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5 Second Brush On Nail Glue 0.2 oz (Pack of 2)

5 Second

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4.3 ratings
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5 Second Brush On Nail Glue 0.2 oz (Pack of 2)

  • 5 Second Nail Cosmetics Brush On Nail Glue applies just like nail polish for a smooth, even application
  • Professional formula
  • Easy brush-on application
  • Bonds instantly

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Ratings & Reviews

4.3 ratings
Customer Reviews
  • K. S.

    Product is easy to use and dries smoothly in 5 seconds.

    This product is easy to use and dries smoothly in 5 seconds. However, even if the top of the glue is on tightly, the glue gets thick and then solidifies after one month.

  • C. &. T.

    not just for nails- perfect for paper cuts and skin cracks and nail biters, too.

    A while back one of our doctors told us to keep a bottle of super glue in our first aid kit because it was better than bandaids for a lot of small skin abrasions as well as pain due to nail biting (our daughter went through a brief nail biting stage when she was little and when she went too close to the quick, all we had to do was brush some super glue over the tips of nails and that pain will instantly disappear- I think it also got her over biting because it smoothed out the nail edge and she wasn't tempted to go after it). So we always have several bottles of this around. It's perfect for paper cuts, nail breaks below the quick (not just cosmetic repairs- it literally stops the pain) and any kind of cracks in the skin due to dry skin or cold weather. My husband is always slicing his skin up in his workshop so this is perfect for him to close the wound (after he cleans it) and get back to it without worrying about changing band aids or keeping the wound clean- the super glue does that for him.After it dries its waterproof and lasts several days of hand washing and regular showering.The only issue is that as you use it, air gets into the bottle and begins to oxidize what's left inside, so at some point you will pull out the brush and it will literally have turned into a thick gel which is unusable. But it's the best brand of brushable nail glue on the market because it dries quickly with little residue and stays on.

  • T. M.

    Strong and easy to apply

    I found this product on a list of the best nail glues for long wear. I prefer brush on because I think it's much easier to apply, and this stuff dries within seconds of applying the nail. I've been able to get my nails to last 2 weeks with this glue. It would probably last longer, but due to hygiene, that's about as long as I would wear a set. Occasionally I hit a nail against something and have to glue it back on, but since I usually carry a bottle of this stuff in my purse it's easy to just glue it back on, and this usually only happens one or two times per set.

  • E. i. G.

    The Perfect Fix

    I have tried several different nail glues before trying 5 second, but the nails would not hold and would come off. 5 second is the only glue that I've found that holds the nails in place, for me usually about two weeks. Love it!

  • I. D.

    Repairs A Nail Tear Great.

    I use these to repair my nail when there's a small tear and I don't want to clip it all off. This helps to let the nail grow out until I want to cut it.It applies easily. Dries really fast. Then I put nail polish over it and no one knows I have a tear in my nail. I've been using this for a few years. A little goes a long way. BUT....it is sensitive to eyes! Lots of strong fumes so be careful.

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