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Della Gao Travel Laptop Backpack, Extra Large Anti Theft Backpack for Men and Women with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant Big Business Computer Backpack Bag Fit 17 Inch Laptop and Notebook, Black

Della Gao

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4.6 ratings
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  • ✈LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE & POCKETS- Men travel backpack design with more than 20 independent pockets for large storage and organization for small items. 3 spacious main multi compartments with many hidden pockets can accommodate lots of stuffs like travel accessories, clothes, notebook, Mesh pockets at side for water bottle and compact umbrella make your items organized and easier to find.Ideal sport backpack for men and women.
  • ✈DIMENSION & DURABLE MATERIAL - Size of extra large backpack: 12.6 *7.8*19.6 in, perfect to throw under your seat on an airplane when you are traveling or on business trip.Separate padded laptop compartment fits most 13, 14, 15, 15.6, 16, 17, and up to 17.3 inch laptop / Ipad / Computer.The business computer backpack made from high quality polyester fabric shockproof with high density nylon lining for better TEAR & WATER RESISTANT and heavy duty backpack.
  • ✈ANTI-THEFT & SAFE - Included a THEFT PROOF COMBINATION LOCK & DURABLE MENTAL ZIPPERS,protects wallet and other items inside from thief and offers a private space.So you never have to worry about someone stealing your laptop, ipad, business file and anything value, keep you a nice peace of mind. Durable metal zippers close and open smoothly, ensure a secure and long-lasting usage everyday or weekend.
  • Anti-Theft Backpack
  • ✈BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE - Padded and breathable mesh back panel of this computer rucksack design help for the air convection, ventilation and heat elimination. Comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps with plentiful sponge pad help relieve the stress from your shoulder. Both sides of the shoulder strap with lanyard design, can hang sunglasses and other small pendants. it is a Ideal gifts for men women.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • t. k.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Fits MacBook Pro 15 + sleeve, lots of room for more stuff, good for day-to-day travel, air carry-on.

