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Parker A1R - 4 Piece Travel Safety Razor & Leather Case - A great Travel Safety Razor that is also fantastic for Everyday Use!

Parker Safety Razor

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4.4 ratings
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For over 40 years, Parker Safety Razor has engineered the world’s finest shaving gear and classic men’s grooming accessories. We have been a leader in safety razor innovation and design, ensuring that each of our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Our strong heritage and quest to deliver exemplary products are reflected in our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction with every item that bears our name.

Nothing Shaves Like a Parker - For over 40 Years Parker Safety Razor has been the obvious choice!

Three-piece razors disassemble into three separate pieces for easy cleaning and precise blade alignment. The three-piece razors offered by Parker Safety Razor are quality pieces designed to last for generations. This design dates back to safety razors from the early 1900's. Parker has enhanced this traditional design with modern materials and etchings that set the brand apart from others on the market today.

Quality in Every Detail...Every Parker razor is assembled by hand.

Parker's travel razor is made with all brass construction. When taken apart, it is small enough for travel. When assembled, it is large enough that you may want to use it every day. This razor uses the same head as all the other Parker three piece razors.

The ingenious four piece handle screws together so that the razor has the length and heft of a traditional razor. Put one in your gym bag as well!

  • Leather case included
  • Razor type: 4 Piece Double Edge Safety Travel Razor
  • Weight: 2.7 oz.
  • Length: 3.3 in. (when assembled)
  • Handle Material: Genuine brass frame, chrome plated

Bring home the barbershop!

  • A genuine Parker Safety Razor product! For over 40 years, Parker razors have been imitated, but never duplicated!
  • 4 Piece Design - Handle Screws Together
  • Small enough for travel, large enough to use every day.
  • Genuine Brass Frame - Solid Construction
  • Brown leather case included
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • J.

      A perfect product.

      I've used it these past several mornings while on the road and could not be more pleased. The weight is perfect, the shave is exceptional, and the price was perfect for my secondary razor (would be perfect for a primary razor as well). I read a review that said something like this is a great safety razor that happens to break down into three pieces and not just for a travel razor. I agree 100% with that reviewer. I am a fan of Merkur, my primary tool, but this provides an equal level of quality shave AND feels like a very solidly made razor.One observation is that the handle is, for me, a hair short. However, this single point isn't enough to shave even a half-star off the blades performance or my recommendation.Here is one tip. I don't like leaving the blade in the razor while its folded up. However, I found it is quite easy to keep razor blades (in the wrapper) and place them neatly behind the razor head, so I can travel with a couple of extra's easily. I flipped the razor head over and everything fits nicely that way as well.If only my soap and brush would fit in there somehow....

    • P.

      Much Better Than Expected!

      I ordered BEFORE reading reviews. After reading them, I was sure I'd made a big mistake. The biggest problems seemed to be that it was an AGGRESSIVE razor, not a mild one. There is no room for carrying blades. The leather is brown, not black (just like the description said; really... do people not READ descriptions, just slam products for their own failure to read?) Those seemed to be the three biggest gripes. When it arrived I opened it up with much trepidation, sure I wouldn't like it. I was braced for the worst, but this razor was GREAT! The leather pouch is much higher quality than expected, and was a beautiful "old school" brown. Inside were the razor parts; the head was individually wrapped to keep it pretty during shipment. There were some spots on the razor cap (oil or waxy stuff for shipping, I'm sure) that wiped right off with my thumb. The razor assembled like a quality instrument, and everything aligned properly, with no evidence of misalignment or sloppy fitment. Inside the pouch were dividers to separate the parts when stowed. There was PLENTY of room to add a few wrapped blades. After assembling the razor, I dropped in a "medium aggressiveness" blade (Wilkinson Sword, India), and gave it a test shave. After reading about how incredibly AGGRESSIVE it was, I was sure I was going to cut myself to pieces, perhaps mortally wounding myself trying to tame this feral, savage razor! Nope. It was a pussycat. Half of the handle is solid metal, and half of it is hollow. This gives it a head-heavy balance, which I found to be perfect for this razor (letting the razor do the work, rather than applying pressure that'll cause cuts and nicks). It felt and sounded just like my Gillette Super-Speed or my vintage Gillette Tech (both of which are known as "mild" razors). I cannot fathom how so many reviews could be so incredibly misleading... or flat-out wrong! Use a mild blade (Derby, Lord, Personna Red, Astra), you'll get a mild shave; use an aggressive blade (Feather, Gillette Platinum, Kai), you'll get an aggressive shave. If you are new to DE shaving, try different blades to get the shave you want (if you're NOT new to DE shaving, then I'm preaching to the choir). There is PLENTY of room to pack enough blades for an extended trip or vacation. The rich brown leather pouch adds class and panache. Tossing this, a small travel brush, and a tube of Proraso cream into my travel kit, and I'm ready to go! (I prefer travel size boar brush and cream for face lathering on the road, full-size badger brush and soap for bowl lathering at home.) Due to the size and weight of the handle, I totally forgot I was using a travel razor as I shaved! It feels (and looks) like a full-size DE razor. I can see how this could be mistaken for (and used as a) daily razor, not just for travel. Would I trade my Rockwell 6S for this razor? Not a chance. But this isn't a $100 razor, either! If my luggage goes to Katmandu, I'm only out $30. It's a well-made little kit, a reasonable price, gives a GREAT shave... and it's cool.

    • c. g.

      not the best fit and finish

      i received the razor today and was amazed at how small the disassembled razor was in the case. when i took it out there was some sort of brown crusty debris in the handle,it was easy enough to remove and not sure what it was. i then assembled the razor handle,the two part handle went together smoothly and had a nice feel,a very nice anti slip texture. i then examined the two piece head of the razor and there was a noticable dent /low spot in the underside of the top piece. it doesnt appear to effect how the razor goes together though.the polish and chrome didnt look like it was very well done either. i then put the head on the handle and this is where it gets disappointing. the two alignment holes appear to be over sized or the alignment pins undersized.when mounted on the handle you must be very careful to hold the head straight while you tighten the handle to the head,if not the top piece of the head will rotate and this will leave an uneven amount of the blade exposed from one end to the other and a mirror image of the problem on the other side. i havent used the razor yet so im not sure how much of a problem this will be. i just know that my muhle,merkur and jaeger razors do not have this problem. the good news is that all of these other brand razor heads fit the handle and the travel case. i will just replace the head when i travel. i own a butterfly type parker razor as well that is also a bit less than the other three brands i mentioned. i should have spent the extra $15 for the merkur travel razor. live and learn. this will be my last parker razor, they just are not up to the level of their competition and the money you save is not really worth the lack of quality.

    • K. C.

      Great travel razor.

      Purchased this to replace the Merkur travel razor. I couldn't get a close shave with the Merkur, and based on reviews I wasn't the only one. It was a slick design ( one of the handle sections fits inside the other for storage), but the head didn't allow the blade to shave close enough.The Parker assembles into a full-size razor, has a good weight to it, and shaves nice and close. The leather case has three pockets for the two handle sections and the head. It was also less expensive than the Merkur.

    • S. P.

      Works well

      I just received this razor today. I will be using this as my Gym / Travel razor. I have a much more expensive Razor for the house. The only little negative is the handle is a bit thin compared to my primary. It is after all a travel razor so it's OK, the leather case is actually really nice, everything fits perfectly, I was able to slide a few spare blades in as well.now for the testing; I threw a feather blade in an took it for a test shave, I must say, it was a flawless nick free shave with great results. Very pleased with my purchase.

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