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Wireless Car Charger, ZeeHoo Car Phone Holder Mount Wireless Charging 10W Compatible iPhone 13/12/Pro Max/Mini/Samsung S22/Z Flip 3/Note 20,Windshield Dash Air Vent Qi Phone Holder Auto-Clamping


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4.2 ratings
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ZeeHoo Wireless Fast Charging Mount/Holder packed with the exclusive high-speed wireless charging technology and provides safe and fast charging. Now you can charge your phone, glance at your GPS, receive hands-free calls and keep your eyes on the road.

Universal Wireless Fast Charging

Max 10W for Samsung Note 20/ Note 20 Ultra /Note 10/Note 10 Plus/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6 Edge +/Note 5, Max 7.5W for iPhone 12/Mini /11 Pro/Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8+.For fast charging mode,QC 3.0 car charger adapter (not included in package) is required as its power source.

Smart Automatic Sensor Design

Automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated with one hand and make everything easier and safer. Just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and provide a strong stable hold. A gentle touch on any sides of the quick release buttons,the arms would automatically open.

Hands-free and Fully Functional

Enables hands-free calls and makes GPS directions easier to follow. Your phone remains fully functional while it charges so you have access to all of your favorite features.

Charges Through Lightweight Cases

When you want to charge your phone as you drive, there’s no need to take off your phone from its case. The ZeeHoo wireless fast charging mount can deliver a charge through cases up to 3mm thick.

Multiple types of Installations: windshield, dashboard, table, air vent installation

Please READ below quick guidance before using:

  • Please Plug the cable into QC 3.0 car charger to ensure fast charging; Non-QC car charger, 2.4A car charger or USB Port doesn't support fast charging which can not supply enough power to this device.
  • Metal attachments, expandable grips, or credit cards will interfere with charging. Cases that contain metal, such as Pitaka, Evutec, and Spigen QNMP, will trigger foreign object detection and interrupt charging.
  • Using your phone for GPS navigation or music while charging will significantly affect charging speed. Power drain may be higher than charging speed while using a GPS app.
  • You can prevent overheating by not using your phone while charging and adjusting the car mount position under the dashboard's surface to minimize heat.
  • The Wireless Car Charger is equipped with an adjustable bottom tray to help aligning your phone correctly.
  • Please don't mount on soft, vinyl,curved, plush fabrics, or bumpy surface. The bottom is a Washable suction cup. RINSING and AIR DRYING the suction cup after using for a long time can restore their stickiness.
  • 【Smart Automatic Sensor Design】Automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated with one hand and make everything easier and safer. Just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and provide a strong stable hold. A gentle touch on any sides of the quick release buttons,the arms would automatically open.When your phone is fully charged, the wireless car charger will automatically power off and last the life of battery of your phone.
  • 【Qi Wireless Charger & Phone Holder】2-IN-1 Design Combines the Qi Wireless Charger and a car phone holder.Wireless car charger offers fast charging for your phones and save you from the messing with cables and cases while driving.
  • 【Strong Suction Cup & Adjustable Viewing】 You have multiple installation of the wireless car charger holder,it can be installed on the windshield, dashboard,table securely with the strong suction cup .The fully 360-degree rotation allows for optimum viewing and easier use of functions, which is the safest way to access your phones systems such as your GPS and phone calls.
  • 【Case Friendly & Faster Charging】No need to take off phone case (most of phone cases in the market except rugged, uneven case.)while charging.The car holder can hold all phones with a width of 60-80mm tightly, which works very well for all QI-enabled phones.Max 10W Fast Charger for Samsung S10/S9/S8/S7/Note 5, Max 7.5W Fast Charger for iPhone XS max/XS/XR/X/8, 5W for Other Qi-Enabled Phones.For 10W, 7.5W fast charging mode,QC 3.0 car charger adapter is required as its power source.
  • 【Package Contents & Worry-Free 】You can get 1 x Qi Wireless Car Charger, 1 x Suction Cup Mount,1 x Air Vent Clip, 1 x Type C Cable (length 1M/3.28FT), 1 x User Manual, 18 months Worry-Free, 12-Hour response friendly customer service.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.2 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • K. C.

