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48 Oil Based Colored Pencils for Adults & Artists - Professional Pastel Color Pencils for Drawing, Sketching and Coloring Books - Soft Core Art Coloring Pencils Set with Skin Tone - Adults & Kids


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4.7 ratings
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  • Superior Colored Pencils: Our high-quality drawing pencils feature a rich pigment for vibrant, long-lasting artworks. We’ve constructed our coloring pencils to be stronger, brighter, and better quality than our competitors.
  • Superior Colored Pencils: Our high-quality drawing pencils feature a rich pigment for vibrant, long-lasting artworks. We’ve constructed our coloring pencils to be stronger, brighter, and better quality than our competitors.
  • Innovative Oil-based Core: Compared to wax sketch pencils, oil sketching pencils are sturdier and more pigmented, allowing them to hold a finer point, and never finish with a waxy film. Whether you’re searching for colored pencils for adults or colored pencils for kids, these professional-grade art pencils draw beautifully.
  • High Lightfast: All of our painting, drawing, & art supplies are made to last, and this color pencil set is no exception. Our professional colored pencils are lightfast, meaning they won’t fade with exposure to light!
  • Smooth Layering: The queen of art supplies, our color pencils boast soft, thick cores, which layer flawlessly. The perfect choice for adult coloring books, oil pastel pictures, and manga-inspired art.
  • 48 Colors: This art set features 48 vibrant colors in an incredible range, including a white pencil and skin tone colored pencils. No matter whether you’re just learning how to draw, or have been at it for years, our drawing supplies will fuel your creativity.
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • R.

      Good quality. Good Price

      I have to admit I was a little hesitant and a little skeptical when I placed my order, so as soon As I received the items, I began to try them immediately on a new book. I'm very happy and pleased with my purchase, pencils are highly pigmented, they blend and shade well creating good effects. The only con I've found is that they don't come well sharpen (to my test I like my pencils very sharp) and the core is not centered in the wood, that does not bother me, I am including the pictures before and after sharpening as well as the page I started to color. I definitely will try other products of this brand.

    • M. B.

      Pencils are OK

      The pencils are OK. I knew the leads would be hard when I purchased them. I got them primarily for backgrounds and other large spaces. My gripe comes from packaging. They arrived in a huge Bolo box—much larger than the size of the tin. The pencil tin had no shrink wrap on it, nor was there a tape sticker to hold it shut. There were two pieces of bubble wrap in the box. They were not taped on the tin. When I opened the Bolo box, all of the pencils in the top tray were lying in the huge cardboard box as well as some of the second tray. Half of the flimsy lid had come apart from the hinge (very cheaply made). Fortunately, none of the leads were broken and I’m sure it has to do with the hard colored core. Had they been Prismacolor pencils or Luminance brand pencils, many of the leads would have been broken. I don’t know why the tin was not sealed or at least taped shut, but this was the worst packaging I have ever received in any Bolo order I’ve received.

    • m. j.

      Very nice set of oil based color pencils set

      I love these color pencils they are real smooth and creamy and blend very well.

    • j.

      Need Work

      Received yesterday and excited to get them since they were lightfast, okay price, and new colors. If you go to their website you can get color names and lightfastness info. Big plus. They arrived in a flimsy box not in the best condition. The colors are bright but not the best selection. 29 and 46 are the exact same color. The pencils and cores feel very flimsy. Not that larger core they claim. The leads are not centered and have a breakage problem, splitting also . Some cosmetic trouble with the colored ends cracked also they are rough to the touch. 19 go on very scratchy maybe more lost count. The leads work well in small places and keep a point if you can cut off the wood from tips. The colors that aren't scratchy are really nice laying down color, smooth. but have to sharpen frequently. I read so many great reviews so I must have gotten a bad set or something. They do have great CSI. I have talked to them before and after buying and receiving the pencils. Given choice between set they have now or new set in customs with new packaging and pencils.UPDATE: New package is a gray cylinder with a butterfly. They do not have have the different colored flecks in them. Only 1 broken lead and not seriously. The leads are kinda weird when they get powdery it sticks to the leads. For the price I'd say go for it. Lightfastness isn"t the greatest . But most don't care about that. Customer Service is great.

    • A.

      Great beginner or supplementary set

      I usually don't buy colored pencil sets in less than 72 because I like having a wide range of colors to choose from. When I saw these they weren't bad for the price and decided to try them and I am glad I did. The pencils are smooth and vibrant, they also blend and layer really well, I didn't even need to use a blender pencil. I didn't have any issues sharpening them and even though there are no names there are numbers on all the pencils. There is a good range of colors, even a few that I don't have in any other sets and I have quite a few. One down side is that some of the colors are so close to each other such as 10, 11 and 13; then 14 and 12 as well as 32 and 47 it's hard to tell them apart. The cardboard packaging is not the best but I prefer to get that instead of a tin especially if it means a better price because I transfer my pencils to wraps or cases as the tins are cumbersome and I never use them. If you are looking for a one and done set this may not be the best for youbut I think if you are a beginner and don't want to be confused with too many colors this has all your basics plus a few extras or if you have a lot of pencils and you are looking for a set with some unique colors this is an excellent buy.

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