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Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded - Professional 2-Speed Electric Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer Painless Paws Grooming & Smoothing for Small Medium Large Dogs & Cats (Dark Blue)


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4.5 ratings
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  • Safe, Effective & Precise Trimming: This dog nail grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet's nails anywhere.
  • Advanced 2-Speed Switch & 3 Grinding Ports: The trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design powerful enough support heavy grinding. And with 3 ports to match small, medium, or large pets, simply choose the appropriate port and speed depending on your pet's size and nail hardness.
  • Super Low Noise & Vibration: Many pets get stressed by the sound and vibration of pet nail grinder. However, our electric pet nail grinder uses a superior motor with super-quiet technology that produces a very low vibration. Help sand pets claws faster and easier.
  • Rechargeable & Portable: The cordless dog grinder is rechargeable and has an indicator light on the bottom that turns on when charging. Each grinder has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours after a 3-hour charge. The lightweight and ergonomic body design also makes it easier to handle in your right or left hand.
  • Considerate Customer Care: Our products experts teams are available 7 days a week. Response in less than 24 hours. Contact us at any time. We will help you at our best. Casfuy hopes pets and their people live happily together.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • Athansor

      Excellent Tool—May or May Not be Right for Your Dog

      I have two small dogs—a 7 pound and a 13 pound dog—the smaller, Nixie, with nails where the quick stays far, far up the nail, the larger, River, where the quick is always right at the tips of his nails.I normally use a Pet Dremel on Nixie’s nails—and although I wouldn’t say she enjoys the process, she’s happy enough to stay in my arms, while I do a few seconds at a time on each nail, liberally praising and treating her after each dab or two at the nails. Her hair is long, but I’ve never had a problem with it getting wrapped around the Dremel shaft, because she’s reasonably passive while I do her nails...and I’ve never had a problem with rounding her nails into a smooth, comfortable shape with the Dremel, because, again, she’s reasonably passive while I do it.River, on the other hand, is a different case entirely! He HATES the sound of the Dremel (he hates all mechanical noises), and I have to clip his nails a bit at a time, while he lies on his back, and either file them smooth with a glass nail file, or, touch the Dremel to his nails for a split second at a time, treating and praising and rubbing his belly liberally, and allowing him to get up and “hug” me, frequently, to relieve his anxiety. It doesn’t help that since he’s prone to sudden moves, and also has long hair, it HAS gotten wrapped around the Dremel shaft a few times—something that absolutely terrifies him.So when I needed to replace the Dremel’s battery for the third time in the last four years, (they seem to stop holding charges *FAR* too quickly!), I looked around Bolo to see if there was anything else on the market that would be useful...and found the Casfuy.After reading the reviews, and looking at the price, I figured it was worth trying it out. I particularly liked hearing it was quieter and that there was no easy way for hair to get wrapped around the shaft, as I thought this might help with River’s fears.When it showed up, I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely it was packaged—and by how solid (for a plastic implement) it felt. I have small hands for a woman, and it felt comfortable and balanced, when I moved it around. It also came charged, so I was able to test it right away—another lovely “extra”. :)The noise was DEFINITELY softer than the Dremel. It’s less loud than my Sonicare toothbrush, actually—but it’s higher pitched than both, and I was a little concerned about how this would affect the dogs.Predictably, it sent River scuttling out of the room—even faster than the Dremel does. Nixie was a bit spooked by it, but she’s naturally suspicious of new things, and didn’t seem frightened, just cautious.I thought I’d try it on Nixie’s nails first, since she’s the easy one. I used it on low, as that’s the only speed either will tolerate on the Dremel, and the higher pitch of the high speed didn’t seem like a good idea.Well—she wasn’t keen on it...as I held her—but the real problem was that when you touch it to a nail, and the dog predictably jerks a little, the direction of the spin, plus the jerk, means the nail hits the side of the plastic cover with a loud, unpleasant noise, and that REALLY freaked Nixie out, causing her to refuse treats, and to jerk her paws from me as soon as I tried to hold one.I worked with her a bit, finding that it was a little better if I could manage to hold my finger over the plastic edge, so that her nail would hit my finger, not the plastic, and also trying to hold her nail steadier with my other hand—but it was awkward, and after not getting very far with her, I gave up, used the Dremel, and was able to quickly finish her nails.I did notice that the Casfuy did naturally create a rounded shape to the nail edge on the top of the nail, but it created a sharp edge UNDER the nail, which it required a bit of ingenuity to remove, by maneuvering the tool around. I can create the same shape with the Dremel, but a) there was a learning curve, as if you hit the nail with the Dremel at the wrong angle, it makes a dreadful sound and b) I have an art background, and am very comfortable and confident in refining shapes manually. I DEFINITELY think that the Casfuy eliminates the learning curve, forcing you to avoid the wrong angle simply because of where the openings in the plastic casing are, and