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Dr. Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food, 6.6 Lb

Dr. Elsey's

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4.3 ratings
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Dr. Elsey’s clean protein was inspired by the protein levels found in natural prey, and is a high protein kibble that optimizes your cat’s appetite and body mass through simple, high quality ingredients, therefore promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all cats.

  • 90+% Of Protein Is Animal Based
  • High Protein Optimizes Body Condition For All Cats
  • Primary Ingredients Are Among The Highest Biological Value Proteins Available
  • 100% Grain Free And Gluten Free Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • M.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious Feline Nutrition

      Do you ever struggle with feeling like you do not get enough "bang for your buck" when it comes to pet food or feel like pet food manufacturers are ripping you off as a whole? I've certainly felt this way time and again. I remember several years ago reading many articles warning of the dangers of various popular pet food brands and their secret and inadvertent poisoning of our feline friends. From that time, I decided to consciously make an effort to ensure that my cats had quality food. I scoured the Internet to find what products were the best for the animal, not just the pocketbook. I have taken a collegiate nutrition course and read many scholarly articles which helped me to find the information I desired, not being content at simply looking at a single source and I made sure that my sources were reliable via further research into them. Dr. Elsey's CleanProtein is a wonderful choice of cat food—the best (pure) "dry" cat food on the market currently that money can buy, it contains no "grain-filler" products as many other pet foods do, it provides our pets with additional needed vitamins and minerals while containing no [carcinogenic] food-dyes and maintaining a pet-approved flavor. It is one of the top-rated "dry" pet foods according to CatFoodDataBase, being marked at "9 out of 10 paws" for ingredients and nutrition, containing no "questionable" ingredients, only being beaten by freeze-dried cat foods "Primal", and "ZiwiPeak" as well as Wysong's Epigen Chicken. ("Dr Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken Recipe Review", CatFoodDB.com, ¶1). "Overall, Dr. Elsey's is a significantly above average cat food …." ("Dr Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken Recipe Review", CatFoodDB.com, ¶1). It contains more protein and fewer carbohydrates than most other cat food brands. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), it gets a whopping 53.8% of its Calories from protein and 39.8% of them from fat while only using carbohydrates for 6.4% of it's Caloric content. At Dr. Elsey's, they are careful not to pack typical "filler" into the food. Generally, fillers refer to things such as cornmeal, oats, and other grain products that are oftentimes used to provide additional quantity without additional notable substance to pet foods. Unlike dogs, cats specifically are not designed to eat starches and grains over a long period of time and doing so can lead to horrible problems later in the pet's life. ("Cats and Carbohydrates: The Carnivore Fantasy?", Verbruggheand, Hesta, & ed. Rand, Abstract). They take care to ensure that the nutrition going into their feed is exactly that: nutrition. ("The CleanProtein Diet", Dr. Elsey, ¶1). They do use dried egg product as a certain type of filler, but this is nutritious for cats, being an excellent source of [tasty] protein. They add no dyes to their product, noting that many of these dyes have shown cancerous properties in a lab setting. In fact, these dyes are added to products simply to attract human purchasers with little regard to a pet's health. Foods with these dyes and grain-fillers in them are equivalent to the "fast food" of the pet-world—tasty with little value and toxic traits. At Dr. Elsey's also makes sure that the flavor of the product really shines through, if my little feline friends' appetites (and contented "meows") for it have taught me anything! It has a very mild aroma and a firm, "crunchy" texture. Numerous other individuals on Dr. Elsey's website have also confirmed their delight with the product. Some of you may panic whenever you see "salmon" listed within the ingredients, which is understandable but in this case, a bit of further research shows that you have little to fear (unless your cat has a specific allergy to this fish). See, it is not the fish's protein that is used, simply the oil—and not in a massive quantity either, having "significantly less moisture than an equivalent wet food." ("Dr Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken Recipe Review", CatfoodDB.com, ¶6). Others may have a fright whenever seeing that "oxalate" is used in the food but with some further research, we are delighted to find out that this helps prevent our feline friends from getting Chronic Kidney Disease, a leading feline cause-of-death! ("Chronic Kidney Disease is the #1 Cat Killer: What is Oxylate and Why Does It Matter?", Dr. Elsey, ¶2). This food is packed to the brim with great feline nutrition and carefully crafted to mimic a cat's most natural diet. It uses no toxic dyes or grains & starches in it and even it's filler is protein-based. Cats love its flavor and it even helps to ward off CKD in cats, a leading killer. Some people worry because of fish-based oil used in it, but after a bit of research, you find that the amount is minimal and is actually healthy for felines—improving brain development and cognitive function, reducing inflammation, slowing tumor growths, reducing abnormal heart rhythms, and seizure frequency. ("What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats?", PetMD, Pendergrass, ¶5-11). Dr. Elsey's CleanProtein is one of the best dry cat foods that the market has to offer, fighting for our pets' health, giving them a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that they need for peak bodily performance, and it is quite affordable. If you're like me and you want your cats to not just live but to really thrive, then give Dr. Elsey's a try, I am sure you won't regret it!Sources:CatfoodDB.comPetMD.comPetfood.AAFCO.comNCBI.NLM.NIH.govDr.Elseys.com