      This is the one you want for bigger phones ***Updated Review***

      I've been looking for something to wirelessly charge my Note 9 with the Samsung Rugged Case. This does that flawlessly. No more messing with wires while I drive. The bottom extends further down so that coils line up and the current is strong. I get a solid fast charge.The mechanism that's holds it in place seems solid too. Not quite as solid as the iOttie I was using but it seems more than sufficient. My big heavy phone doesn't move around while I'm driving.There is just one thing I don't like from a design perspective and that is how it grips and ungrips your phone. Generally you drop the phone in the cradle before or after you start the car and it grips the phone automatically. HOWEVER there is a little button to release the phone on the back and if it even senses a finger nearby it opens. My phone has fallen out as a result of this a couple times in the first 24 hours. I can get around this by simply interacting with the phone differently but felt it was worth noting. The other issue I have with the gripping mechanism is that if the phone is still gripped when I turn the car off, there is no power to release the grip. Again, I'll just have to change my behavior. Is it worth making these changes? I say yes. The rest just works so well.One other negative that turned into a positive to me is that I paid for a new unit but the one I received had been very obviously used. The box was torn and it had finger prints all over it. I got in touch with the seller and they got back to me and made it right in less than 24 hours. Without going into specifics their solution was much more than fair. Great customer service which you can really tell they stand by.*******5/19/19 Update*********After just a couple weeks of use this thing has started to get annoying, to the point that I may look for another option. It still charges great which was my main selling point but there are some other things to consider. First as mentioned in my original review the sensors that open and close the arms are really annoying. I've gotten better about not triggering them while driving but if I leave the phone in the holder and turn the ignition off, they phone is stuck. You have to turn the ignition on to release. If I'm just stepping out of the car quickly (which I do a lot) I sometimes choose to leave the phone in place. When I start the car again the arms open automatically and my $1000 phone crashes on my console and floor.The other annoying thing is the actually mount. The suction cup can't handle any kind of direct sunlight. The adhesive just turns right to goo. Never had a problem with my iOttie. The plastic seems to be of lower quality as well. I need to tighten it almost every other day and it feels like the threads may be starting to see strip.*********6/6/19 Update**********Once again, outstanding customer service. After my last update the seller contacted me and offered to send me a new upgraded version. It came a few days later. The charger portion looked a bit different but the mounting arm looked the same. Day one with my car parked out of the shade and I found the mount on the floor. I'm happy to say though that it has not fallen off since.Once again the charge works flawlessly.The location and sensitivity of the open/close buttons is still killing me though. If I could deactivate the right button I'd be great! Again the problem is that I have a Note 9. It's a big phone and to accurately push a button like selecting an app or music track, you have to sort of cradle the phone and use your thumb. When you cradle the phone ever so slightly the damn thing opens and drops your phone on the floor. I'm half considering taking this apart and disconnecting the right button since they seem to work independently.What is also fixed is that it no longer opens when I turn the ignition. This has been a HUGE improvement for me.Finally my other criticism was with the mounting arm itself. It kept loosening on the last mount and this one might be worse. On the first day it was rock solid. Second day I had to tighten it. What I'm left with now is that I can't tighten the one screw any further but yet the arms extends freely. It's not a super huge deal but again, heavy phone, so I got a bump and it's in another position. Tonight I put some silicone glue on to hold it in place and am fairly confident that will resolve the issue. My theory is that a lower grade of plastic was used for the mounting arm and as a result it is very reactive to temperature fluctuations.The seller has reached out a couple times so I wanted to update my review. The customer service is exceptional so I think you can buy with confidence that they want to sell you a good product. I still recommend it because I honestly haven't found a better charger out there. The main component is of very high quality, I just think that it's been over engineered to its own detriment. The mounting arm materials did not meet my expectations but just about everything on Bolo is of the same quality. Only my iOttie really had a premium feel and structure. Unfortunately the ball used to mount the phone holder is not the same size as this one. Otherwise I'd just swap them out.*********6/20/19 Update**********Well I've added a star for a couple of reasons. I used silicone glue on the arm and now it holds tight. I also unscrewed the back of the charger and was very easily able to disconnect the right sensor and flip it upside down so it didn't accidentally connect. Closed back up no problem. No real skill or technical savvy required. The seller has stayed in touch along the way and honestly their service was better than Bolo as of late. The ease to fix the issues I had and the sheer willingness of the seller to keep me satisfied warrants another star from me. It's just about perfect after my minor alterations. Good company!

    • D.

      Sturdy - Works with Galaxy S10+ and thick cases!

