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National Tree Company Artificial Full Christmas Tree, Green, Dunhill Fir, Includes Stand, 9 Feet

National Tree Company

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4.6 ratings
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Transform your home into a winter wonderland with National Tree Company's Artificial Christmas Tree. This majestic Dunhill Fir tree is 9 feet tall and 66 inches in diameter at the bottom, giving the tree a wide profile. Friends and family alike will marvel at how the tree closely mimics those outside. Made to look and feel lifelike, the stunning realism of the tree is defined by its close attention to detail, featuring hundreds of individually crafted branch tips that make up the wide, full-bodied branches that create space for your lights and ornaments. The tree is designed with a hinged branch system that allows the branches to swing down for a quick and simple set-up and fold back in for easy storage. Set aside 45-60 minutes after assembly to properly shape the tree by peeling back the branches and pulling the tips apart to give the branches a more full-bodied look. Once the tree is fluffed to your liking, weave your desired lights through the branches starting from the top and moving down towards the bottom. Before dressing the tree in twinkling lights and glistening ornaments, consider placing it in a living room or dining area where it can be viewed from multiple angles and does not block any entryways. Constructed with sturdy, high quality materials and hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles, this tree is built to bring holiday cheer for years to come. At National Tree Company, we strive to create high quality Christmas decorations to help you transform your home so you can keep making every holiday moment magical.

  • This Dunhill Fir Full Artificial Green Christmas Tree is 9 feet tall with a 66 inch base diameter. Featuring hundreds of individually crafted branch tips to create full bodied branches, this tree is designed to look and feel lifelike.
  • Designed to look and feel lifelike, this tree is defined by its close attention to detail, featuring hundreds of individually crafted branch tips that make up the wide, full-bodied branches that create space for your lights and ornaments.
  • This tree features pre-attached, hinged branches that drop down for a simple set-up and fold back in for quick and convenient storage. Set aside 45-60 minutes to properly shape the tree by peeling back the branches and pulling the tips apart.
  • Constructed with sturdy, high quality materials, hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles, this tree is built to bring holiday cheer for years to come. Includes a durable metal base. Realism: Traditional
  • At National Tree Company, we believe that special holiday memories don’t have to be far and few between. This Christmas season, let our decorations transform your home while you focus on creating more of those magical moments.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • J. M.

      So glad we bought this tree!