      15.6", PURPLEi JUST received this, so this is based on first impressions:TLDR:If i need to replace due to anything other than catastrophic failure, i would get this again.Paid: $29.99 USD. Free Shipping (Bolo Prime). Received in two days.Easily holds MBP 15" with a protective sleeve, plus several notebooks (paper or digital) and/or binders, charger(s), a light-weight jacket or sweater, miscellaneous small personal stuff, orthe computer/notebook, charger(s), overnight change of clothes, a small makeup bag,Good for day-to-day commuter use, or as personal item or carry-on for air travel.Worth the price (so far).OVERALL:i wouldnʻt ask this to protect a laptop from a 5-6ʻ fall off your shoulder onto a hard surface, like just dropping the backpack onto a hard floor - if the computer survived more than a couple of times, iʻd consider the aluminum-silicon gods being extra generous. However, if you fell off your bike while wearing it, and you absorbed part of the fall, i think your laptop and backpack might come out ok. (yeah, iʻve gone through that before, donʻt want to test this back pack with that, though.) Good capacity and access. Construction should stand up to light-moderate use (up to 8-10 lb).DETAILS:Outer shell:medium duty polyester knit fabric: the manufacturer/vendor answering a question says it is 900 denier; not outback trekking material, but good enough for around-town commuter use. reported as water resistant, feels like it, but i donʻt plan to deliberately test it just yet. The front, bottom, and back outer shell is lined with a thin padding that feels like maybe 1/8" poly-something, the kind of material used for wrapping light-weight things for packing, The back of the pack has an additional foam padding, not super thick, adds a bit of protection for contents, but possibly more for providing wearer comfort. Construction feels adequate for carrying a computer and a few light things (notebooks, jacket, etc.) up to about 8-10 lbs to me.Interior lining:medium-light weight polyester. The entire backpack is lined and divided with this material. Feels as though it too might be water resistant, although, again, iʻm not testing it.zippers: medium duty(?) nylon. one very light-duty combination padlock included.shoulder straps: 2 1/4" wide seam-to-seam, padding 2" wide.hand strap (top): 7 1ʻ2" long, 1" wide, 3/8" thick (thick medium dense material core, like urethane foam?)luggage cart strap: on the back surface of the backpack, allows it to be plunked onto the top of rolling luggage by the rolling luggage handle, and prevented from falling off.reflector tabs: 1/2" x 3/4" (4x), 1" x 3/4" (1x)Side Pockets: 6" deep, 4 3/4" wide, 3/8" wide elastic cuff expands from 5" to ~7". Synthetic (Poly or Nylon?) mesh, 3/8" elastic opening cuff. Holds a 3 1/4" wide water bottleMain cargo section:interior dimensions:5 3/4" deep at base, tapering to 3 1/12" at top.12" wide at base, a mild taper to 11 3/4" at the top of the laptop pocket, and the last 1 1/4" of height tapers from 10 1/2" to 7" width.17 3/4ʻ tall.Lots of room for laptop, and a two inch 3-ring binder, or one or two textbooks, notebooks, etc. Someone in the questions section of the reviews said this can hold a 5" binder: it probably could hold a laptop and that,, but i suspect not much else. Maybe the 17" or the 18.4" models have deeper capacity.laptop pocket is a 1" deep bellows- or safari style pocket, so it isnʻt stretched to accomodate even my MacBook Pro 15ʻ Unibody in padded sleeve. The pocket is 12" tall, so the entire laptop fits in the pocket. The inner-facing side of the pocket is lightly padded, so it will last longer, and protect the computer somewhat from scratching or denting by any hard objects you might have in the main cargo section of the backpack.Pass through for USB and headphone cables. Pass-through is NOT watertight! rubber strain relief around the holes in the fabric, but no rain deflector like on the larger model of backpack. moisture can get in, depending on how heavy the rain or spill is.Secondary section:interior dimensions1 7/8" deep at base, tapering to 1 1/4" at top11" wide at base, tapering to 9" near the top15" tall at the zipperpatch pockets, main one is 5" deep, 9" height to zipper, sewn onto divider wall between secondary compartment and main cargo compartment.Organizer compartment11" at base, tapering to 9" at top15" tallzipper opening reaches to 10" height.flat profileEssentially, a patch pocket with a zipper opening, the front surface is the padded/lined shell, the inner side the same interior lining as everything else.three patch-style credit card-sized RFID pockets. not tested for effectiveness yet.Should be able to tuck a notebook in this space, but probably not anything wider than a 3/4" 3-ring binder, unless you donʻt mind swiping volume from the other compartments.WHAT I LIKE:PROTECTION:MOST of the the outer shell is padded (albeit lightly). It should protect from casual bumps agains desks, shelves, etc.CAPACITY:The shell feels like it will stand up to day-to-day light-to medium duty use. Construction is adequate for carrying about 10-12 pounds. More than that would probably start to strain seams, handles, and zippers.LOTS of capacity for a 15" laptop (even the MacBook Pro Unibody) in a foam sleeve, plus charger, note pads (paper or digital), one or two medium to large books, a light jacket.For air travel, I can probably squeeze my purse inside and use the back pack as my "personal item". Even stuffed to capacity, this probably will fit under most airline seats.ACCESSIBILITY:The Main and Secondary compartments have wide openings: the Main compartment opens 12" from the top on both sides (double zipper), the Secondary opens 8" from the top, also double zipper. The front organizer pocket easily holds my iPad 2021 in its sleeve, so pulling it out at airport security is no problem. Depending on how much stuff i have packed, the laptop should easily come out and go back into its pocket as well.ORGANIZATION:Each of the compartments (Main, Secondary, Organizer) is large enough to accommodate a notebook/notepad. Organizing paper documents is much easier with this rather than a single compartment or with small compartments.oh yeah, the PURPLE is awesome.WHAT I WISH:MORE PADDING:The sides and top of the backpack are not padded - just the outer shell and inner lining. I wish these were padded, to help cushion falls/drops/bumps. iʻm kind of klutzy at times, and so every bit of protection helps.The separations between compartments are made of the interior lining fabric only; i wish these were also padded, as they would add protection and also give more body to the Secondary and Organizer compartments.The shoulder straps have thin padding (1/8"?): because they are 2" wide, it should mitigate the cutting into my shoulders, but i tend to overload my backpack, so extra padding is always welcome.STRONGER ZIPPERS: the bane of my existence. i hope these zippers last the two years i want to get out of this backpack. not super confident, but if i donʻt overload it, i might make it.BIGGER/DEEPER SIDE POCKET with drawstring closure: i carry 3 1/4" dia. 1 liter bottles with insulation; the side pockets just fit them, without insulating pouch, while they do fit, the 6" depth and elastic cuff seem a bit limited for larger water bottles. I guess itʻs a trade-off, since the pockets are just deep enough so that they donʻt interfere with the main compartment zippers.Cord Passthrough unnecessary: for me, putting holes in a backpack doesnʻt make sense - itʻs just somewhere for moisture to get in. Headsets are going Bluetooth, and if you need to charge your handheld device, itʻs probably at the point where you shouldnʻt be using it anyway, and can just put it in the backpack to charge with whatever portable recharger you carry with you.

