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Better Living Products, White 76354 Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser

Better Living

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4.3 ratings
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Size:3-Chamber  |  Color:White

The EURO series of soap and shower dispensers offer a contemporary solution to the messy problem of shower bottle clutter. With their ability to mount either in the corner or flat on a wall, the EURO Dispensers are also some of the most versatile shower dispensers around! Choose either an UNO, DUO or TRIO Dispenser; each are available in White, Chrome and Satin Silver finishes.

From the Manufacturer

The Euro series of soap and shower dispensers are beautiful solutions for the messy problem of bottle clutter. The Trio is easy to install and easy to use. It is the perfect shower accessory, whether you install it flat on the wall or in a corner to make use of un-usable shower space.

  • Eliminates shower bottle clutter and container lifts off the wall for easy cleaning and re-filling
  • Versatile dispenser can be mounted either in the corner or flat on a wall
  • Installs in minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape (included)
  • Housing constructed from durable, water-resistant ABS plastic
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    Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 ratings
    Customer Reviews
    • K.

      A great product for Earthquakes and Tommy Boys

      I bought this product for my RV shower. My RV shower is about the size of a coffin. Unfortunately, it feels like I'm Chris Farley trying on a little coat and attempting to shower in it. Not only did I need a solution to manage the rolling earthquake my shower goes through every time my husband pulls the trailer like he's in a Transporter movie, but needed something that my large rear-end wouldn't knock over when attempting to shower in the tiny box resembling a magician's prop.So far, so good. The silicon has withheld the earthquake like driving of Ricky Bobby, RV edition. It also is great to have all my showering needs, right there on the wall where my badonka-donk-donk doesn't knock over every time I try to manage a proper shower in the tiny box that reminds me of my girth.Big thing is....you got to read the directions!!!! I can see where the know-it-all who throws away the directions will think the product is broken if you don't properly prime the pumps. But...If you read the directions...you shouldn't have that problem. But, I'm sure the type of person who throws the directions away isn't reading this review either, so...Good product, solutions to all your showering needs. Read the directions, knowledge is power.

    • S. H.

      Great to dispenser! Use 3M Command strips to adhere!

      I adhered this with 3M Command Velcro strips. Based on all of the reviews, I didn't want to chance the tape or silicone not holding. I chose the 16lb Velcro strips. Follow those directions then follow the directions for the dispenser. Definitely easy to prime if you follow those instructions. Don't rush installing this thing or you're going to have a broken dispenser on the floor with lost product. It's very pretty once installed. I look forward to using this!Update: 10/4/2020 - this has not fallen off the wall once since we installed it! The velcro strips are the key. We still love this dispenser and will continue to tell people it's a great space saver and durable.

    • D.

      Perfect IF you follow directions

      This is great! I Purchased this for my kids bathroom. I was so sick of buying shampoo and conditioner and two days later finding the nearly empty bottles floating in the tub. This is perfect and they also understand how little shampoo or conditioner they need with one pump, that’s enough. The lid pops off easy for cleaning and refills... lots of stickers to chose from.... however...I, like a lot of people in here did not read the directions and was getting irritated that my conditioner was not working. I actually never read the directions and came on here to read the reviews when I noticed a reviewer pointed out the directions clearly state how to fix it. Literally simple and it worked. Push button, put finger over hole (on the outside) and let go of button. Bam. Conditioner. Totally happy and I am debating buying one for my bathroom as well. It just looks so much cleaner not having bottles all over the place .

    • t.

      Fell onto a tiled shower floor and literally shattered like glass. I would have liked to return this ...

      I bought this for my airbnb thinking it would be convienent, clean, and cost effective. However, I had renters 48 hours after I followed direction to the tee,. Cleansed with rubbing alcho l(scrubbed), let it dry, applied the suggested water resistant Command strips, applied all 4 as instructed, and what a MESS!It fell off the tiled shower wall the first time in use. Fell onto a tiled shower floor and literally shattered like glass. I would have liked to return this but, it was a horrible mess to clean up with pieces everywhere! I literally, had nothing to return, unless Amazon would accept a return in a plastic bag full of broken, shampoo, conditioner, gel, saturated, plastic pieces, I had no option other than trash can.Just awful!!!!!!I wish I didnt have to give it the one star that I did. To leave a review, you have at least designate a star.U= It did not deserve a star, or even 1/2 of a star!This is the first horrible, bad, crap, review I have ever given. This product is AWFUL and impossible to return for refund! DO NOT PURCHASETHIS!I purchase lots, and lots of things from AMAZON on a regular basis, perhaps AMAZON should review their products themselves, or listen to what GREAT customers have to say. Looks like AMAZON is getting too big for their britches!

    • D.

      MUST have.

      I’ve purposefully waited several months to review this product because of some of the other reviews about longevity. These dispensers are one of those “golden products” you find on Amazon! I keep saying to myself, “why didn’t I do something like this a decade ago!”These pumps are easy to install, easy to clean, easy to setup, and attractive. We’ve run all sorts of types of liquid through them, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. MAKE SURE you prime the pumps before using, otherwise you’ll probably think they’re non-functional or broken. Instructions to prime are inside the lid of each pump. It’s very easy.My last comment is that I decided to not use any of the adhesive or mounting tools that were included. I’ve used waterproof Command strips the two times I’ve moved them. I used four on each pump and have had ZERO issues. These are truly amazing!

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