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Ello Devon Glass Tumbler , Protective No Sweat Silicone Sleeve and Splash Proof Wooden Detail Lid with Straw, 18 oz


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4.5 ratings
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  • Everything Tastes Better In Glass: 18oz glass tumbler made of odor-free; stain-free and clean tasting glass
  • Travel Ready: Splash-resistant friction fit lid for on-the-go; A silicone sleeve protects against chips and cracks; Perfect for juices; smoothies; iced coffee; water and more!
  • Easy to Clean Design: Tumbler is dishwasher safe; handwash lid; No need to remove silicone sleeve for cleaning!
  • Peace of Mind: Ello is proud to stand behind every Ello product and more than anything; we're here to make you happy; Ello's Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • N.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy!

      This is such good quality! I wanted an all glass cup so I got some glass straws too. The sleeve helps protect the cup from drops or what not. It’s easy to clean. You just have to be careful with getting the lid (bamboo part) wet. You shouldn’t let it soak. I quickly rinse and dry it. That’s kind of a pain to have to remember but not a complete deal breaker. It does keep my drinks cold better than a normal cup. But not better than a vacuum sealed cup.

    • M.

      4.0 out of 5 stars NOT 20 oz, but otherwise an excellent option

      Update: 5 months later and still great! Avoiding water getting onto the wood has ensured it is still in perfect shape and not warped. It has tipped over a few times, but no breakage to report! :) Very happy.My goal with this purchase was to drink more water. I'm not usually this picky, but after not succeeding in the past with my water consumption goals, I wanted to really think through what kind of product would help make drinking water an enjoyable experience with the least mental resistance possible. I was going to go for a water bottle, but I knew that actually opening the bottle to drink would be a (mental) obstacle based on my use of mason jars and water bottles in the past. I wanted something that was at least somewhat portable and I realized I drink more water when I use a straw. Some things that bothered me about using my current glass straws in glass tumblers was the clinking sound and how they move around while also not really being portable.Seeing there were quite a few options for portable glass tumblers, I looked at a few. A lot of them seem to have bamboo lids that get moldy based on the humid environment created between the liquid and the bamboo (and perhaps lack of proper sealing of the bamboo.) I liked that this one had silicone entirely between the wooden top and the liquid to avoid that problem. Also I don't think this lid is made from bamboo, it looks like actual wood. Bamboo, while a great sustainable material in theory, has a tendency to be a bit like the "plastic" of the wood world in that it seems to break easily and be fragile, especially in wet situations. I had a bamboo lid on a french press, which while it never got moldly, it did split in two in less than a year, another problem I saw with other options.I removed the silicone part of the lid as other reviewers have mentioned when I did my initial washing and boiling of the silicone top before first use. I don't think it said to boil it, but I know it was standard protocol with another brand of water bottles that used silicone, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I noticed the smell of fresh silicone others mentioned, but after boiling and a couple of days of use it has gone away. I plan on just wiping the wood part clean when washing in the future and being careful to avoid water from sitting on the wood to avoid damage.It goes without saying that having a plastic straw in a glass tumbler is a disappointing short-cut. I would have rather it not come with a straw at all. I replaced the plastic straw with a glass one I already had and it fits perfectly.The glass tumbler part is nice. I ordered the 20 oz version but received an 18 oz. I'm thinking there is no 20 oz version and that it's either a mistake or a trick, which ends up costing you a couple of bucks: not enough to make it worth sending back but enough to be annoying. Bolo listings are not very reliable when they are made by other companies, but seeing as this is sold by Bolo themselves, I am a bit disappointed with this lack of fact checking.The denim color is more like the picture where I am holding it, a nice lavender blue. I only poured a cold drink into it once so far (a 12 oz can of seltzer) and it does seem like it probably would sweat significantly with a really cold drink full up. It didn't bother me that much, but I will update it if I feel like it is a significant issue. I'm using this mainly to drink water from a filter, which is room temp, so that wasn't a big factor in my decision.Also to be noted with some reviewers mentioning it tipping over and breaking; being a potter, I knew that the slightly tapered bottom means it will tip over easier than others that are straight up and down cylinders. But for me, all of the other benefits outweighed this potential hazard.I have only had this for two days, and I have definitely been babying it. I think a lot of people have a tendency to be rough with their things in this day and age of planned obsolescence, so I'm trying the ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure route and just being more careful with my things. We'll see how it goes!I would 100% recommend this to someone looking for a fun way to drink more water!

    • T. Y.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected.

      I realized that the outer material does not come off. I also realized how it is important to me to be able to "see" what is and is not in the glass container I am drinking out of. Also, who wants a permanent hole in the nice wooden lid. Wooden lid fits well but would come off if knocked over. Sort of a juvenile idea.

    • A.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Hot drinks

      Be careful with hot drinks, I messed up my straw alittle bit. Over all very satisfied worth your money.

    • B.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Very cute and seems sturdy

      I do really like this tumbler. Pros: the size is great, the glass is very sturdy like Mason jar glass, the color is cute, and it's easy to grip with the silicone sleeve. Cons: the silicone sleeve sweats and is really difficult to get off for washing. Overall I like it ok, but I wouldn't buy another one. I have 2 other small Ello silicone sleeve cups for hot drinks and I love them but this one isn't quite working as well for iced drinks.

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