      Foreword:I am ALWAYS skeptical of reviews. I don't care how many positive reviews a product has, because you never know who's been paid to write a good one, or not. With that said, I was NOT paid by the company to leave a positive review. This review is positive because I have had an AMAZING impression with this product.What's in the box? Suction Cup Mount, Vent Clip Mount, Tightening Nut, Type-C Charging Cable, Manual, "Customer Appreciation card" and contact information for warranty requests, or customer service.PROS:¤ Works with Galaxy S10+ in an Otterbox Defender case (with the bottom extension pulled out on the cradle.)¤ Is wide enough to hold my S10+ while in the otterbox (barely, but it is a 3.5" interior grip area.)¤ "Automatic" (Motorized) opening - The charger automatically opens when you touch the side capacitive buttons.¤ "Automatic" (Motorized) closing - When you first place your phone into the cradle as soon as it detects the phone the charger's side arms automatically close evenly with a slight bit of pressure" to hold your phone in place, and once it detects that the phone is cradled it kicks on the wireless charging.¤ Bottom extends to compensate for taller phones like the S10+ so you should be able to use a WIDE variety of phones with this.¤ Wireless fast charge works well.¤ Ventilated design allows the induction coils to get airflow which is ESSENTIAL to ensuring that the product lasts, and doesn't cause your phone to overheat from wireless charging!¤ Extendable "arm" on the suction cup mount.¤ Suction cup Mount has grooves to lock it into place every 5 degrees and can flip front to back 180 degrees for FULL control over how you want to mount this ANYWHERE (I have it mounted on top of my computer tower right now)¤ "Ball-head" actuator allows the phone to rotate any which way you could possibly desire, and secures in place really well. It's slightly larger in diameter than my old Scosche magnetic mount that has yet to break after 2 years of driving for UBER so it should have NO problem lasting!¤ The suction cup on the mount is around 1CM wider, and deeper than my Scosche magnetic mount that has been in my car faithfully serving me for two years now and has only fallen down twice (once was my fault) so this should stay on pretty well! Obviously, the more porous the surface you're mounting to is - the more issues you're going to have. My fusion has pretty flat plastic on the dash console that allows me to mount near the center of my windshield without mounting ON my windshield.¤ Vent clip - This this...Oh My GOODNESS it's SO NICE! I honestly feel like the vent clip is going to be more reliable than the suction mount arm! There is the obvious "pressure clip" that every vent clip has that normally fail, or cause your phone to fly off; but this one has a clamp UNDERNEATH the pressure clamp that you can click into place that holds it on the vent flap BELOW the one you mounted the phone to (or above it, depending on how you orient it) that allows you to have TWICE the security that your phone isn't going to go flying into your gearshift, and shatter your screen! Seriously, I'm IMPRESSED with this vent clip (how often have you seen someone say that?)CONS:Honestly, there are only three cons that I can think of and they are:1. It wouldn't hurt to have extra adjustment locking nuts in the package should one break, but being that it's a single-mold piece from what I can tell it SHOULDN'T break as long as you don't tighten it crazy tight.2. The USB Type-C cord included is NICE!, as is the fact that it's USB Type-C and not microUSB which would fail more quickly, but being only 3 feet long really prohibits mounting locations.3. The extension arm that you loosen on the suction cup mount that adds an additional 3" or so to the length pulls out from the interior of the arm that it's in. The rail seems smooth enough, and isn't difficult to pull out, but my S10+ and Otterbox Defender seem to be VERY close to the weight limit for it when it's extended fully. At regular length it's STABLE (with a little bit of wobble, obviously, but nothing concerning.) For heavier phones, I'd keep it at the regular 6" length, instead of the total possible 9".Other thoughts:For the price, with the included features, capabilities, and design quality - I really don't think this would be a "bad" purchase by ANY means. You get a vent clip, a dash mount, a window mount, any possible adjustment you could think of, stability, security, wireless charging with TYPE-C! (always a win) and a cable (although short.)You'd be hard pressed to find anything that gives you all of that for $40 and I'd know, I've spent well over $250 on various car chargers from over ten different online, and big-box retailers!Zeehoo knocked the ball out of the park with this one!**UPDATE JULY 15, 2019**I still have this charger mounted to my work desk via the suction cup mount. I did have it in my car, but after the extension arm thumbscrew kept undoing itself from vibrations, so I decided to use it at home.It still works great despite sometimes needing to reseat my phone to get fast charging to kick in. I am 100% certain this is due to the massive construction and bulk of my Otterbox Defender and NOT the charger since it works flawlessly on my s7 edge vs my S10+Still a 5 star product by every measure.

    • M. P.

      Der Halter öffnet sich teilweise von alleine.

      Alles in allem macht die Halterung ein soliden Eindruck. Leider öffnet sich die Halterung teilweise von alleine und das Smartphone fällt raus. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich da eine Fehlproduktion bekommen habe, aber das sind meine Erfahrungen.

    • J.

      Great charger and dock, no cigarette adaptor included

      Works perfectly - just remember to touch the unlock button before turning car off - would be great if ti could hold on to a charge for 5 to 10 seconds so that the clamp could be used once the car is off. Also be aware that there is no cigarette lighter adaptor included in package, I have several so wasn't an issue for me.

    • L.

      Not really happy

      I liked this wireless charger, would sometimes open and drop my phone while I was driving, or didn’t always close when I put it in the cradle and drop when you turn a corner. The suction power was no good. The suction part melted off the windscreen within 7 months. I don’t think that’s good enough.

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