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Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - Small Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Traveling, Concerts, Shooting Sports & Power Tools


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4.3 ratings
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Do you roll and roll foam earplugs and still have difficulty getting them into your ear canals or getting them to stay put? Despite carefully following the directions, do you find that your ears still hurt or ache after wearing standard-sized foam earplugs? If so, there is a good chance you have small ear canals. Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Ear Plugs are your solution, designed with a slightly smaller diameter, providing comfort to those with smaller and sensitive ear canals. If you want to block out snoring, harmful noise, loud neighbors, study or simply relax, get the fit, comfort and protection you desire with Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs. Please carefully follow the package and video instructions to ensure the best fit and performance.

  • SMALL EAR PLUGS - Designed about 20% smaller than Mack's standard-sized foam earplugs to provide maximum comfort for small or sensitive ear canals
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT - Molded with super low-pressure, skinned and tapered, slow release foam, providing unmatched user comfort and hygiene. Great for side sleeping.
  • HEARING PROTECTION - With a high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 31 decibels, these noise blocking earplugs are great for sleeping, snoring, studying, power tools, shooting sports, travel, loud events, etc.
  • USA’s #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED BRAND - Mack’s is the #1 Doctor Recommended Earplug Brand to Protect Hearing or Prevent Hearing Loss. Trust Mack’s, the brand that doctors trust.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Proudly made in the USA with safe, high performance, noise reducing foam. Satisfaction guaranteed. The plastic jar is safety-sealed and features a convenient flip-open top for easy dispensing.
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • S.

      3.0 out of 5 stars For very narrow ear canals only

      To the one struggling to decide which ear plugs to get, I hope this helps. I spent hours, if not days, researching ear plugs on Bolo. I ended up with 8 different ones because, well, I’m indecisive. Many of these didn’t work for me due to my own weird ear anatomy but I wanted to give my experience with each and what I’d recommend given your situation. Everything is subjective, but I hope this helps someone else as the previous reviews helped me. I’ll put my quick summary first and the details after for those wanting more info. *The pink ear plug is an average run-of-the-mill ear plug for size comparison.To summarize:If you have shorter ear canals and more sensitive ears I would recommend Mack’s Thermafit, adult/kids silicone ear plugs, or Hearos Softstar foam. If you have average ear canals and want the most noise blocking I would get Howard Leight. If you prefer contoured earplugs and find them to be the most comfortable then get Flents Protech Contour. If you have very narrow (but not short) ear canals, then get Mack’s slim fit or Flents Protech Sleeping.White Hearos Softstar foam:These ear plugs are wider than most but shorter and the foam is very soft. They are comfortable and didn’t hurt my ears, even when laying on my side. The foam is so light and fluffy though it lets in more noise than other ear plugs. If comfort is most important to you, you’re a side sleeper, and you don’t need complete silence, these are for you.Tan Mack’s Thermafit:This was the last pack of ear plugs I ordered to try and I finally found the right ones for me. The foam expands more quickly and is a bit rougher texture than others but once you get it in your ear it is just as comfortable at the Hearos and blocks as much (if not more) noise as Howard Leights and silicone. If you have short ear canals, want something comfortable that blocks out the most noise, try Mack’s thermafit.Purple Mack’s Slim fit:I have somewhat smaller ear canals but these were too narrow for me. They didn’t block any sound and despite them being thin, they are still long. If you have very narrow ear canals that are an average length, these would be a good choice for you.Dark Green Howard Leight low pressure:Howard Leights are soft and I found that they blocked out the most sound out of all the ear plugs I tried. They are a bit long for my ears but I just have short ear canals. If you have average ear canals and want the most noise blocking ear plugs, I would recommend these.Light Green Flents Protech Contour:I like contour ear plugs because my ears are sensitive. These are pretty large ear plugs and not the best for those with small ears. They were the best price of all the earplugs I tried. If you have average-larger ear canals, are a side sleeper, or prefer contoured ear plugs, these are for you.Blue/White Flents Protech Sleeping:I thought these would be my Goldilocks ear plugs after I liked the regular Protech contour ones but found them to be too big. Well these were way too small. They fit in my ears easily but don’t block any noise, much like the slimfits. I can still hear the clock ticking, the traffic, my dog snoring everything. I’m so bummed! If you have tiny (and I mean tiny) ears and like the contoured foam, I would get these.Mack’s silicone ear plugs (orange kids and clear regular):As someone who generally hates having things deep in my ears, silicone ear plugs sounded like the way to go. I found the clear ones to be huge and I was having to cut them in half so I ended up getting the kids size. They are comfortable and are good for side sleeping. They also block out a lot of noise. My issue with these is that they tend to suction to your ear which is uncomfortable and you can hear your heart beating in your ears. I think it’s something you can get use to though. If you hate foam/regular ear plugs, have small or sensitive ears, and want to still block a lot of noise, I’d try these.Of all the ones I tried, I found Mack’s Theramfit to be the best all around.Happy sleeping!

    • B. I.

      5.0 out of 5 stars The PERFECT earplug for small, narrow ear canals

      I cannot begin to say how glad I am to have found these ear plugs. My husband snores loudly and arises before me, and we live on a noisy street, so I have been wearing/needing ear plugs for decades. The ones I had bought in the past were no longer available, and the ones I'd bought instead sometimes woke me up because they were so uncomfortable. They just plain hurt. I have small ear canals, and Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam earplugs have been a boon from the very first night. I wear them every night, and I take them with me to wear on airplanes or at really loud movies. I cannot recommend them more highly to people with small ear canals.

    • s.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed

      I have super narrow ear canals, apparently. My primary earplugs are Loops (check them out for cool-looking, colorful, customizable earplugs that filter noise and don't put more stuff in the landfill), but I needed something that just blocks ALL noise and doesn't easily dislodge, for sleeping. I had some other foam earplugs but they left me with pain because they were fairly large. I didn't even know slim fit earplugs existed until I saw a review on another brand! These are comfortable and last me several nights before their integrity lessens from being twisted for insertion; they still fit nicely, but they let more sound through.

    • W. J.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Careful wearing all night to sleep

      These earplugs normally only cause a little discomfort after wearing all night. But, some nights I wake up with more significant pain and this morning woke up with terrible jaw pain. I couldn’t set my bite straight for a couple hours after waking. I read that some ear plugs can cause TMJ because of how they apply pressure to your jaw muscle. I’m planning to look for other ones for sleeping even though these work well for noise reduction.

    • C. B.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Only earplugs I can use

      I use earplugs every night. I started because of my wife's snoring, but now I am used to having a quiet night's sleep even if she isn't around. They are great when traveling - it won't matter if your hotel neighbor is noisy because you won't hear them! The slim fit of these earplugs makes them much more comfortable than any others that I have tried. I have bought them repeatedly and recommended them to others as well.

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