how you have to hold it—and it does not require any special skills to shape the nail. (And the sharp edge on the bottom of the nail would be worn off quickly, through walking, if you didn’t feel confident about reshaping with the Casfuy.)Since River has bigger nails, I thought they might be easier to work with—I can hold them steady easier, and since I work on him while he lies on his back, rather than holding him in one arm, and using the tool with the other.Sadly—although I had no problems acclimating River to the tool when it was off (teaching him to “touch” it, in exchange for a treat), and even getting him to touch it while on, he was absolutely, in no uncertain terms, not happy about it touching his nails. There was no calm lying there while I touched his nails for a second or two, with his eyes on the cookie bowl next to him—instead, he was terrified—so much so, that he refused to even eat any treats, and after just doing a second or two on one nail, he was panting heavily, in great distress, and had to hug me, clinging to me fiercely.I worked with him for a while, and managed to to a bit more with his nails—and the tool performed nicely on them, never caught his hair in it at all (a HUGE blessing!), and ground his rather tough nails down quickly—but the higher pitched whine, and in particular, the louder noise it makes when grinding the nails was far too intense for him in a first session.I did work on Nixie’s nails again the next day—and managed to get almost all of them done, this time, managing to keep her nails fro striking the plastic a bit more, but like River, she really seems to strongly dislike either the sound of her nails against the grinder, or else the feel of the grinder on her nails. I wouldn’t say either dog was in pain—I was nowhere near the quick, and I never had the grinder on their nails for more than a second, possibly two seconds, at a time, so there shouldn’t have been an issue with heat—but they were both very reactive to the sound, the feel or the combination. My subjective feeling is that possibly it is going faster at low speed, than the low speed on the Dremel—and that may create a tickling vibration that is too intense for them—as neither will tolerate the high speed on the Dremel.Overall, I would say that this is an excellent tool. It IS quieter than very highly rated Pet Dremel, but it DOES make a higher pitched noise, when it turns, and if your pet doesn’t like high pitched noises, that is something to be aware of.It appears to be reasonably well made for such an inexpensive tool, and I love that it’s USB rechargeable, unlike my Dremel, where I lose half an outlet to the heavy charger.It’s easy for even small hands to hold, and it creates a smoother, rounder nail tip than the Dremel will, without any particular effort on the part of the person wielding it. If you have very large hands, it might or might not be as comfortable, but for small and medium hands, I think it would feel very natural.The charge seems to last a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know if it was fully charged when I got it or not—but I’ve done one short session on Nixie’s nails, one longer session (where I did both front paws—I rarely need to do back paws on either dog, ever), and one longer session on River’s much thicker, tougher nails—and it showed no signs of slowing down. (I was using low speed on all sessions—how well it would stand up to a bigger dog’s nails, I can’t say.)The grinding itself was acceptable. It didn’t seem better or worse than the Dremel—but I normally use a finer grit on the Dremel, preferring a smoother edge to the nails, over a quicker grind, so I’m not judging the grinding against, say, 60 grit. (And I don’t change out the bits on the Dremel that often—so I’m used to using a worn down grit.). I feel that for small dogs—under 15 pounds, this should be more than adequate. No idea how well it would stand up to larger, tougher nails!Where it could be improved: first—it would be GREAT if the plastic protector for it were coated in something that would eliminate the sharp crack of nail on plastic, when the nail hits it. I REALLY feel that this noise added to the trouble I had with both dogs. A rubber or silicone coating would be great.The other improvement is more a “nice to have”—and that’s the addition of a very bright LED somewhere around the tip, that can be changed out, when needed. I would pay more, to have this feature—as, particularly for dark nails, that extra light would make it easier to see where the quick is.I’m still not sure whether or not I will ultimately be able to use this on my dogs. I’m used to training slowly, and conditioning a frightened dog can take time. It took a year of training to get Nixie to allow me to scale her teeth—but I got there. And it took almost three years to get River to the point where he would let me touch the Dremel to his nails after they’d been clipped—sometimes. (We may have had a setback, after the session with this tool, unfortunately! :/). I *suspect* that I can get Nixie to accept this more calmly with a few months of training—if the reason she dislikes it is noise, not vibrations. If it’s vibrations, well, four years of training has failed to get her to accept the high speed on the Dremel—so I assume it would be the same here.River may or may not come to accept it within a year or so of conditioning—and it might very well be worth it, to eliminate the risk of his hair getting caught in it—but he also might be reacting to the vibrations—in which case, I’ll just wind up passing it on to someone else.No product is perfect for every dog—and the jury’s still out on whether or not this will work for mine...but the product itself has a LOT going for it, and for the low price, I’d definitely recommend trying it. :). (Just don’t force your dog—and if you REALLY want this—or any other method of nail grooming to work—keep in mind that it can take a year or more to condition them, if you have a really fearful dog! Patience, gentleness, and not forcing are the key to success! :))

