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Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with One-Touch Flip Lid


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4.6 ratings
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  • Everything Tastes Better in Glass: 20 oz water bottle made of odor-free, stain-free, and clean tasting glass. This large water bottle is the perfect addtion to car travel, a gym routine, and more.
  • Good to Go: Equipt with a locking, one-touch flip lid that lets you drink directly from glass, not plastic. A silicone sleeve protects against chips and cracks.
  • Easy Cleaning: All parts are dishwasher safe. No need to remove silicone sleeve for cleaning.
  • Clean, Safe, Green: All parts are BPA free. Our sleeve and lid seal are made of FDA food grade silicone.
  • Peace of Mind: Ello's Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.6 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • E.

      An Unexpected, Game-Changing Feature

      The media could not be loaded.  This is my fav glass water bottle of all time. My other water bottles kept leaking in my purse or bag. I bought a cute new bag and feel comfortable putting this bottle in.The hardest part will be cleaning because of the narrow opening. However I’m sure a long handled baby bottle brush will do the trick. And cleaning it frequently will keep it from getting icky.For those who complain about mold, there is a reason why most travel mugs have black lids. You just don’t notice it gets moldy. I’m grateful for the white lid pieces so I can see what’s going on. Seriously, take out the little silicone ring from your coffee mug if you’re brave, and run a white cloth under there. You have to clean these things regularly. It’s just science.The best feature, by far, is the sound it makes when you open it. And clicking the button provides an unexpected feeling of satisfaction. Seriously, you need this bottle in your life. I bought one for my husband a couple months ago and it still infects our lives with laughter. It’s a great way to interrupt awkward silence, while staying hydrated at the same time!And for those moments when you need to keep quiet, just use your hand to slow down the speed of the lid opening and it will be quiet.This will be my go to bottle from now on and I pray they never make this bottle without the hilarious sound when you open it.

    • R.

      Thirst Quenched!!

      The media could not be loaded.  I have never been so excited about a water bottle before even better this is glass. The rubber protective covering makes it easy to hold and easy on the eyes, the lid pops open by button, it has a lock on the top. My water taste so much better drinking from glass I only drink distilled or essentia water well I started getting headaches from drinking out of plastic and ot started making my stomach feel ill drinking from glass it so much better and I'm almost drinking a full gallon each day the container makes it so easy. Get you one or 2 of these if you love people get them one..encourage more water intake get this glass bottle I highly recommend. I have one coming in purple as well. Check out my video review.

    • T.

      The best glass water bottles out there!

      I bought the gray version first, and loved it so much I bought another purple one! I absolutely love these! I use them strictly for water, and it tastes so good from a glass bottle. I have had zero problems with mold, that may be an issue for people who put things other than water in these. They are very sturdy. The pin in the lid came partially out once, but I was able to put it together pretty easily (photos for how it goes back together). The only reason the pin fell out was because my cat loves to knock it off my nightstand. With the lock feature on, it does not leak when he knocks it on the floor! Plus, it feels good to not use plastic bottles anymore. Cheaper to use a reusable bottle and helps reduce waste.If you are looking for a glass water bottle, buy this one!!UPDATE: A year later, both bottles still holding up great! I ONLY use water and have had no issues with a moldy top. I decided to buy another one in pink. THE LOCKS ARE NO LONGER ON THE TOPS. WHYYYYY? This was one of my favorite features. Peace of mind knowing it wouldn't spill everywhere when my cats decide to push it off whatever surface it's on. I am extremely disappointed there are no locks anymore. I have removed one star because of this. I feel like the price should be substantially lower if there is no lock. ☹

    • J. E.

      Great bottle, great investment

      I got this bottle while working at a summer camp and I'm still really happy with it! The water tastes like it should, without a weird plastic taste. This is much better for you and is better than metal bottles. My only complaint is that the bottle's a bit heavy, but that's fine because it's glass. I love the cute little popping sound when it opens!UPDATE:Starting about six weeks ago, the inside of the water stopper part started developing a black ring matching the glass opening. The ring has almost filled (to a full circle) of black stuff, but I can't seem to wash it off. It's doesn't seem to get on the glass part and I haven't gotten sick, so I'm not too worried but I thought people should know.

    • D.

      Nice lid/opening - while it lasts

      It's a water bottle with a silicone cover. Not much special there. Although, the silicone cover fits nice and snug, so it won't slip off like some others. What is really good about this bottle is the wide opening that doesn't have threads that get in the way of drinking. The lid screws on with a 1/2 turn and there is some tactile feedback when the lid is locked in place.I really like the push button opening mechanism. There is a small rubber band that causes the lid pop open when it is new. However, (and this is why it lost a star) after a time, the rubber band starts to stretch. This causes there to be less force to open the lid until eventually the pop that throws the lid all the way open, barely causes it to clear the latch. While this isn't a huge deal, it renders the bottle "not as good" as when you got it.Furthermore, at the moment, Ello is not selling replacement lids, so you have to buy a whole new bottle, which is wasteful.

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