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Brondell S1400-EW Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel Nozzle Clean+, Endless Water-Warm Air Dryer-Nightlight


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4.3 ratings
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Join the Wash Don’t Wipe Revolution! The Brondell Swash 1400 is an intuitive, electronic bidet toilet seat that is designed to give you the most luxurious bathroom experience. This elongated bidet provides the most hygienic bathroom experience with its dual stainless-steel nozzles with Nozzle Clean+. Loaded with convenient and luxurious features, this home bidet includes an endless warm water spray with four temperature settings, heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation, replaceable deodorizer, cool blue illuminating nightlight, programmable user settings, one-touch auto mode, and a strong suitable lid. The Brondell Swash 1400 has been redesigned inside and out with a newly refined design, highest-quality components, and cutting-edge technology. Designed for the modern North American bathroom, this bidet’s sleek shape blends seamlessly into both your bathroom decor and bathroom habits. The hidden pocket conceals water and power connections and the contoured lid looks modern and refined on any toilet. This bidet toilet seat measures 20.43” x 15.2” x 5.75” and comes with a 3.5’ power cord making it convenient to reach an outlet. With a few simple steps, it's easy to self-install in under an hour—no plumbers necessary! Included is a Swash Bidet Seat, Brondell Remote Control, Mounting Bolt (2), Rubber Cone Washer (2), Flat Washer (2), Barrel Nut (2), Mounting Plate, Adjustable Bracket (2), T-valve Connector, Rubber Washer, Bidet Hose, Cable Clip (2), Remote Control Wall Mount, Remote Screw (2), Remote Anchor (2), CR2032 Battery-Lithium (4) Technology never felt so clean. Water cleans in a way that paper can’t. Since 2003, Brondell has been making bidets and bidet attachments that give you that fresh, clean, and hygienic feeling after you “go”. Each Brondell bidet is eco- and the Brondell Swash 1400 comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WASH: Programmable user settings and one-touch auto mode deliver the most hygienic bathroom experience at the touch of a button. Create your ideal bathroom experience with endless combinations from this home bidet.
  • EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: Technology never felt so clean. This electronic bidet features an endless warm water spray, heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation, replaceable deodorizer, and a cool blue illuminating nightlight.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This bidet toilet seat measures 20.43” x 15.2” x 5.75” and comes with a 3.5’ power cord making it convenient to reach an outlet. With a few simple steps, it's easy to self-install in under an hour—no plumbers necessary!
  • DESIGNED FOR THE MODERN NORTH AMERICAN BATHROOM: This bidet’s sleek shape blends seamlessly into both your bathroom decor and bathroom habits. The hidden pocket conceals water and power connections and the contoured lid looks modern and refined on any toilet.
  • WE ARE BRONDELL: Join the Wash Don’t Wipe Revolution! Since 2003, Brondell has been making bidets that give you that fresh, clean, and hygienic feeling after you “go”. Plus, each bidet is eco-friendly. The Swash 1400 comes with a 3-year warranty.
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    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • M.

      Imagine if you will, that you’re standing on a covered porch on a warm Autumnal evening....