    • E.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect but no laptop cushioning

      This backpack is GREAT!! I got it for its dimensions for an international travel carryon to maximize cubic inches (AerLingus, to be exact).I stuffed it full, and along with my medium sized Lug bag, I could’ve gone full carryon/no checked baggage if I’d been just a bit more disciplined because they’re really is a TON of room in this backpack.My only complaints are:1. There are only about two internal pockets that have zippers. I expected more of those.2. The laptop storage area, while ample and well-designed in that it has a wide elastic strap with Velcro at the end, has ZERO padding between the laptop and the exterior or bottom of the backpack. Not a problem while you’re wearing it, but *very* concerning if you’re stowing this in overhead bins on airplanes or public transit with your precious laptop inside. **So you’ll want to get a very protective laptop sleeve to use inside this backpack.**3. No anti-theft technology other than double zippers that have holes large enough to accept luggage locks. I did get TSA-approved combination locks elsewhere on Bolo, and they’ve been great.4. The chest strap is bizarre because it’s not long enough to go across an adult human’s chest. It’s only about seven inches long. That’s confusing. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something there.The clamshell feature for the electronics area *might* be pointless because the backpack is so tall. I say “might” because perhaps you’ll have a more favorable experience than mine, below:AerLingus, as of July 2023, does not have a contract with TSA 🤔, so I couldn’t use my KTN to get through security faster. 🤯 🤷‍♀️ Thus, I had to put this backpack in a security bin and remove my laptop, portable monitor, and Kindle.I asked if I could just unzip it all the way and lie it flat Like a clamshell, but the security agent kindly pointed out that when opened all the way, this backpack extends beyond the boundaries of the (quite large) security bin, so he said I indeed had to remove all my electronics.I don’t know if every agent would've said that, but that was my experience this time.I do understand that to include the upgrades listed here that I’d like to see, it would cost a lot more for this backpack. So, for the money, I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase, especially because it has a TON of room and double zippers that accept luggage locks for all the outer compartments. (My Lug bag, while much more stylish, has zippers that do not accept luggage locks; the holes in the zipper pulls are way too small! 😥)Given that this backpack has no other anti-theft technology, I’ll probably be investing in a PacSafe bag next. HOWEVER, this backpack has worked out very well for functionality.I got it just a couple of days before my trip, so it really helped me out in a pinch. If you’re on a budget and/or need it super fast, then this is a great choice!Btw, my weight limit was 10kg, and this could’ve held a lot more than that. However, I’m not strong enough to carry around that much weight all day. So bigger isn’t always better.After arriving at my destination and unpacking, I used this backpack for grocery shopping in areas that have public transit and we didn’t rent a car. This backpack was perfect for that! Just make sure to still put most food items, such as dairy, sugary items, sauces, powders/flour, and anything else that would be difficult to clean into plastic grocery bags before putting them into your backpack. This way, in case anything leaks, your investment will be protected and you won’t smell gross for the rest of your trip!I really do recommend this backpack if you need something fast, need a 10 kg bag for travel to the UK and want to maximize your cubic inches of space, after winning to purchase a separate, very cushioning laptop sleeve, want to make it fast and easy to remove your electronics at security if needed, and/or you’re on a budget.If you can afford to spend $50+ more, you might want to look elsewhere.

    • A. C.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Appears to be well made

      The back pack looks good and has lots of features, the real test is to see how it holds up to a 7th grade boy. I will let you know later.

    • B.

      5.0 out of 5 stars purchased as a gift

      I bought this for my adult son who works on cell towers. He uses it to store and transport parts he needs when working. The size is perfect for his laptop and many other items he needs to carry job to job. He loved it so much he asked me to buy him a second one the same as the first. Its held up well and fits lots of stuff. It gets used 5 days a week.

    • N.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Was my EDC bag for a few months.

      Decent bag. Good quality and value. Surprisingly large capacity. I ended up needing something a bit more compact. Even though I now carry my laptop to work in something else, I’ve kept this.

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