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AmazonBasics Hanging Organizer File Folders - Letter Size, Green, 25-Pack

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Most popular choice for desk drawer filing Includes clear plastic tabs and replaceable white inserts Coated rod tips allow smooth gliding Made of 10% recycled content; 10% post-consumer material Standard green Contains 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material

Customers Reviews

Better quality and cheaper then the big box stores

5.0 out of 5.0 by Xena O. on January 29, 2018
I wasn’t going to write a review because there are already so many but I just had to mention. These are such better quality then the big box stores and cheaper! I know.... I have both so I was able to side by side compare them. Not to mention they get delivered to your door. The differences I immediately noticed: (see pics)1)These are a lot thicker feeling2)The hanging tab is stronger material and doesn’t seem to bend easily with my thumb so I’m hoping it will hold files better before bending.3) The color is greener (not a big thing)4) they are cheaper!Similarities:1) same size2) both come with tabsI would definitely buy these again and not waste my time driving and asking for a price match from the other guys. (Although they will if you show them these) anyways hope this helps!
Great folders. If you understand how to put them together.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kate on July 28, 2016
These Amazon file folders work perfect in any office space. Let me tell you how to set them up (because there are some people writing reviews stating that they don't work).1. Tear each of the labels at the perforated lines. There will be some small sections at the end of each strip that are trash.2. Place the label inside of the plastic sleeves. You can have the small section jutting out, or you can fold it behind the larger label.3. This is very important. The plastic sleeves go in between the slits in the tops of the folders. If you have it in correctly, it should be snug in place and not fall over! The plastic sleeves are also slanted for a reason. They are supposed to lean away from you, not towards you.You can also use a simple algorithm such as this to organize your folders: Tab 01(A-B) Tab 02(C-D) Tab 03(E-G) Tab 04(H-J) Tab 05(K-M) Tab 06(N-P) Tab 07(Q-S) Tab 08(T-V) Tab 09(W-Z)I hope this helps some of you.
folders can easily slide off the tracks

2.0 out of 5.0 by Mark on September 22, 2017
The hanger metal hook is too shallow, folders can easily slide off the tracks, I wonder if there's a difference, so I did a comparison with my old hanging folders, YES, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. See photos, this one is 1/8" in hook depth(on the left), my old one is 1/4"(on the right).Always threw away the shipping box, otherwise I will return; buyers be aware of minor things can always matter how you use a product.
Durable and Heavy Duty

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ashlie on January 12, 2016
My husband and I moved into a new home last year, and we had an extra living room that we were able to use as an office. We bought all new office furniture, and I was on a mission to get everything as neat and organized as I could. The desk that I bought has a nice file cabinet built in, and I needed some of these file holders to put in it. We have similar file dividers to these at the office that I work for, and they are really cheap and the metal hangers always seem to bend. They never stay straight, and I really don't like them. Although these ones look exactly the same as the ones that I have at the office, they are WAY better. They are thick and really heavy duty. The metal hangers are not cheap at all and they fit perfectly into my file cabinet. I think that these will hold up for a long time, and I appreciated the plastic label holders and white labels that this came with. I am now able to organize all of our home and work paperwork here in my own office, and these really helped me a lot to keep things fluid and organized. There is no more looking near and far to find any piece of paper. Everything is nice and organized and tucked into the protection of these files. Also, these were shipped to me really fast, which I appreciated.
You Get What You Pay For

2.0 out of 5.0 by Jackson Bailey on February 11, 2019
These hanging file folders are not quite as good as what you'd buy at a store, but they're cheaper. One difference -- and it may be a drawback for you -- is that they don't come in a box, just the cardboard container they're shipped in. As a result, the only place to store the product will be in your file cabinet as empty folders. Personally, I'd rather have them sitting in the manufacturer's box in a supply closet.Then there's the issue of the product being flimsy. The paper is lighter weight than the store bought brands. Further, several of the folders came with only one side fitted with the metal hanger. There's no way to hang the product in a file cabinet if both sides don't have supports and hooks.
Just don’t buy it. You get what you pay for.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Laurie on July 15, 2018
These fell apart so quickly. The glue didn’t hold at all and all the files fell through. Some came already unglued. Out of 25 in the box, 23 were bad. And I ordered two boxes. Both equally falling apart. The return procedure was more arduous than it was worth. Wound up in the trash. Total garbage.I have hanging file folders that are 15 years old and still hold up great. Many brands are out of business now. Going to try Smead- may be the only decent brand left!
Musty Smelling

1.0 out of 5.0 by Wendy on August 2, 2018
I just ordered two packages of these file folders. They seem sturdy and the quality of the folders is fine. My complaint is the smell - they are musty, it smells like they have been sitting someplace damp for a long time. I have been sneezing ever since I opened the package. Disappointing.
I was impressed ... but

4.0 out of 5.0 by CCH2002 on January 3, 2019
Positives:Cheaper than buying at an office supply storeQuality of the folder part is top notch. I am thoroughly impressed with the feel of the folder and the color (green) is actually deeper than the others I have that came from an office store.The metal hooks have held up and not given me any issues on the rails.Paper inserts for the tabs are the exact same width as my label maker printouts so they stick easily without a fold over necessary.ConsThere is only one issue I have with these hanging file folders - the tabs. They don't actually have the slant I'm used to so the folders in lower file cabinets are hard to read the tabs unless you lift the folder out. I purchased Avery brand replacement tabs and they fit the folders and give me the angle I prefer. They are also tighter around the paper than the ones that came with these folders. After buying the additional tabs my cost is still cheaper than buying at an office store so I would recommend them and buy them again.

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