      ...You’ve just returned from doing Your Business and you feel fresh and clean and somehow lighter. Not too far away is a beautiful golden wind-swept wheat field that is dancing in the warmth of a glorious scarlet sunset. It could be your imagination, but it seems to call to you – to welcome you. You willingly oblige.With very little effort, you seem to float off your porch and before too long, you find yourself in the middle of this beautiful field - instantly feeling surrounded by love. Butterflies are frolicking, and a lazy bird circles overhead looking for a place to settle in for the evening. The setting sun feels so nice on your face and you take a moment to take it all in.Just then, you feel the urge to run through the field – to feel the wheat brush up against your body. As your body gains momentum, the wheat seemingly and instinctively parts way for you as if guiding you somewhere wonderful and magical. Your effortless slow-motion stride continues until an intrusive thought pops into your otherwise calm mind: “Did I take my allergy medicine?” Yes, you realize, and just then you come to a comfortable floating stop. You find yourself high atop a bluff overlooking a majestic ocean.Looking to your left and see a lazy staircase that leads you to the beach below and before you know it, you find your feet sinking into the warm sand of the beach. You take all this in – the warmth of the sun, the sound of the ocean, the smell of the mist and with a barely audible song, you notice that same bird in the sky – flying on a pillow of air. Your eyes follow this bird for a while, but eventually give way to scanning the horizon over the ocean. You spot a playful pod of dolphins in the distance and look down to notice that your feet are being softly kissed by the warm ocean water.A light scent of burning wood draws your attention over your left shoulder as your eyes fall on to what seems to be a small bonfire up on a dune. You turn and face this inviting spectacle and decide to draw closer and explore the amber glow. As you approach, your senses turn to the soft crackling of the growing fire – the scent instantly brings you back to your childhood. Closing your eyes, you pause to feel the heat of the fire on your face while simultaneously feeling the warmth of the sunset on the back of your neck. You could stay here forever.You slowly open your eyes only to spot a figure on the other side of the flames. You try to squint to see who it is but can’t seem to get a clear image. As you round the fire and you draw closer to the figure, your body is drenched with a wave of emotion as you realize that somehow – some way – the figure you spot is your long-lost lover.This tsunami of emotion propels you closer to your lover – the lost days, nights, years all seem to melt away as you fall into each other’s arms – becoming one again. The instantaneous passion, comfort, and feeling of joy and security overwhelms all of your senses and you feel more alive than you ever have. Somehow, unconsciously and with extraordinary speed, you find yourselves collapsed and naked on an oversized blanket that is impossibly soft and inviting.Without words, your lovemaking begins. Your senses explode with almost as much passion and force as a thousand nuclear explosions. The smell of the fire, the light mist in the air. The glow of the fire and the remains of a beautiful scarlet sunset. The sand beneath the blanket makes way and forms into a comfortable cradle under the weight of two long lost lovers. As if impossible, your euphoric ecstasy is multiplied even more when your lover descends into your nether regions, hands firmly placed on your hips. Your breath quickens. Your heart races. Your head is thrown back by some primal and instinctual force and nothing else matters in this moment. It feels so…“Um, you missed a spot.”, your lover says as they surface.“What? What do you mean?”“Well, uh, you know. You sorta MISSED a spot.”, the look is clear across their face. The expression is unmistakable.Just then, you realize what that means. Suddenly, your heart feels like it has fallen from your chest, through your back and into the sand beneath you. “How?” you ask yourself over and over and over in your head. The quilting, the ridges, the aloe vera lotion… How could my ultra-plush multi-ply toilet paper have missed a spot? All the wiping. All the wiping!!! For the love of God, all the wiping!!!!!!The world comes crashing down around you. Your lover has retreated in disgust, the bonfire has sent a spark to the wheat field igniting a blaze that burns down hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat crop nearly instantaneously. The pod of dolphin drowns and that annoying bird falls out of the sky only to be eaten by a shark so large it defies reality. Somehow, in your nakedness, you make it up to your knees with your arms stretched up to the sky. “Why? Whyyyyy?”, you scream. But instead of an explication by some omnipotent God, the sky opens up to reveal a torrential downpour, lightning strikes your retreating lover, the bonfire extinguishes (It’s too late for the wheat field…), and you find yourself cold, and in the dark, with an army of giant hungry mutant crabs closing in on you. Your screaming could be heard from miles away – if there were anyone there to hear it.Two points: First of all, the only good that came out of this story is that thanks to the fire, the world was rid of a bunch of horrible gluten. Secondly, there would have been an entirely different ending if you had just used the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat!Seriously, folks, using toilet paper after doing Your Business is like trying to get chunky peanut butter out of shag carpet with ripped sandpaper. You just aren’t going to get it all. There is bound to be leftovers that go unnoticed and this is just not a Good Thing.Buying this seat has changed my life. As a parent of two young children, I have spent the better part of 6 years wiping someone else’s butt. Now I’m happy to have this amazing invention take care of mine for me! The heated seat, the gentle warm mist, the finishing warm air-dry – it takes you away to a world that is reminiscent of the story above. Minus, of course, the carnage at the end!Installation took less time than it took me to write this review, and while the Swash 1400 won’t help you find your long-lost lover, it may just help you to keep them around a little longer once you do!** No birds or dolphins were harmed in the writing of this story which may, or may have not, been based on actual events! **

    • J. S.

