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Corry's Slug & Snail Killer, 3.5 lb

Central Garden Brands

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4.5 ratings
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Corry'S, 3.5 LB, slug & snail bait, contains 5% sodium ferric EDTA for fast, effective control of slugs & snails, starts to work immediately, no restrictions around edibles.

  • Attracts and kills slugs and snails
  • For use on turf, ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit
  • No restrictions on use around edibles
  • Immediately safe for people and pets
  • Remains effective after rain
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • j. m.

      Sympathy for the slugs? You've come to the wrong place

      If you've seen movie Zulu, (not Zulu Dawn, with Peter O'Toole) the Zulu impis don't get a ton of character development. Seen today, one almost feels sorry for their denied humanity, cast as rapacious and faceless murder horde. With slugs, i'm not quite there. There is no redeeming aspect to slugs, unless it as singular form to unite all mankind - in revulsion. Corry's Slug and snail killer seduces them with iron sulfate. They crave it insatiably because they need it to harden their filthy mouthparts. Given the choice they will eat themselves to gluttonous death.

    • B.

      Kills slugs dead

      I had a major issue with slugs. I had them everywhere. I'm not sure what was drawing them my location but let me tell you one thing you never want to do is to step on one barefoot in your kitchen. They were crawling up the walls on the outside of the house and getting into my dogs food bowl that I use outside as well. So I decided to wage war. I bought two boxes and applied it to the back yard where they were the worst, the side walk in the back and to my garden in the front yard. Three days later no slugs can be found. Prior to that I was killing at least 10 per night. Hopefully they have went back into the abyss from whence they came as it was starting to feel like my dog and I were living in some sort of H.P. Lovecraft novel.

    • S.

      Great Price for a Product that works!!

      I have been fighting slugs on my hostas for about 10 years. I've tried everything, even beer in containers under the leaves. I used this product early on my defensive plan against these slugs. After 2 treatments, this product exceeded my expectations. After going back to some of the others more expensive I have purchased in the past, I will be going back to this product next year. The only advise, if you have very shady and wet areas you are fighting slugs, if you do not stay on top of it, they will take over. I am very happy with my maintence effort for this year!!

    • A.

      It kills slugs dead

      It’s funny that the review asks for examples such as “ease to use” “ value for money“ and “flavor”. For the record I haven’t tried to eat slug poison. So I really can’t rate the flavor.But it really works well on killing slugs. If you have slugs, and want dead slugs you should buy this.

    • C.

      Great product!

      So far so good. I tried the Garden Safe brand that didn't work very well so I bought this. I had a bunch of slugs eating my cucumber sprouts, sunflower sprouts, and strawberries. After applying Corry's I haven't seen any sign of slug damage. It can even withstand rain and lasts for about 3 weeks, which is awesome.

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    About the Corry's Slug & Snail Killer, 3.5 lb

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