      I was really nervous buying this tree online because some previous reviewers said it looked sparse andsee-through. We took a chance and are so happy we did. The tree looks amazing once it's fluffed & decorated! 7.5' of Christmas beauty. 😍GENERAL NOTES:I think we got our tree with tax included for just shy of $201. Similarly sized unlit trees with comparable tip counts were selling for $350 - $1300 on other sites and Bolo stores. This one seemed the best compromise to get the look we wanted for the price we were comfortable paying.The price did fluctuate a little bit in the week prior to us making our purchase so keep an eye out to make sure you get the best deal. We ordered on a Saturday and it was delivered the following Tuesday afternoon. Prime for the win!!We didn't have any issues with the tree, so I can't speak to how well National Tree Company would have handled anything. It had lots of positive reviews so I felt pretty confident we were buying a well manufactured product.This tree is way bigger than our old one - height, diameter, tip count, etc. I think the bottom was 5' across. If your floor space is limited this model might not be the best. We put ours in an open corner so it wouldn't impede traffic between our living and dining rooms.We purposely bought this model because it was unlit. I hate when the pre-lit strands go out, so I'd rather string it myself. (See decorating tip #1 below to save yourself some trouble!)The tree stand itself was quite sturdy. The trunk pole was held securely with a hook screw. Zero wobble! Our 27" tree collar jussssst barely fit around the stand. Also, the bottom branches were actually being propped up a little near the hinges by the top of the collar, which was 10" tall. Thankfully not a case of them trying to claim it was 7.5' tall tree with no branches on the bottom 2 feet like other trees I've seen.Flat clothing boxes fit under the tree, but larger boxes & bags had to be placed in front of the tree. (See 3rd photo for reference.)This is a BIG tree. If you're used to a smaller tree and want your tree to look full, double up on lights, ornaments, garland, etc. Also, we've never needed a ladder to decorate our tree before but we did for this one.If you've got little ones (or animals), you might want to consider wall anchors.No noticeable smell that I recall.SET UP:You MUST take the time to fluff this tree - there are a **lot** of tips. (Sorry, forgot to get the photos while we were in progress!) It took my husband and I just over an hour to get it fully fluffed.After some trial and error, we discovered fanning the tips in a spiral worked best...one up, one right, one left, one forward, one down, etc. It really helped fill up the space. Adjust as needed when placing ornaments. The tips were easy to move but they stayed in place once we were done.The bottom section has 10ish main hinged branches. Each of the main branches then have 3 mini branches and several "guard" tips at the back so you can't see the trunk of the tree.The middle section has the main hinged branches that split into 3 as well. Guard tips at the back as well.The top section doesn't have hinged branches, just tips to fluff. Also nice to note is that the top isn't one single tip that's a foot long to help it make the manufacturer's advertised height. It was the same height as the rest. I was pleasantly surprised about that. The top was also very sturdy, no visible bowing or listing to one side. No issues with the tree topper being too heavy.We were REALLY pleased that there wasn't the dreaded "section gap" once we were done fluffing. (You know, the ones that a full garland is necessary to help hide the trunk between sections?) Those guard tips closer to the hinges help fill the visual space nicely!We lost maybe 3 individual needles during fluffing and decorating.DECORATING TIP 1:String the lights as you're fluffing, trust me! We learned the hard way. You can always adjust light placement once the tree is ready for decorations. If you string the lights after fluffing, there are so many tips that you're almost fighting to get past the outermost ones.Also, because the tips are so dense, buy about 50% more lights than you think you need. Otherwise the tree will look a bit dark. Again, trust me.DECORATING TIP #2:We placed a folded towel under the tree stand to keep from messing up our 70 year old hardwood floors. The towel enabled us to **very carefully** spin the tree as we were stringing lights and placing decorations.We kept the towel under the stand when we wrapped the collar around it just to be safe with our floors during the holiday season.TEAR DOWN:Once I got all the lights & decorations off, tear down took about 45 minutes. Just compress the branches, stick it in the bag, and presto. All ready to go for next year.I managed to move the bag by myself across our house from our living room to the storage spot with no dragging. I don't recall how much the tree + stand weigh, but it was manageable for one person.I think between set up and tear down there were a total of 10 individual needles that fell off. Minimal loss in my book.OVERALL:So, so pleased with this tree. Great value for the money! 5+++ stars for us. I can see us using it for years to come.We really enjoyed how it filled our space with Christmas cheer but didn't overwhelm the rest of our decor. Seriously debating a pencil tree from the same company for our dining room next year.If you're on the fence about this tree, buy it, I think you'll be glad you did.Happy decorating, fellow Bolo-ers! 😊

    • J. R.

      "Used," but came in original package and seems brand new.

      We got this Christmas tree made by an American company for 20% of its retail price, from Bolo Warehouse. It was listed as Used--Like New. It came in its original box and had all of its parts. We love how it looks so much like a real Christmas tree, unlike the older, bright green one we had before. (We'll be donating that one to someone who wouldn't have a tree otherwise.)

    • k. b.

      Easy to assemble

      The tree as easy to assemble and came in your usual size Christmas tree box. The best part was that the branches were very close together and gave it a more full look and made it hard for our cat to climb on it. It was a really good tree for the price and I also liked that we’re wasn’t a big gap from the last tree branch to the ground so it didn’t looked really weird without presents

    • N. G.

      Large Full Tree

      Decided to replace our dollar store tree that had seen better days with one that was much fuller. The number of tips on this tree gives it an absolutely huge presence in any room and you need to give it a solid 5 foot by 5 foot square (25 sq ft; 2.3 sq meters) of space. We only have 8 foot ceilings but still managed to fit a star at the top. It can easily hold hundreds of led lights and dozens of ornaments. This tree has more tips than any other in this price range and easily beats out significantly more expensive trees. The fullness and shape are hard to beat and my wife and I loved the result.

    • D. R.


      The tree is very easy to use. Looks so full and beautiful and easy to clean up also.

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