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Oral-B 7500 Electric Toothbrush with Replacement Brush Heads and Travel Case, Black


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4.7 ratings
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The Oral-B SmartSeries 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity gives you healthier gums, stronger teeth for life. Bluetooth communication allows the brush to connect with your smartphone to give you real-time feedback on your brushing habits. With 5 unique modes and a customizable SmartRing pressure sensor that lights up when you brush too hard, the Oral-B Pro 7500 will transform the way you brush. You can even customize the pressure sensor's color. Best of all it's brought to you by Oral-B - the No. 1 brand used by dentists worldwide. use as directed with a fluoride toothpaste.

  • Healthier gums, stronger teeth for life when used as directed with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Programmable 360 SmartRing with LED lights to customize your brushing experience
  • 3D Cleaning Action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove plaque
  • Rechargeable with 5 modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Pro Clean
  • In-handle timer pulses every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch areas of the mouth
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled: With Dash Replenishment, this toothbrush will automatically place an order for brush heads when it’s time for replacement so you never run out
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • B. L.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Better than Quip

      For the past five years, I’ve been using a Quip electric toothbrush and was pretty devoted to it, but this Oral-B 7500 blows the Quip out of the water. I was honestly shocked at how much better the Oral-B cleans my teeth. I guess not all electric toothbrushes are created equal, lol.PROS- Cleans MUCH better than the Quip.- No AA batteries to throw out.- Love the two-minute timer. You can use the Oral-B app to subdivide the timer into 4 or 6 sections (30 seconds each or 20 seconds each, respectively).- Love the size of the brush heads; more nimble & better reach than Quip.- The pressure sensor light is great for in-the-moment feedback.- The variety of brushing modes is excellent and gives this brush versatility.- Comes with a travel case and storage tray for extra brush heads.CONS- Brush handle arrived scratched on the front. This could have easily been prevented with a plastic sleeve, which, incredibly, Oral-B put over the travel case but not over the brush handle. 🙄- Loud motor, especially compared to the near-silent Quip. Can’t listen to podcasts while brushing my teeth anymore. But that’s okay, I guess, because I use the Oral-B app while brushing now.- Takes a LONG time to charge (10 hours).- Instruction manual doesn’t explain the different icons & brushing modes. You have to download the app to see what they are. But I’ll explain them to you now.WHAT EACH ICON MEANS- Tooth: “daily clean” mode- Tooth with plus sign: “pro clean” mode- Diamond: whitening mode- Feather: sensitive mode- Wavy lines: gum-care mode- Tongue: tongue-cleaning modeBRUSHING MODESNot gonna lie, the intensity of the “daily clean” mode (tooth icon) seemed aggro at first, especially compared to the Quip’s super gentle vibration. So for now, I am only using the “sensitive” mode (feather icon) while I am getting used to this new brush.I’m sure I will be able to graduate to the “daily clean” mode in a week or two.THE APPYou really do need to download the Oral-B app to get the most out of this toothbrush. The app is excellent and lets you change a ton of settings on the brush, like the timer, ring light color, goals, and more. It also tracks your history, flossing, mouthwash use, and brush head replacement schedule.The app also offers challenges, brushing journeys (ex., plaque busting, bad breath), and “medals” to strive for if you want to adopt healthier brushing habits.Importantly, you can use the app to disable any of the individual brushing modes so that it only cycles through the ones you want. You can also reorder them so that the brush automatically starts on your preferred mode. I only have the sensitive and tongue-cleaning modes enabled at the moment, and I can switch between them by pressing the down arrow on the brush handle.The only downside to the app is that the position detection (using your phone’s front-facing camera) doesn’t work very well. I turned that off and instead just use the regular guided-brushing mode, which shows a timer on the screen.SUMMARYOverall this is a fantastic toothbrush, and despite the minor downsides, I am thrilled with it and genuinely shocked at how much better it cleans than the Quip. Glad I bought it.** UPDATE, six months later, May 2023 **I just got back from the dentist today, and my hygienist told me, “Wow, your teeth are extremely clean! You have great oral hygiene.” I told her I had switched from the Quip to the Oral-B, and she nodded knowingly and said it’s obvious when a patient has started using either an Oral-B or a Sonicare.I’ve found that I prefer different brushing modes for different brush heads. I’m still mostly using the “sensitive” mode (feather icon), but I do switch it up with the “daily clean” mode (tooth icon). I haven’t used the “pro clean” mode (tooth with plus sign) because, well, I’m kind of a sensitive person, and the noise the Oral-B makes is already loud enough. The “gum care” mode is nice if you floss too enthusiastically one day and need to take it easy the next day.I am still highly impressed with this toothbrush, and I enjoy using it every day.

