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Car Audio Single 8" SPL Bass Subwoofer Labyrinth Vent Sub Box Stereo Enclosure

American Sound Connection

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4.4 ratings
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KWD 74.441

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The ASC 1X8VMBASS Sub Box Enclosure is built to last. Constructed with rugged and high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of daily use and ensure longevity. This durability ensures that your investment in car audio enhancement is a wise one.
  • SPL BASS PERFORMANCE: This enclosure is all about delivering remarkable SPL (Sound Pressure Level) bass performance. It is optimized for enthusiasts who crave powerful and thunderous bass in their car audio setup. When paired with a compatible subwoofer, it generates intense bass that you can feel, adding excitement and depth to your music.
  • LABYRINTH VENT DESIGN: The unique labyrinth vent design of this enclosure is engineered to enhance bass output and performance. It optimizes air flow to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the subwoofer's voice coil during heavy use, allowing for extended playtime without overheating. This design not only improves bass quality but also ensures the subwoofer's longevity.
  • DIMENSIONS: Width 12-1/2" x Height 10-1/2" x Depth 16-1/2"
  • ADDITIONAL ITEM SPECS: Mounting Depth of 6" making it compatible with the majority of 12-inch subwoofers and a total Air Space of 0.90 Cubic Feet for increased output
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.4 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • P.

      3.0 out of 5 stars It functions but……..

      The subwoofer I installed in this enclosure was a CT Sounds strato 8 D2 .This box is slightly smaller than what CT Sounds recommends based off my measurements when I received the box.Anyways I decided to try this enclosure type after having it in a single skar 8 enclosure because I was curious about this box .Yes you will have cut the opening bigger and add speaker wire to terminals which I expected before buying this box.I’ve been using this box now for a week and overall I’m not happy with the sound quality compared to the Skar enclosure . Certain songs with punchy bass produce a terrible rattle within the port while songs that produce long low bass notes are slightly louder but don’t sound as clean as the skar box. Definitely going to switch back to the skar box and build a custom box tuned to my liking for the strato when I get time . I have a skar svr 8 I’m going to try in this box just to see if it was the sub/box combination that provided the poor sound quality. I’ll provide an update once I’ve done this but so far the skar box was cheaper and sounded much cleaner.

    • C. B.

      5.0 out of 5 stars 90% universal

      Installed a Dayton audio ultimax 8 inch woofer into this box here. The Dayton was too large, but nothing a utility knife, coffee, and an hour of my time couldn't accomplish. Shaved 1/4" off the hole and the woofer fit nice and snug, didn't even need to use screws to hold it in, but I will screw it in the future, once I get everything hooked up. Like others have said, this is indeed a true transmission line enclosure, and is an all around very well built box in general. Really could not build a better enclosure for the price. Sealing on all the joints, a nice thick bead of silicone, and can be pretty confident there are no leaks where there shouldn't be. Kudos to ASC, will definitely be looking at them in the future, likely the very near future.I really wish there were a version that had 2 terminal cups rather than just the one, this way I can have access to both coils from outside the enclosure rather than having to remove the sub each time I want to rewire it for some odd reason, or in the very special case of having 2 amplifiers, 1 for each coil, which is my current plan using a 4 channel amplifier, 2 channels for the sub, the other 2 for the right and left speakers. I will be installing my own terminal cup. That is basically my only gripe, it's a personal problem, so no star bumping here.

    • A. C.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Material is good, but needed modifications to work properly.

      The box seems to be built well, but the opening for the subwoofer was too small and required some trimming to fit. Additionally, the box required adhesive for the terminal connections and the included screws were not very secure. Rated a 4 because the sound of the box for an Infinity KAPPA 8" is clear for tighter bass, but also provides enough low end "boominess" that have slightly muddier bass tones.As a final note; the speaker was properly fixed to box with 1/4" screws after a hole was pre drilled. For extra security, 150mm foam was placed on the underside of the speaker bezel, trimmed near the screw terminals, and finally drilled down in a similar manner to tuning a snare drum. Each screw was first tighten by hand and then lightly impacted until speaker was fully set.

    • M. S.

      5.0 out of 5 stars If you're on the fence, hop off on ASC's side and BUY THIS THING!

      I think the only downfall about this product is that there is a roll-off of how low the bass will hit. I can hit 28hz on it pretty good, but anything lower and you'll need a custom job. I am using this with a SKAR Audio VVX-8v3 D2 Prototype sub, and I actually had a friend of mine believe it was 2 15's. It hits lows with a lot of thump, and it's very responsive. This is a true transmission line enclosure, and the frequency response shows. For 50 bucks, it's hard not to skip making a custom box and just buy this thing, like I did. I think the only skeptical thing about this box is it's a chunk, it's heavy. But not as heavy as having 2 larger subs in a ported box. Like other reviewers have said, it doesn't take up much space at all, and the bass output definitely makes you feel like you have 2 larger subs. If you're on the fence about a pre-fab, or heck, even whether an 8 will handle your music needs, take it from me, this thing is worth more than $50.

    • C. W.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Solid box

      Had to cut a little out to fit my sub. Not for all 8” subs. Does sound good though!!

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