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Better Living Products 76345-1 Aviva 3-Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser, Chrome

Better Living

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4.5 ratings
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The AVIVA series of soap and shower dispensers are the most beautiful solution for bath and shower organization. An inspired combination of Design, Style and Practicality. Our 3-Chamber model includes integrated hooks to neatly store razors and accessories! In 1991, Better Living Products began manufacturing and marketing the world's finest assortment in bathroom organization products. With distribution to more than seventy countries and through leading retailers everywhere, Better Living products are available virtually anywhere around the world. With world-leading product designs and superior customer service, Better Living has won a succession of awards throughout North America and beyond!

  • Better Living Products 76345-1 AVIVA 3 Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser Chrome
  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter with this convenient dispenser
  • Includes-handy storage hooks for razors and accessories
  • Individual chambers lift off the wall for easy cleaning and re-filling
  • Smooth, reliable Dispenser pumps have a Lifetime Warranty
  • Installs in minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape (included)
  • Housing constructed from durable, water-resistant ABS plastic
  • Ratings & Reviews

    4.5 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • B. N.

      So far so good

      Moved into an RV and decided to try this for some space saving. We didn't use the silicone, just comand strips which we bought more of (ones meant to be in a shower) and comand stripped the heck out of it.Been using it for a couple/few months and it has not fallen off or dripped. The compartment that holds the soaps has fallen twice due to poor placement. I'm short and haven't had an issue but my husband and daughter while washing their hair caught it underneath with their elbow which lifted it out of the holder and it fell.With both those falls the compartments didn't break and slid right back on. I now only keep them half full so we don't lose as much soap if it happens again.We've only traveled once in the rv since they've been installed so I'm not sure how they'd hold up to constant travel but so far I'm very happy with my purchase.To those who couldn't get soap out of it: really read the instructions, one compartment took a bit more priming then the others but you have to prime them if you want them to work.

    • C.

      A comparison to the white "Better Living" brand dispenser

      Last year I bought the white Better Living brand soap dispenser and I gave it five stars...I felt it so handy to have no bottles or soap along the edges of my shower or tub. And it worked well for that.Problem is, I soon discovered it clogged easily. This would not have been such a burden if I could have simply lifted out the compartment that clogged...what I mean is, let's say the shampoo chamber clogged on my Better Living dispenser...if I could have lifted that out and fixed it, no issue....but on the Better Living dispenser all 3 chambers are connected together so I had to wait until the soap dispenser was empty and the conditioner dispenser was empty before I could ever take it off the wall to fix the shampoo dispenser. And that could be a whole month of me dipping my hand through the top of the unit getting out shampoo because the bottom part was clogged.And the top of that dispenser came off nearly every day...with it that loose, it also meant the conditioner dried out and drying out meant clogging and clogging...you get the picture.So I broke down, tore that one off the shower wall, threw it out, and ordered this one, simply because it LOOKED like the chambers were separate.Thankfully, on this model they are. Every chamber can be removed on it's own, not attached to the other ones, if I have a clog in one chamber. However, the lids are nice and smug on it as well so I have not had a clog in this dispenser.It comes with sticky pads and even silicone if you want to use it to stick it to your shower...this puppy isn't coming off until you pull it off.Additionally, although it can't be seen from the photo, there are also hanging tabs between each dispenser allowing you to hang a razor or hanging bath scrubber etc. So everything is off the tub or shower edges!I personally put liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner in it. If you are using shampoo that takes off the metal color, you likely need to switch shampoo! Mine is lasting fine but cheap shampoos (and even some expensive ones with big profit margins) contain sulfates which are a heavy stripping agent (I used to work in the cosmetic chemical biz) Sulfates are used in commercial floor cleaners as well. They can even lead to thinning hair as we age. Avoid sulfates and your hair will gleam. They aren't used in any European countries but they are high foaming agents and Americans believe that if a shampoo isn't foaming it's not working (that's not true) so they are pumped into many shampoos. Something that would strip off color on an object will strip everything good off your hair so I'm guessing that's why this dispenser has stayed in great shape for me.Incidentally, after I used it for several months, I stuck it in the dishwasher...just the inner clear plastic chambers. Any soap or conditioner that lines the edges comes right off and it looks brand new.No more unsightly bottles that get gunk in the corners of the shower or tub, no more soap I have to sponge off...You can place this in the middle part of a tub and you can reach it when bathing in the tub or when showering.I wouldn't ever be without one...thankfully, this one is designed right.It also comes with labels so you can label what is shampoo, soap, etc...all kinds of options you can choose from, even in French!This prevents the clogs with a more airtight lid, but should I encounter them, they are finally an easy fix...looks great in the bathroom, and cleans up the junkNote: This will handle even the thickest conditioners...if you read the directions it tells you you need to prime the pump first, just like on all shower dispensers

    • M.

      Shampoo drips on the floor! (but can be fixed...)

      The product arrived in time, well packed. It looks reasonably good, both quality-wise and regarding aesthetics. Major flaw is that the shampoo I put in (denser than average) keeps dripping on the floor. It is not a drop or two, it is a constant drip-drip-drip that will soon empty the bottle - I will return, as this is unacceptable. (Note: neither the (very dense) conditioner nor the body soap drip, so it could be just one defective dispenser out of three - still, not acceptable).Update on the next day: before shipping the item back, I thought I'll flush it vigorously with water - I did, and the drip stopped. It seems some small plastic particle was lodged onto the rubber seal that stops the shampoo flow, and flushing with water removed it. I am still knocking off a star for the hassle (and the shampoo wasted) and also for the easiness with which the tanks may fly off their holders and smash on the floor. Bottom line: overall a good product but: i) before fixing on the wall, fill all tanks with water and let stand on a dry surface to check for leaks. If they leak, flush vigorously with water. 2) When fixing on the wall, take care to choose a place where the tanks cannot be knocked off accidentally.

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