    • M. P.

      5.0 out of 5 stars A Smile Worth a Thousand Words: Oral-B 7500 Delivers Dental Bliss!

      Folks, let me tell you, the Oral-B 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is an absolute game-changer! This toothbrush has transformed my daily dental routine into an extraordinary experience that leaves me grinning from ear to ear.First and foremost, let's talk about the power of this little marvel. With a mere press of a button, this toothbrush unleashes a cleaning force that rivals that of a miniature hurricane (minus the destruction, of course!). The oscillating, rotating, and pulsating action is like having a personal dental hygienist right in your bathroom. My teeth have never felt cleaner and healthier!What sets the Oral-B 7500 apart from the rest of the pack is its intelligence. Yes, you heard that right! This toothbrush is not just an ordinary electric toothbrush; it's a technological marvel. The built-in pressure sensor ensures that I'm never brushing too hard, protecting my gums from unnecessary trauma. It's like having a wise oral care expert watching over me, reminding me to take it easy while maintaining impeccable oral hygiene.And let's not forget the six replacement brush heads that come with this gem. It's like winning the dental lottery! Each brush head is specially designed to cater to different needs, from deep cleaning to sensitive gums. I appreciate the variety and the option to switch between heads depending on what my teeth demand at any given moment.The travel case that accompanies the Oral-B 7500 is the icing on the cake. It's not just any ordinary case; it's a mini fortress that guards this toothbrush with utmost care. Now, I can take my dental buddy on all my adventures without worrying about accidental damage or unwanted germs invading its bristles. A toothbrush that accompanies me on my travels? Who would have thought?Let's talk about the battery life, shall we? This mighty toothbrush packs quite the punch when it comes to endurance. A single charge lasts me weeks, ensuring that I'm never left hanging in the middle of a brushing session. It's reliable, efficient, and utterly convenient.But wait, there's more! The Oral-B 7500 connects to a smartphone app that provides real-time feedback and personalized coaching. It's like having my very own dental coach guiding me towards optimal oral health. The app keeps track of my brushing habits, reminding me to hit those hard-to-reach areas and encouraging me to maintain a consistent brushing routine. It's a digital dental revolution, my friends!In conclusion, the Oral-B 7500 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush has transformed my dental routine from a mundane chore to a delightful ritual. It's packed with advanced features, intelligently designed, and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and invigorated. With its power, intelligence, and impeccable performance, this toothbrush is the holy grail of oral care.So, do yourself a favor and treat your teeth to the Oral-B 7500. Your smile will thank you, and you'll never look back. Trust me, folks, this toothbrush is a life-changer!Happy brushing,Mike P.

    • C.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Don't keep an electric toothbrush for more than a few years.

      I'm like the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water with my electric toothbrushes. I buy one, and keep it foooorreever, and all the while the mechanical components and battery are slowly degrading. It doesn't happen quickly -- so you don't notice -- but over the years the motor gets slower, and slower, and slower ... the gear mechanisms wear, and the action of the brush head becomes less vigorous.Two toothbrushes ago, I kept my handle for almost 10 years. I finally replaced it even though it still worked, and I was shocked at how much better the new (identical) unit was. My last toothbrush I kept for 6 years, and replaced it because it broke. Once again, I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how much faster and harder this thing scrubs than my old worn out one. So I'm making a toothbrush resolution: I will replace my handle every six years.Yeah, toothbrushes basically stay the same. There's no amazing new tech that can really be applied to an oscillating brush head (in fact, this one takes the exact same brush heads as my old one, which is a bonus) ... but mechanical devices wear out. Even if you think your toothbrush is fine, if it's more than a few years old, it's probably not. Join me in my resolution: protect your teeth. Throw away that nasty old toothbrush and get an up-to-date one.PS - I made the mistake of buying the black one. DON'T do it! Toothpaste residue shows like crazy. Get a lighter color.

    • C. d. A.


      Me encanta la potencia y los diferentes programas de sepillado

    • J. C.

      Excelente producto

      El aparato funciona muy bien, la batería dura un poco menos de lo esperado pero la carga es relativamente rápida y su cargador es inteligente, ya que evita sobrecargas, los materiales se sienten duraderos. A la app le falta un poco de desarrollo, pero con la funcionalidad actual de la interfase se puede uno adaptar. Si planean utilizar la función de detección facial de la app, consideren adquirir la base para fijar el smartphone al espejo.

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