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Corning Pyrex 1000-600 Glass 600mL Graduated Low Form Griffin Beaker, 50mL Graduation Interval, with Double Scale


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4.8 ratings
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The Corning Pyrex 1000-600 600mL borosilicate glass Griffin-style, graduated, low-form beaker with spout has silk-screened markings and is designed for low-volume applications. This beaker is made of clear Code 7740 Type 1 borosilicate glass for durability, chemical- and temperature-resistance, and high mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanical washing. Borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is resistant to thermal stress. The beaker has 50mL double-scale graduation intervals, an extra-large marking area. Double-scale graduations increment volume from the bottom to the top measure contents, and decrement from top to the bottom estimate the volume of liquid poured off. The beaker meets ASTM International E960 standards. Beakers are used for measurement, quality testing, sampling, and research, and in lab applications in chemistry, education, research, and life science applications.

Beakers are containers used by chemists, researchers, and educators to measure, mix, analyze, transport, and heat substances in a variety of laboratory, educational, and life science applications. Beakers are commonly made of glass such as borosilicate, and can also be made of stainless steel, or plastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, or polyethylene. Material types are chosen for their chemical, heat, and corrosion resistance, and for their surface finish, clarity, and non-contaminating abilities. Beaker forms commonly include Griffin (low overall height), Berzelius (a high form), or a shallow and wide structure, which is used for liquid crystallization. A beaker's outer diameter (OD) measurement does not include the rim. Beakers can meet ASTM E-960 specifications for classification, design, capacity and dimensions, and markings.

Corning manufactures consumable glass, ceramics, and plastic laboratory tools under the brands Corning, Costar, Cellgro, Pyrex, Axygen, and Gosselin, and Lambda, among others. The company, founded in 1908, is headquartered in New York, NY.

  • 600mL round, Griffin-style beaker for use in education, chemistry, research, and life science applications
  • Code 7740, Type 1 borosilicate glass for clarity, strength, heat-, and chemical-resistance
  • Low form for a variety of low-volume applications
  • 50mL silk-screened graduations, pour spout, and extra-large marking area
  • ASTM International E960 standards

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Ratings & Reviews

4.8 ratings
Customer Reviews
  • O.

    I'm not a scientist.

    Hey beaker bros. I am a CNC machinist, and one of the machines we run at our shop is a big ol' CNC router that cuts out 4'x14' sheets of 1/2"-5/8" thick aluminum. On some of the corners, the feed rate and spindle speed do not mesh up that great, causing aluminum to heat...

  • a.

    I use it with my Aeropress

    This is exactly as advertised and of good quality! I use an Aeropress coffee maker to brew my coffee and I really love it! However, I recently got a coffee travel mug that has a mouth that is too small for my aeropress to sit in comfortably. I have been using a regular mug...

  • P. R. G.

    It’s a great cocktail mixing glass with a Breaking Bad motif.

    Oddly, this makes an incredible cocktail mixer. Super high quality glass can take hot and cold liquid. It’s basically what cocktail mixing beakers were modeled after anyway. And it comes with a looking glass that happens to make a perfect strainer. It also gives the bar a...

  • C.

    Perfect for BMW Engine Oil and Additives

    My BMW doesn't have an oil dipstick. Yeah, it's all electronic now and it can't take a measurement until the oil is at ~180F which takes a long time. Which means, if I underfill or overfill my engine with oil/additives... I won't know until my car has been running several...

  • T. A.

    I use it to water my dorm plant.

    You might say, won't a cup do? But no, not for fern. I water him 350mL every 2 days or as needed due to temperature and humidity. Our friendship is coming along tremendously and I have not killed him yet.

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