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USB C 18650 Battery Charger ALLMAYBE XTAR PB2S Type C Dual-Role 18650 18700 20700 21700 Portable Charger with USB Output Function(Not Included Battery


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4.1 ratings
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  • USB C Type C 18650 21700 batteries charger with USB output function ,2 Ports Output all together.
  • 18650 Fast charger Support QC3.0 PD3.0 Fast Charging, compatible with most fast-charging adapterson the market.
  • You can even DIY the capacity up to 10000mAh+. If there are enough batteries, PB2S is your outdoor charging station.
  • Built-in protection circuit can effectively prevent over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuit, combined with XTAR's soft-start function, Constructed from flame retardant and fire resistant PC materials to extend the charger’s lifespan and ensure safety.
  • High Precision, Auto Cut-off When Fully Charged, 0V Activation Revives Over-discharged Batteries
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.1 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • A. C.

      Charge or use as a power bank

      I bought this to both charge 18650 lithium ion batteries while traveling as well as to use as a small power bank. While the capacity depends on the batteries you use, in testing I was able to output 5, 9, and 12v from the USB-C port and 5v from the USB-A port, so this will let me power and charge a variety of devices.

    • C. H.

      18650's pop loose too easy

      while I know a swappable 18650 power bank is a bit of a niche ask this one has a bit of a flaw with the contactsas it is clearly a mobile device you would expect motion to not affect connectionsadly with the much more common 18650's it can be glitched by holding and slowly inverting the deviceit can't possibly need sanded cells with 0% oxidation to function correctly as that is impossible to maintain without sanding through the cell in well under it's cycle lifeso the spring pin is too weak to have the display vertical with the plugs facing upplus in the tabletop orientation the cells can easily fall towards the lid so you need a square of carboard as the ideal packer thicknessI tried foam and other stuff and it was either too thick and interfered with the magnetic cover seating or it was too thin to be useful or too pliable to be usefulall in all a decent if slightly flawed version of an ideal vaper batter charger and power bankplus the current display is worthless under 500ma and the % only lets you know when it is nearly flatotherwise it can display 80% on 100% full cells or never reach 100% while charging

    • J. S.

      Love the idea, but the voltage measurement is wrongi

      I've got a bunch of 18650 batteries now that I've learned how to safely tear them out of various devices (ie., a laptop that doesn't work anymore with a removable battery? Free batteries!!). This makes this device perfect for utilizing those batteries!Now, my gripes: I have a Zanflare charger that gives me the right voltages of the batteries, and this charger will not show the correct voltage of the battery. It does seem to measure it correctly because it does display the correct %.For example, plugging this cell into my Zanflare tells me that the voltage is 3.82v. My understanding is that many lithium ion batteries are fully charged at 4.2v, and the XTAR does tell me that the battery is at 61%. It does seem to measure the correct amperage when charging the battery via USB-C.My second gripe is I wish the cover's magnets were stronger. The magnet feature is a super nice touch and I really like it, but for example if I allow my kids to use the battery pack, those batteries will be lost. I'd have to tape it shut but then I have tape all over my nice battery charger.I also wish I could give this a 3.5 rating. I'm not happy enough with it to give it 4 stars, but not unhappy enough to give a 3. I guess I'll leave it at a 4 since many vendors do work hard for ratings since inaccurate bad ratings can kill a business, but hopefully this review will help some potential buyers make an informed decision.

    • R. M.

      Great form factor

      Feels great in my hand. The digital display is great. Charges batteries fast. Haven't used it as a battery pack yet.

    • C. F.

      Easy to use

      Good product.

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