    • Ret

      Great device but you need patience & treats at first

      Our dog's nails have gotten out of control. I've been ill over the past few years and we haven't been able to take them on the long walks we all enjoy, walks that also help to keep their claws in check.We have 2 dogs, a boy & a girl, with completely different nail types. Our lab-mix has traditional nails; the quick is easy to see, the nails aren't thick, and they're easy to grind down. We also have a coonhound who has thick black nails that are closer to talons than claws. Her nails are difficult to trim no matter what method is used.The lab-mix's nails are a dream to grind down with this device while the coonhound's nails are a nightmare. The hound's nails are so thick that they don't fit well in either of the openings on the device and make it more difficult to use on her. This also means she has an unpleasant experience no matter how comfortable we make it for her.We do have a few ideas that may help if you're new to this. They're our own trial and error tips; we learned each one having never used something like this on their nails before.Keep in mind we're not professionals and this is not expert advice. We're providing tips on things that we have found to be helpful. Neither of our dogs is aggressive or has any behavioral issues, if your dog(s) have these issues you may want to consult a trainer or your veterinarian before purchasing this device.Here are things we've learned in the past few weeks while using the nail grinder:• Trim the fur/hair around and in between the dog's toes before you first use the device on them. You definitely don't want to get their fur or hair stuck in the grinder.• Go slow, use the slower setting to begin with, and offer plenty of treats. Even if your dog is fine with the device you still should keep treats handy so that your dog always associates the device with something good.• Pull all of YOUR hair back with a ponytail holder, barrettes, etc. After using the grinder a few times I leaned in to get a better look. At the same time a chunk of my bangs fell forward and of course got caught in the grinder. I'm glad it was my hair and not my dog's fur! My hair was pulled back into a bun but I didn't secure my bangs.Don't be me, be smarter than me!• We started out leaving the device uncovered, but turned off, on the coffee table, couch, and even the floor so they could get used to seeing and smelling it.Then we'd turn it on and just hold it or pass it to one another. We always ignored the dogs, making sure to look away from them specifically, so as to not acknowledge their reactions. At first they were obviously uncomfortable with it as they'd get up and leave the room. Eventually they began to ignore it. •Tip: don't try to leave it on something that can amplify the sound of the motor such as the coffee table. •Tip: If you have an electric toothbrush this is a great training tool before you ever buy a nail grinder. Brush your teeth as you walk through the house; ignore your dog, don't look in their direction, but make sure to watch out of the corner of your eye. If they don't show any reaction try sitting on the couch or floor while brushing. If they seem a little uncomfortable give them a treat & a pet/scratch for reassurance. If they walk away do this a few times a day keeping treats easily accessible. If they stay in the room toss them a treat, f they take a step closer give a treat, if they show any little sign of making progress give them a treat. Make brushing your teeth a positive experience for your dog. I bet you never thought you'd read that sentence...I never thought I write it so we're on the same page!• If you have more than one dog make sure that you use it on each dog when they're alone; at least at first. Make sure that your other dog(s) can't get in the room. If they freak out they may cause the next dog, who might otherwise remain calm, to also freak out when you try it on them.Alternatively if one of your dogs is fine with the device being used on them and you have another dog who is less than fine with the device being used try trimming the calm dog's nails first, in front of the nervous dog. Do this every time so that your nervous dog can see the calm dog's lack of reaction.If you have someone else in the house who can provide treats to both dogs, and especially provide treats and reassurance to a nervous dog, this would be the ideal situation.If not try to take at least one break per paw (I do it after the first 3 nails are done) to give treats to both pups and try to reassure your nervous dog...though at the least take a break before beginning the next paw to dole out treats and love.• Treats are big, I'm sure you've figured that out by now. Have treats handy, as in they're out of the packaging and (if needed) broken down into bite size pieces and in a spot where Spot can't get to them.If your dog is a fan of yogurt or peanut butter try smearing some on a plate and letting them go to town while you work. If you can't find a comfortable angle to work at, for you or Fido (you both need to be comfortable but it's most important that Fido is comfy), using this method try smearing the peanut butter on a wall or the side of something like the bathtub. I don't think it'll work the same with yogurt. •Tip: BEFORE doing this on a wall or other surface make sure that you test an inconspicuous area to make sure that the oils don't leave a permanent stain. I refuse to take any blame for a new and permanent, oil spot because you didn't think to test it first.• If your dog is tolerating the device but is obviously not happy/comfortable try doing one nail and stopping. Make sure that you give a treat immediately after you pull the device away. Always make it a happy experience. •Tip: We always begin AND end with a treat when trimming our dog's nails. We want both of them to see it as positive every time.Overall keep the experience as positive as you can and try not to get frustrated...easier said than done sometimes.We've been using the nail grinder for a few weeks now and one of our dogs has no issue with it, though he started out nervous. By the second week he had no problem with it.Our other dog still stands up and walks out when she sees it. We keep it on the coffee table at all times and all she has to do is notice it and she leaves. I can say that she has stopped shaking and peeing when we use it on her...that's the extent of her progress. If given the slightest opportunity during the process she will try to walk away. Distraction is key with her. I'm not sure that she'll ever be okay with it but I know that she'll get better at tolerating it.Again, we are not professionals in the dog grooming industry. The tips and tricks listed above are things we've learned from our own experience. If you are unsure about using this device at all please contact your veterinarian or a trainer. If you don't have a trainer that you currently trust please make sure that you get referrals from others.

