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Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 33dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work | Made in USA


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4.5 ratings
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These ear plugs are molded with super low-pressure, tapered foam to provide unmatched comfort. With a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33 decibels, this high performance hearing protection can be used in environments where noise is just a nuisance up to environments with hazardous noise levels. Great for loud concerts, motor sports, sleep, shooting sports, power tools, etc. directions- with clean hands, roll plug into a tight, crease-free cylinder. With opposite hand, reach over head and pull up and back on outer ear To straighten ear canal. Quickly insert earplug well into ear canal and hold in until it expands for a comfortable, secure fit. Warning: improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury. The dimensions of the actual earplugs (not the packaging) are- 0.92 inch Length, 0.485 inch diameter at base, 0.40 inch diameter near tip

  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE - Made with super low-pressure, slow release, Comfy Cush Comfort Foam. Their user preferred color is as easy on your eyes as they are on your ears
  • ULTRA NOISE BLOCKERS – With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 decibels, these versatile, noise blocking earplugs are great for sleeping, studying, work, travel, concerts, relaxation, motorcycling, loud events, etc
  • #1 BRAND FOR SNORING, SLEEPING AND TO PROTECT HEARING - Mack’s is the #1 doctor recommended brand of foam earplugs to protect hearing and to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping with a snoring spouse
  • #1 BRAND USED BY DOCTORS - Mack’s is the #1 brand of foam earplugs personally used by doctors. Trust the brand that doctors trust
  • MADE IN THE USA – Proudly made in the USA with safe, high performance, noise reducing foam. Satisfaction guaranteed. The plastic jar is safety-sealed and features a convenient flip-open top for easy dispensing
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • J. T. A.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Five Brand Comparison - These are #1

      Because my ears have very narrow ear canals, and one of them takes a 90 degree bend and goes straight up, I am particular about my ear plugs. Because I use earplugs for active motor sports, shooting, and chainsaw work in Hawaii, over the ear protection isn't always practical. I recently purchased 5 different brands of earplugs and put them to the test. Here's what I found, sorted for most to least favorite.Mack's Ultra Soft - My personal favorite, and at $0.17/pair, also the least expensive. They share the same small diameter of the Hearos Ultimate Softness, but are a bit more firm and a few millimeters longer. So, for me, they did a better job of subjective sound dampening, and were a bit easier to grip and pull back out. My tests are mostly in warm weather. In very cold weather, these could be too firm for some users. The Mack's and Hearos Ultimate Softness both shared the same smaller diameter.Hearos Ultimate Softness - These were the softest, most comfortable plugs I tested. At $0.18/pair they were the second cheapest, and also my second favorite. My daughter doesn't like earplugs, as they really bother her ears, but she was at least able to tolerate these. I think most people would be pretty happy with these, however, they were not my favorite for two reasons. First reason is that they seemed to stop slightly less high-pitched sound than the other plugs. All the plugs are rated at 33 db, but that's because that is all they are allowed to be rated. Subjectively, these were at the lower end of sound blocking, but still adequate for most tasks. My only other "complaint" is that these seemed to take the longest to spring back to shape and fill the ear because they are very soft, and they are somewhat shorter than the Macks. This makes them feel a bit like they might fall out for the first minute or two, and their 2-3 millimeter shorter length makes them every so slightly more difficult to grip and remove. Both minor complaints, and these are very good plugs.Hearos Xtreme Protection - As the name implies, subjectively, these blocked the most sound of all the ones I tested. They have the same larger diameter as the 3M plugs, but are easily twice as soft/half as firm. They gave a very full feeling to the ears, but were not uncomfortable. At $0.39/pair, they were the most expensive plugs tested. They were the most effective and were quite comfortable, but the Mack's were 95% as good, and less than half the cost. These went into my shooting kit and would be my third selection, for use when max protection for a shorter wear period is ideal.Flents Quiet Contour. These plugs have a bell shape. I did not find that the shape made any improvement to sound dampening. These were on par with the Mack's for noise suppression. The downside of the wide end is that there is more material in your outer ear, which could be uncomfortable for some, and also perhaps less aesthetically appealing. However, if you're in charge of safety compliance, that extra bit makes it much easier to visually see that someone is wearing hearing protection, and it did leave more to grip for removing the plugs. At $0.30/pair, these were the second most expensive, and I do not recommend.3M 1100 - These are what was issued to me for my 22 years of military service, and the benchmark from which I was judging. About the only positive thing I'll say about them is that they came individually packaged by pairs, so you can carry or store them in dirty or wet environment easily, but these were absolutely the least comfortable of the ones I tested. I paid $ 0.27/pair for them which puts them in the middle of the pack price wise. For me, they are much too firm, and also have the largest diameter of the group. In very cold weather, they would be nearly solid. They quickly made my ears sore/itchy. As much as I usually love 3M products, I do not recommend these.For those who care about such things, I tested these several ways. I wore each pair for about an hour just to get subjective feel for long term comfort. The exception was the 3M, which I could not leave in the entire hour because they were uncomfortable. Then to test for noise reduction, I put one brand in one ear and a different brand in the other ear and work for half an hour, then switch ears. During the test, I listened to speech, music, traffic noise, etc, and noted which plugs seemed to be most effective.

    • M. P.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Great and comfortable

      This has been the only brand I've purchased so far and I don't need another brand. One time I was on a trip and I forgot to bring these so I stopped at Target and bought some ear plugs they had there. Wow, huge difference in quality. They felt so cheap and I kept waking up from noise because they would fall out. Not these though, these have never fallen out once and block out noise so that I can sleep soundly.5/5

    • B.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Quick and easy

      Bought these to deal with the sound of snoring, they are effective. They compress very quickly and uniformly when rolled and then re-expand just as fast. They're comfortable in use and significantly reduce the sound of snoring (and everything else). Quality product I will re-purchase when I run out.

    • A.

      4.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable earplugs that work pretty well

      I bought these a couple years ago and they have served me well. At the time of purchasing them I was living with a roommate who snored very, very loudly some nights. These were a life saver and allowed me to sleep at night. They are pretty comfortable and have never prevented me from sleeping on that basis. Don't expect these to fully block out the sounds around you though. They do quiet everything down pretty significantly, but they aren't the perfect solution. I've never tried other earplugs, so I can't really speak on if this is just the reality of earplugs or if there are better brands out there.The container may appear small when you get it, but 50 pairs of earplugs is a lot. I still have some today over 2 years later. I don't use them every night now, but I did for a while, and I also reused them for a few nights to stretch out the life of the purchase and that worked great.These are a good option for basic everyday use in my opinion. They are comfortable, do a good job blocking sound, and are easy to put in. They are certainly one of the most worthwhile purchases I have made, given that they saved my sleep.

    • L. C.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect. Safe. Effective. Thank Gooodness.

      I purchased this jar of ear plugs because I fly intercontinentally. As anyone knows who flys, soubd is an issue on every plane, from engine noise and passenger conversation, to babies crying and young children fidgeting. I like kids well enough, but when time zones and jet lag are issues, some undisturbed sleep is important. I thought the jar provided tol many earplugs. I was wrong. They are also great if your spouse likes the tv on. These eaplugs are comfortable to the point where I really don't feel them at all. But the quiet is obvious and wonderful. So, buy the bottle. Peace and Quiet are essential and healing. And if you happen to travel or if you want to block light at home, buy a face mask that suits you. You will thank yourself. I hope this review helps you.

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