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National Tree Company 'Feel Real' Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung White Lights and Stand | Jersey Fraser Fir Medium - 9 ft

National Tree Company

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4.1 ratings
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Transform your home into a winter wonderland with National Tree Company's Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Christmas Tree. This majestic Jersey Fraser Fir tree is 9 feet tall and 78 inches in diameter at the bottom, giving the tree a wide profile. Friends and family alike will marvel at how the tree closely mimics those outside. Molded from real tree branches for an authentic living tree appearance, this tree features our trademarked ‘Feel Real’ technology. Hundreds of crush-resistant polyethylene tips form full bodied branches, creating a tree with remarkable realism. The tree is designed with a hinged branch system that allows the branches to swing down for a quick and simple set-up and fold back in for easy storage. Set aside 45-60 minutes after assembly to properly shape the tree by peeling back the branches and pulling the tips apart to give the branches a more full-bodied look. This fantastically festive tree is strung with 1500 white UL lights prior to packaging and includes a sturdy, metal base for a more convenient setup. The lights operate individually, so if the bulb lens has not been cracked or broken, the light set will continue to illuminate except for any individual bulbs that are not working. Before dressing the tree in twinkling lights and glistening ornaments, consider placing it in a living room or dining area where it can be viewed from multiple angles and does not block any entryways. Constructed with sturdy, high quality materials and hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles, this tree is built to bring holiday cheer for years to come. At National Tree Company, we strive to create high quality Christmas decorations to help you transform your home so you can keep making every holiday moment magical.

  • This Jersey Fraser Fir Medium Pre-Lit Artificial Green Christmas Tree is 9 feet tall with a 78 inch base diameter. Featuring hundreds of 'Feel Real' individually crafted branch tips to create full bodied branches, this tree is designed to look and feel lifelike.
  • Features 1500 white lights that remain lit even when a bulb goes out. The lights are strung on the tree before packaging, offering an easier, more convenient set up.
  • This tree features pre-attached, hinged branches that drop down for a simple set-up and fold back in for quick and convenient storage. Set aside 45-60 minutes to properly shape the tree by peeling back the branches and pulling the tips apart.
  • Constructed with sturdy, high quality materials, hypo-allergenic, fire-resistant needles, this tree is built to bring holiday cheer for years to come. Includes a durable metal base.
  • At National Tree Company, we believe that special holiday memories don’t have to be far and few between. This Christmas season, let our decorations transform your home while you focus on creating more of those magical moments.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.1 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • M. B.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Very Nice, Very BIG, real looking artificial Christmas tree.

      Overall it is a VERY BIG, sturdy and heavy, good quality artificial Christmas tree with a lot of lights. The tree looks real from a distance with no visible imperfections (after proper fluffing). As mentioned by others the outer part of the branches are of higher quality, they are molded plastic artificial branches with individual needles that look like a real fur Christmas tree. The inner branches are more traditional for a good quality artificial tree. They are thick sort of bristled soft plastic (not like a bottle brush). They bend and fluff up nicely. The difference in outer and inner quality is not noticeable once lights and decorations are added. This is a BIG, FULL, HEAVY, artificial Christmas tree. The 9 foot height is easy to visualize before purchasing, but the 72” width was more that we expected. It extends 6.5 feet from the wall and took up our whole room. We ended up returning it and buying the same tree in a smaller 57” width and are very happy. The return cost us $57 with pick up, but the smaller tree made up the savings. And we figured smaller is better as we get older. Make sure your space can accommodate the width. If you are used to a 8-9’ real tree as we were, the 57” width version seemed more on par with what we were used to and does not look narrow in our home.A few negatives that are not really that negative. The lights are normal Christmas tree lights, soft yellowish glow. Not the white or blueish LED, so I expect them to only last a few years. They are not embedded into the branches so they should be fairly easy to replace in a few years. I wish they were LEDs which would likely give me 10 years, but I like the color and look of the lights better than most LEDs I have seen. The Box barely survived shipping and delivery, so it will not be a long term storage option. The branches are permanently attached to the center of 4 separate pieces that fit into a base. Even the individual sections are heavy. The branches can fold up and down like an upside down umbrella and they are not removable. Once the section is in the base, the lights are connected to the adjoining section for power. When new, the branch canopy (upside down umbrella) is constrained by a poly wrap cord. Be ready to catch the branches and gently lower them when you cut the cord, otherwise the heavy branches may fall fast and pull out your lights as they fall away from other branches.When storing we plan to dis-assemble each section (4 plus stand), use poly wrap to close/secure the umbrella canopy for each section, then store it in our attic in large plastic bags to keep it dust free. If your box is in good shape that may be a storage option, but it is unlikely to close. Once fluffed and repacked the tree sections will take up a lot more space in the box. We looked at a lot of artificial trees in person and online. For the price, this tree was the best we could find and we are not disappointed. I hope the lights last a long time, Merry Christmas y’all!

