birthday, party, wedding, anniversary, pool party, dance club or any other special occasion worth celebrating.
  • 💙Package Include💙:10 X LED String Lights, 10 X Bubble Balloons, 50 X Clear Seal Stickers. Note: Only floating by full of Helium. Don’t near by fire while floating.
  • 💙No Risk Purchase💙:We have 90-day money back and 12-month replacement warranty for all customers. If the Bobo light up Balloons don't meet your need or any defect, please contact us and customer care team will response you within 12 hours.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    3.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • S.

      Buy it for the larger balloon size but it only has ON/OFF lighting mode

      The media could not be loaded.  I bought these Bobo balloons from two manufacturers to see if there's a difference... there is! The Zodight starting size is larger than the other manufacturer but it only has ON/OFF as a lighting mode (read the fine print!) whereas the other manufacturer has 3 modes (fast strobe; slow strobe; ON). It was easier to inflate the Zodight balloon to a larger size, but the best I could do was 14" (18" just doesn't sound credible).Tips:1) Buy more balloons than you need! You will invariably pop one or two during inflation to find the maximum size.2) Don't forget to stretch the balloon in the X and Y direction (maximum effort... grunting is good). Inflate slowly with the helium tank to give it a chance to stretch under inflation. Tie the knot as close to the balloon as possible to keep the wire strands taut.3) Take your time uncoiling the wire strands to avoid kinks. Smooth and straighten the wires with your thumb and forefinger. Check that the strand is operational (insert batteries)... I had one bad LED on a strand.4) Wrap the starting end around the knot (I find two wraps are sufficient) and start winding the strand around your balloon (I use the balloon seam as a guide). Two more wraps around the knot and you can start the 2nd winding perpendicular to the 1st. You will only have enough wire for two windings if the balloon is large enough to float. Finish up with three wraps. The balloon video is with the other manufacturer's controller on fast strobe.It's likely that the wire stands will loosen over time from balloon shrinkage (helium leakage but also cooler ambient temp) and will require re-wrapping to keep it taut. Don't expect the balloon to stay floating for days... loose strands occur after 12 hrs and will stop floating by 36 hrs, but it should be solid for the first 6 hrs. Reusing balloons and strands is perfectly doable (the used balloons may be easier to inflate to a larger size!). Don't forget to turn off the helium tank hard nozzle... the nipple nozzle will leak slowly.

    • a. w.

      These are beautiful! But….

      The media could not be loaded.  I used these for my Euphoria themed 21st birthday party! Okay so first off; you need a high pressure balloon blower or helium tank! You can’t use your mouth! It also DOES NOT come with any strings or balloon sticks. You’ll have to buy your own. Secondly, these things are very hard to tie! These aren’t like rubber balloons where you can stretch the mouth of it. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me - but they slowly started to lose air. Like over hours though. Something I did is after tying the ends, I used small black rubber bands and wrapped it around the ends and it works lol.Lastly, you need clear tape to tape the lights on there and you need 20 AA batteries (2 for each balloon) for all of the balloons! It does come with these clear tape stickers but they weren’t coming off the paper correctly so I couldn’t use them to tape the lights. But overall, these are very cute, worth it for how they look, and reusable but it’s very annoying. I don’t know if I’d ever get them again cause it was too much work. But I will say: the lights can be used it several different ways other than with the balloons! They’re so cute!

    • T.

      They work it's cute just takes a bit of time & patience

      I'm not the type of person to write reviews at all but reading through others helped me get the balloons to work.The first time we tried we were frustrated and the balloon barely inflated.After reading reviews I realized it was about stretching the balloon and figuring out a technique to hold on the small helium tank. Because the open is so large its difficult to keep it completely closed while also inflation but once you get it a few done it gets easier. The second then make sure you really stretch the ballon I was afraid of rip it but the one that were stretched well inflated more.Use clear tape to keep the lights on.They came out well and you can use the for other things if you want. We would have done more but we ran out of time before the party started and it started to get windy outside. It did take a bit of time to inflate and add the lights and they stayed inflation and floating for the duration of the party about 3 or 4 hours.Once they start to loose inflation the lights don't fit as tightly. But I do plan on untying and using them again and figure out a way to inflate faster but that may require a better helium tank

    • S. T.


      I really wanted to give these a good rating. But I just can’t. I ordered them to use for our son & wife’s 20th Anniversary party. We went to a huge amount of work to make this party a success and it was. The caterer was spot on, the gifts abundant and the friends top notch. But. These were supposed to be a main focus of the decor.... to start one popped when being blown up. By mouth. We opted to not use helium but to just blow them up. So it was beyond disappointing to lose one right off the bat. We could only use about half of them because the battery boxes would not work. We had bought a brand new box of batteries from Costco, so we wouldn’t have an issue. No matter what we tried they simply would not light up. At the last minute we were left scrambling for something to use in their place. In the end, the ones that did work were really cool and gave an awesome effect!! But to only get to used 1/2 the balloons was very, very disappointing. Do not recommend unless you’re prepared to get to use only half.

    • R.

      Cute but tricky

      The whole idea of this is cool in all but I wasn’t provided with the sticky stickers so it made it harder for me. Definitely would recommend tho! Just buy some double sided tape to be on the safe side. I taped the battery pack to the balloon so the kids don’t play with them.

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