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Trademark Poker 19mm A Grade Serialized Set of Casino Dice

Trademark Poker

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4.7 ratings
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These precision dice are made with straight, sharp edges and corners. Precision casino dice are manufactured to exacting standards from high-quality plastic material that is free from defects. The spots on their faces are made flush to ensure there is no imbalance to the dice. Casinos choose to serialize their dice to keep the dice in sets so similar play time is used on a stick of dice and to guarantee authenticity.

  • foil wrapped
  • professionally serialized
  • accurate to .0001
  • transparent with razor edges
  • flush spots in high polish finish
  • Sport type: Billiards
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • cb

      Others on the internet say the sharp edges of casino dice aren’t good for wargames

      TLDR: These dice are legit. Buy them and don’t look back.I play a lot of tabletop wargames and board games (Warhammer, Catan, etc.). After many games of just disastrous rolling, I took my sets of Chessex dice and just rolled them and tallied the results. (Not?) surprisingly 1’s and 2’s were rolled way more than statistically likely. After further investigation on Google, this is a well known problem. The solution seemed to be Game Science dice which are no longer made. But even the GS dice were imperfect with casting marks. The solution is real casino dice. So I went to a casino gift shop and the cancelled dice are drilled off-center and inconsistently at that. Probably not fair!Others on the internet say the sharp edges of casino dice aren’t good for wargames, they don’t bounce or roll and bunch of arguments. To that I say Whatever!I plunked down for 6 sets of 5 dice: 10 each green, purple, and blue. Bolo prime, free shipping baby!Dimensions: They are sold as 19mm dice. I used a Starrett digital caliper to measure the dice.- Each individual die is “perfect” to within +/- 0.01 mm tolerance of the caliper. Perfect cube. E.g. 19.36 mm in all dimensions.- Each die in the serialized set is perfect compared to the others in the set. Five perfect 19.36 mm cubes.- Dice between serialized sets can indeed be slightly different. One green set is 19.36 mm cubes, the other green set 19.45 mm cubes. When placed on a flat surface next to each other, there is a very slight difference you can feel. Unless you are specifically checking on a flat surface it would be impossible to tell though.- That said, the blue dice I got (2 sets of five) are all dimensionally consistent. I doubt it has to do with color. Probably just luck.- There doesn’t appear to be a color size difference. Some blue ones are the exact same (19.36 mm) as green or purple or whatever.-I have no way to measure the squareness. In theory, the linear dimensions could all still be not truly cubic. But the dimension across one side of a face is consistent across that face. In other words, measuring the edge of the 1 side near the 2 is 19.36 mm, and next to the 5 side still 19.36 mm.Colors:-Blue is a deep gorgeous sapphire color.-Green, similarly, deep emerald.-Purple is a small bit lighter than expected from the photo. Still sexy.-All pips are same size and depth. Opaque white.-All dice are crystal clear.Pros:-Absolutely beautiful. Sharp edges, polished to a mirror gloss and sparkle and refract light like a diamond.-Perfectly made. Zero imperfections.-Perfect dimensional tolerances within each serialized set.-Great feel in the hand. A subtle clacking.-No more blaming your dice for bad rolls.Cons:-More expensive. About $2 each. But I kinda feel that $50 to have way more fun with thousands of dollars of games is probably worth it.-They are very square and, true, don’t “roll” much. The just land and sit flat. If you wanted, you could probably learn to throw them in a dishonest way. Not a problem with our friendly games.-If you need more than 5 dice that are guaranteed perfectly the same (can’t imagine why) you could either buy a bunch of these sets and measure them, or else I guess consider off runs or bulk serialized dice from maybe Midway?-Larger than your average board game dice. I can roll 20 at a time with ease, and all 30 at a time with some effort, but any more would be challenging.-No more blaming your dice for bad rolls.

    • F_Bongo_King

      Shake em up !

      Great dice, a little pricey but top quality!

    • Amazon Customer


      Love these dice. Sharp edges.. Filled pips. I use them every chance I get, from rolling for dealer in card games to monoply.

    • Jason Dragon

      Not as expected, nice looking dice but they do not match eachother.

      So each dice is good and has sharp edges. They are smooth and nice.However I did NOT received a matched set, I received three different serial numbers, 2 of 417, 2 of 705 and 1 of 226. That was a little unsettling, but the BIG problem is that each serial number is a different size.As someone who plays craps often in real casinos I can tell you that the 417 dice I received are too small, they are under 18mm on each side. the 1 that is from series 226 is 19.0mm and the 2 from 705 are 19.1mm. The real size of a craps dice is 19.05mm plus or minus .013mm. Of course they do it in inches not metric. So over all 3 of my dice are very close, not within the .0001 that the seller says, but close enough to use, however 2 of my dice are much smaller than they should be, enough that when you set the dice it is not comfortable for a throw.Furthermore I did not receive them in the FOIL as they were described, they were loose in a poly bag. The foil is not a big thing for me, as it goes in the trash either way, but this, along with the mixed serial numbers, suggests that these were opened at some point, and put together in kits by people who don't care about quality control. It could have been Bolo, and not the seller, as it does have the label that I see Bolo put on returns. (I am a seller of non related items, and I see a label like this on items I receive back.) So my guess is that this was a return or this was an item that may have been mixed up and opened in a warehouse and this is how Bolo repacked it, either way I did not get what I paid for. It is not really worth it to ship it back to them, I can just use the three good ones, and use the too small ones for something else. But I wanted to post to make sure others are aware of this issue.

    • Hunter


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