    • d.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Shape prior to fluffing, 3 full branches have no lights upon unboxing

      I ordered this tree in October for use this season, I am just unboxing it today and notice that 3 full branches have no working lights on the bottom branch. I had to go online to find trouble shooting bc no instructions came in the box. I have not gone to check the individual bulbs on each branch yet to find the burnt out bulb or checked the fuses.They do recommend having a light tester but that is on with the rest of my Christmas boxes that I have not pulled out yet.The box is heavy and so is the bottom piece of the tree so it could be a two person job initially setting up.I was so excited to get this tree! I will be disappointed if I cannot figure out the issue. I imagine shipping it back would be expensive.Update: I still haven’t worked on fixing the lights that are out but they are in the back for now- you can’t notice them. Bolo customer service was great when I called and helped the best they could! Returning the tree was not worth all the effort. Once I get all my Christmas stuff out I will use my bulb checker to try and figure out the issue. THE TREE IS GORGEOUS OTHERWISE!

    • J. c.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Most real with most lights!

      The only reason I didn't give a 5 is probably user-related. It did not fit well when I tried to put it back into the box even after "unfluffing". I used the box and one of those horrid bags I bought to store it with. Trust me - go with boxes, not the most unwieldy bags in the universe! However, It was super easy to set up, fluff and decorate. I had the MOST wonderful compliments on the tree and the cat did NOT climb it but did love to hide from the dog under it :).

    • R.

      5.0 out of 5 stars This is the Real Deal

      I am as particular and skeptical as anyone but I decided to take a chance on this tree, despite that it is a bit pricey. In the end, the look of it is what counts, and is that stock photo accurate or misleading you are probably wondering. I can confirm it is accurate, my end result looks just like the stock photo - however, you need to be prepared to put in some time to shape it properly, a one-time thing. Plan on investing 2-3 hours for this, with some patience, but if you do this, you will be amazed. Start from the bottom rows and work around the tree 1 row at a time. Unfold the clustered tips on each branch 1 branch at a time from the back to the front - note that the front of each branch also has 3 or 4 mini branches that you spread apart to fill out the front portion of each branch. This is going to get tedious quite fast, but stick with it and you will be thrilled at the outcome. The quality of the way this tree is made is all there, from the branches, to the tips which in this case are clustered in fours. Fan the clustered tips apart and upward in general (something you can't do with a real tree) which fills in the gaps and produces a full, realistic look. I started by putting just the bottom section in the stand atop a work table and completed that section. Then I set that section on the floor and added then shaped the middle section. Then I worked on shaping the top section separately then added it to the tree, and reshaped where it joins the middle tree section. If shaped properly, you can barely if at all see the center pole. The feel of the tips are also quite realistic - but with no sap :) As with a real tree, I did see a few needles come off during unpackaging and shaping, but only a small number. This tree is in 3 sections and is heavy when assembled, but that is a testament to its quality. In this model, the plugs for each section don't connect through the poles, rather they are normally strung plugs you can get at, which I like better for servicing if needed.Update: Picture is from 2020, 6 years later, and adding bulbs is the crowning adornment IMHO. Tree is just as beautiful as the first year we enjoyed it. It is worth noting that we have the ability to store this tree in our basement without compressing/boxing it, I simply move the 3 sections carefully and it stands in its natural form the rest of the year with a light plastic cover over it that I custom made to fit the shape of the tree. Storing it like this is likely a key to having it endure versus compressing and reshaping it, which perhaps would increase wear and tear and cause issues with lights. This 6th year I did notice for the first time a few lights that are out and I oriented the tree so they don't show. At some point if more lights go out, I will look into restringing it as a project. By the way, these lights at night provide an easy-on-the-eyes soft glow like a frozen twinkle, a perfect lighting effect, so I hope to replace bulbs with the same kind.

    • S. O.

      3.0 out of 5 stars Lights out!!!

      Some string of lights were out and I couldn’t get the fuse out. Now I remember why I through out the last fake tree I had 10 years ago.What a pain. So I just turned the tree around. Very disappointedBut the tree looks great

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