      I’ve made my butt happy, and septic system happier!

      I purchased this device after a couple of years of reading reviews. I have tried several different models from full on bidet, to cold water jet. I just kept putting it off.I recently had both (2) shoulder/rotator cuff repairs with biceps reattached, I’m 60+ and yes I was a bit naïve, and didn’t realize the problems I would have without being able to use both my arms, or limited use of my arms. I decided prior to the surgery to get the bidet seat. It was one bright spot in my world at that time. Here I am eight months after the last surgery and still have difficulties in the down under cleaning situations. This day has made my life so much more bearable. Now that’s why I like a bidet!In the description you’ll find all the things that you can do with the remote but my favorite is the warm water, the stream width setting, and finally the setting for the positioning forward or backwards for the cleaning head. You were able to program the remote for two individuals.Finally I live in Rural area and I have a septic system, at a very old house. Even toilet paper should be examined to ensure that it’s safe for a septic system, so having a bidet seat takes the worry of what goes into the septic away.

    • K. B.

      Possibly one of my best purchases ever

      I'm pretty passionate about this product so be ready for a rather long review. First off, I bought my first Brondell bidet about a year ago. I had been interested in getting a bidet for quite a while and, despite some skepticism from my family ( eww, water squirting on your butt! ), pulled the trigger and bought the Brondell Swash 1400 with the round bowl in December of 2018. Bottom line, we loved it, and I mean we ALL loved it. My families skepticism soon turned to praise as the discovered the wonders of having a bidet and a truly clean bottom.Installation was a breeze. The only difficult part was installing an outlet next to the toilet installing the actual bidet only took minutes. The included instructions did an excellent job walking you through the process. The only hitch, and I can't pin this on Brondell, was that the bidet did not fit quite right on the toilet. The front of the seat hung over the edge of the toilet about an inch. If you look at the pictures I uploaded you can see what I am talking about. It wasn't a problem for my wife but for me things could get a little crowded up front. It was tolerable so we just left things as they were. I was impressed with the durability of the Brondell bidet. This is a device that gets used multiple times a day every day of the week. We have had zero problems for over a year. The only problem that did arise was my wife getting ticked off that the kids kept using the toilet in our master bath so they could use the bidet! Well, we solved the problem by purchasing a second Brondell Swash 1400. This time with the extended seat. We took our time measuring dimensions on the toilet we were going to be replacing our old toilet with to make sure the Brondell bidet would fit properly. It was a success. The seat fits great on the new toilet, looks great, and I really appreciate the extra room up front. We replaced our downstairs toilet at the same time and did the same job of making sure we would have sufficient room between the seat attachment points and the tank so the bidet could sit back far enough to maximize the room up front. I have attached pictures of the toilets we ended up buying. You can see in the pictures with the wood grain flooring the difference the new toilet made with how the seat fits.Part of what makes the Brondell such a great bidet are the variety of controls that the remote gives you along with the two user customizable presets. It's great to be able to just push a couple of buttons and the seat temperature, spray pressure, spray width, and oscillation settings just the way I like them. My wife thought the night light was too bright and I didn't like chimes when you sat down which is why the ability to customize settings is so wonderful. We turned off the chimes and the night light and now both my wife and I are happy.To sum things up, I don't think you can go wrong buying the Brondell Swash 1400. I did quite a bit of research before buying and the specs and features of this unit along with the many testimonials I read convinced me that this was the bidet for me. My parents were so impressed when they visited and used the Brondell bidet that they made the decision to buy on for their house as well. Do yourself a favor and pick one of these babies up today, trust me you will be glad that you did!

    • S.

      Worth every penny

      What can I say without being gross? Everyone needs one of these in their life. There is just nothing better than to feel so fresh after using the bathroom.

    • l.

      Good and poor

      Magnet for remote control very weak,I had one of the earlier models the spray and the heater the more powerfulSide buttons difficult to access

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