    • F. J. M.

      5.0 out of 5 stars I researched for YEARS.

      I have been a cat dad "forever". As such I am insanely careful about everything I do, buy for these magnificent, loving beings. I have been researching cat foods for longer than I can remember. After reading every unbiased review for every brand known to man, the two best cat foods are clearly Dr. Elseys for kibble, and Ziwi for either wet or kibble. Low glycemic, low phosphorous, the best. PERIOD. ZERO RECALLS, EVER. Coslty, yes, but can you put a price on their health and well being? PS: I always add a high quality probiotic to their wet food every morning, use a cat fountain with filters, and purified water to help prevent oxylate stones.

    • S.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Love it, but quality is not the same

      I fed my cat meow mix for most of his life, until I grew older and was able to comprehend that most pet food brands don't have your pet's health in mind. My cat is very picky about food, but this food he immediately liked. He prefers it over fresh chicken. I did have many problems switching him to this food. He began to eat random stuff off the floor and would get constipated and not poop for weeks. He ate some bits of string that we didn't know at the time and his poop, like exploded out of him (not literally) and got all over his rear end. He is a long haired cat and we ended up having to call groomers all over town to help during quarantine. We got an amazing mobile groomer called Gabi Kat that stopped everything and worked past their closing time to help us. They were the ones that pointed out string in his feces and said that he was probably eating random stuff off the floor due to the switch in food. He had never been bathed before and we were in awe of their professionalism and experience. They brought him into the house and he was prancing around and showing off his beautiful fur for two weeks. He smelled so good and he had so much pride in himself, it was amazing to see.We eventually took him to the vet and used my stimulus check to cover the costs. $1500 later, there was nothing wrong with him, except he was dehydrated. They gave him an IV for an additional $100 because I spent all that money so might as well.I now mix his food with a little water so he isn't as dehydrated.When I first purchased this food from Chewy, it was about $60. It had a very fishy odor and was pretty moist. It had a consistent kibble shape except at the bottom where there was broken pieces, which was fine since it wasn't a lot. When I purchased this from Bolo for the first time, the food was incredibly dry and I was pretty dissatisfied. I chose to not purchase from here for a while due to this because I thought maybe it was an issue with the batch.I purchased more from Chewy and the food was dry exactly like the one from Bolo and I was extremely disappointed.Now, a year later, the food has decreased in price by about $10 and the quality is very different. Over half the bag is broken kibble pieces and it no longer has a fishy smell. It smells like what you'd expect dog kibble to smell like. I have to individually find full kibble pieces for my catin order for him to eat it and I notice he is not as enthusiastic to eat it. Instead of, "yay, food!" It's now, "time to eat 😒"I am a bit conflicted about this change. Although I am disappointed by this, I am very grateful because my family is suffering financially due to all that has been happening and more. It will not hurt me as severely to feed my cat something healthy even though he doesn't really like it as much.

    • w.

      1st bag was great and our cat loved it! But 2nd bag gave my cat diarrhea..

      We swapped in and out Dr Elsey’s dry kibbles twice over a week, both times our cat had liquid diarrhea after eating dr elsey’s kibbles. Once our cat was on the other dry kibble, he’s back to soft stool. Wet food is always kept the same while on both types of dry kibbles. Don’t know what happened in the 2nd bag of kibbles, but I do notice there were alot more “broken” kibbles as compared to the 1st bag. Now I’m left with more than 3/4 bag and don’t know what to do with it, such a waste of money!

    • M.

      Cats liked it, but price is increasing

      My cats accept this. Will continue to feed this. Seems healthy. Price seems to be increasing and not always in stock.

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