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TevraPet Actispot II Flea Treatment for Large Cats 9+ lbs | 6 Doses | Powerful Prevention and Control


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4.3 ratings
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  • POWERFUL FLEA KILLING TREATMENT FOR LARGE CATS: TevraPet Actispot II is a waterproof topical for cats that kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae for up to 30 days after each application
  • VET APPROVED FORMULA: TevraPet Actispot II uses Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen - the same safe and effective active ingredients found in Advantage II - but costs far less. Every cat deserves veterinarian quality treatment, Actispot II helps you provide the same level of care without breaking the bank
  • FAST ACTING AND LONG-LASTING WITH NO BITING REQUIRED: TevraPet Actispot II REPELS and KILLS fleas on contact, without your cat being exposed to bites. Begins killing within 24 hours of application, and starts repelling immediately. Other oral flea tablets, pills, and chews require that your pet is bitten by a pest before the meds can start working, potentially exposing your kitty to flea borne diseases
  • BREAK THE CYCLE, PREVENT REINFESTATION: Unlike other flea medications that only temporarily control fleas, Actispot II flea treatment stops infestations dead in their tracks by effectively breaking the flea life cycle. Actispot II safely kills flea eggs and larvae to prevent re-infestation so your cat can get on with napping in the sun and strolling (or stalking!) through the garden
  • EASY-TO-USE, MADE IN AMERICA: We proudly make every dose of Actispot II here in the USA and rigorously test for quality and potency. Each package comes with six (6) easy to apply, fully waterproof topical applications that ensure your friend has safe and reliable flea protection and control for up to six (6) months
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • S. M.

      Great Product, Just Watch For…

      I have one cat who is indoor/outdoor, and another who stays in 24/7. The indoor cat is white, w/ sensitive skin; she is super susceptible to dermatitis. I mean, if I wait to treat her just *one* day after the 30 day mark, the itching and sores begin for her. Anyway, this stuff works great. She has never shown signs of burning after application nor do I see a change in her behavior. The price point is great too. **BUT….recently I noticed that after cracking open the seal, I’ve attempted to apply, but only saw a small amount of liquid coming out. Upon further inspection (peeling the entire top film off applicator), I discovered a clear layer of film was still intact — keeping the liquid inside. Thing is, once the applicator/packaging is opened all the way up this way, it’s super difficult to dispense accurately. You end up losing most of the product, and then it’s either on your hands, on the floor, or it’s on a part of the cat where they can orally ingest it. This isn’t a once off thing.. there have been more than a few times. In other words, the packaging is terrible. **Make sure that you use scissors to cut it (even tho it’s a snap off top). **

    • G. W. H.

      Update: 4 out of 6 tubes were (probably not) empty

      Out of curiosity I removed the foil backing from the last "empty" tube and found that the break in the hard package did not open the interior blister which contained the liquid. This is obviously a packaging problem and requires cutting the tube open instead of breaking it as intended. I assume this was the problem with the other tubes that appeared to be empty. Meanwhile, Tevra did respond with two repIacement packages and an apology. I revised my rating accordingly.I have used this product, purchased thru Bolo, for years with satisfactory results. The last box I purchased in Sept 22 had four empty tubes out of six. A letter to Tevra Brands Pet Owner Response (no email address provided) went unanswered. I will not purchase this product again and advise anyone reading this to do likewise.

    • J. B. J.

      No More Scratching

      I have a large long hair cat. When she scratches, I have kitten size hair balls that I must clean away. The minute she started scratching this spring I ordered the flea/tick killer from Bolo. Works great for about 3 weeks. I am waiting a week to re apply as I think that’s best for her(not me).

    • F. B.

      Very fast acting and effective, and AFFORDABLE!

      I had used Revolution for Cats for almost 20 years. And then it was not available for more than a year due to supply chain issues. I tried a generic version (Selehold 45 mg), which not only didn't work, but burned the necks of all four of my cats. I didn't have the money to keep experimenting with high priced prescription flea meds and took a chance with this stuff. I am VERY happy with the results and will be reordering this!

    • B.

      Cat had no issues

      It does tend to not dry cery good just sure your cat cant get to it. Dab ot with paper towel if starts spreading away from back of the neck.

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