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Imagimake Mapology: Europe Map Puzzle

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    • 4.4 stars
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  • 5-9 Days
  • Get it to Kuwait by 25-October to 29-October.
KWD 7.786

  • 1 Foam puzzle set, 32 country pieces, Instructions
  • All country pieces are cut in the shape of the country as per political map and snugly fit with each other to create the World Map
  • Entertaining for all ages and helps improve geographical knowledge

  • Style:Mapology Europe

    This map puzzle takes you to a journey through the European Continent. It contains one foam frame set, 32 puzzle pieces cut in the shape of the respective country to understand what fits where. One by one assemble all the pieces and you have your Mapology Europe ready, play again and again to master your geography. This product helps enhance: o Memory & Learning o Pattern Recognition & Problem Solving o Eye-hand coordination


    Customer Review


    Not that great but cheap

    As a social studies teacher, it bothers me that when you poo out the countries the continent's are not the right shape. (Italy, Greece, Central America and others are just drawn in.) It also really bothers me that several countries are represented by stars for "other countries" while some others are just excluded entirely. It's not a great teaching tool in that regard.Furthermore, the countries themselves are really irritating to assemble. The puzzle relies on you forcing the pieces in. If I wasn't already a geography teacher who knew where pieces went it would have been impossibly frustrating. It would have been better if pieces were grouped by region, but different countries still colored differently.All that being said it was cheap so I didn't return it. I used sticky tape to create region chunks and a bright sharper to outline the shape of printed on continents like Europe.

    by S. Varner, May 26, 2019


    Country names rub off pieces

    The country names rub off the foam making it a challenge to identify the countries. Also, the colors of the countries on the box are different from the actual colors of the countries. The scale of the countries on the map is inaccurate. I would not recommend buying this puzzle.

    by Kelli Owen, August 6, 2018


    Not as good as I had hoped...

    Colors of each puzzle piece don't match picture. My kids have a hard time putting it together and they love puzzles. I like the concept, but with foam pieces I've noticed the print (name of each country) on each piece will wear off easily. Box it comes in is terrible for storing the puzzle. Not durable like other puzzle boxes. Pieces do fit nicely together. Hoping it will still be a good learning tool.

    by A. Ramos, February 8, 2019


    Missing countries

    The map does not have Israel or Armenia. Also, the picture of the completed puzzle has the countries in different colors than the colors of the pieces which makes it very difficult to use the picture as a guide. The picture should really be the same color as the actual puzzle. The font used on the puzzle pieces is difficult to read. It's a great idea to have the puzzle with the pieces the shapes of the actual countries, but there needs to be some improvements.

    by nyc, May 4, 2019


    Family fun

    We bought this world map puzzle for my 5 year old to inspire him to start learning world geography after he kept asking about different places his dad has gone during military deployments. I'm amazed at how much he enjoys this puzzle. We piece it together several times a week, while I watch in amazement how much he remembers each time of what the countries' names are and where they're located. It's incredible to see a 5 year old develop a working knowledge of world geography. We've decided to turn it into additional learning fun at home by choosing a country each week to learn more about their culture and foods, which has provided us more and more quality time together learning and doing special projects together. I never thought we would have this much fun and learning inspiration from a simple map puzzle. It is even holding up well to our 2 year old's fun too.

    by Nicole, February 18, 2020



    It is supposed to be a map of the world but many countries were simply labeled on the map without accompanying pieces, some countries were not even labeled (I mean, you write NK, North Korea, but leave South Korea, a bigger economy, blank, without mentioning the name of the country?) And how could Italy be left out of the puzzle piece? Some country names were abbreviated. How are kids supposed to learn from this? I'd give zero stars if I could. Total waste of money.

    by Ken Moriyasu, February 25, 2020


    Some positives, some less so

    Foam makes it so they can squish it in to wrong spots. Doesn't seem like they really show the true shape of the countries with the piece shape. Most of the names of the countries are abbreviated and then full name is written on the map next to where it goes.The border comes in three pieces taht fit together pretty well. The nice thing is that many of the countries are their own pieces which is what we were looking for- whereas most puzzles just take a map and cut out typical puzzle shapes regardless or borders

    by Kris, January 8, 2020


    Not for us....

    Was soooo disappointed. This is made of foam but looked like it was made of board. We have a USA puzzle that's board which we LOVE so we bought the countries one thinking it would be of similar quality and it fell short. It's still a nice puzzle (from the looks of the outside as we haven't used it) but be aware that it's foam, and those will small kids know this will be eaten before it can be passed to the younger siblings...

    by ABuc5224, August 7, 2019


    Go for a wooden or even a cardboard puzzle.

    Whether it's 50rs or 500rs, it should be of some use. When it's a puzzle, that too for kids, it should be of some quality. People buy this to use more than once, and not to fix some how and keep it somewhere. This is not meant for kids less than 7-8 years as it's too flimsy. Not recommended even for 7+ years. Even a cheap cardboard puzzle would have been better than this. Numbers on some state and not names. You have to look at a piece of paper if you want to fix those or know about it. Kids less than 5 years may not be knowing all the states by heart. STRICTLY NOT RECOMMENDED (I hardly rate less on products)

    by Rajesh Kumar, August 25, 2018


    Totally worth the money !

    Changing my review based on the experience. When we bought more than a year before , I found it fragile due to foam pieces . But its more than a year and nothing had happened to the puzzle . My 5 year old loves fixing it and he has done 100 times by now . Go for it . Take its India map as well and countries with capital n flags . We have all three and they are worth buying !

    by Shail, May 26, 2019



    Perfect for teaching my grandkids all about Europe!!

    by Mrs Hazel Wadsworth, June 10, 2021


    Good Foam learning puzzle

    Interesting toy but one India piece was missing. It has foam pieces and fits well in to the puzzle. Good learning and fun toy. I would recommend it.

    by Meenal S., July 5, 2019


    Good to learn countries.may not b too durable unless u preserve well

    Lovely product to know the countries. My 5 year old thoroughly loves this and he knows the smallest countries too. But the names on the foam sheet are vanished after first few usages. If by then the child has already gained knowledge of countries then ok, else it's difficult. The pieces are well cut and exactly fit the place. It's so colorful too

    by Lavanya, February 26, 2019

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