    • Keri-Anne

      Amazing and easy!

      This was easy to use, and filed the nails brilliantly and did not phase my woose of a dog.I find cutting difficult as he has dark nails and as he's very active, the underside of the nail is worn so the top grows more than the underside.He sniffed it and felt the vibration first - treatA little nail filing - treatFinished the nail - treatNext nail full - treat and repeatHe was actually holding up his paw by the end of the exercise.I've just done his front paws first and attack his back one's tomorrow.VERY impressed with this little device, very tactile. Only 4 stars as I needed to use my head torch to see, if it had LED light it work have been 5 stars.

    • Kayleigh

      Absolutely brilliant

      I very rarely write reviews but felt this product absolutely needed one. I had a grinder already that was useless. It helped to condition my dog to the noise/feel as she was nervous of her nails due to a bad experience at the vets but didn't actually do much else. This product I bought based on the reviews and have used a few times now and my god it is amazing! My dog tolerates it, it is a little bulky to hold and the noise is OK but it works fantastically. Does the job quickly and efficiently. The battery has only needed charged when we recieved it and I've got all 4 paws down to a suitable size. All I would say is it works so well that a couple seconds at most at a time for nail contact is needed or you'll file to much away as its very quick at grinding the nail down. My dog is a black lab, black nails so checking the nail for the quick is essential every second or so, so as not to hurt the dog. I also wear a mask as alot of dust comes off the nail which is to be expected. Couldn't recommend enough!

    • According to Eva

      Almost perfect tool

      I have a rottweiler who has dark thick nails and who really hates his nails being cut. So I bought this grinder which was powerful enough to grind his nails down quickly and relatively quietly which was a good surprise. Wish it had a little torch built in but I knew from the product details it didn't.

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