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Rockfield "Menthol 100's" - Carton - Tobacco Free - Nicotine Free - Nitrosamine Free - Herbal - Cigarette Alternative



Tobacco Free - Nicotine Free - Herbal Cigarette Alternative
FDA Approved Flavoring - Natural Blend
Used in Movies and Theater
Looks like tobacco, Feels like tobacco, Burns like tobacco
Enjoyable Smoking Experience - 10 Pack Carton


The ALTERNATIVE to tobacco cigarettes! Rockfield is a Patent Pending blend of uniquely processed vegetable leaves. Yes, vegetable leaves flavored with FDA approved juices. Looks like tobacco, feels like tobacco, burns like tobacco; but NOT tobacco. Rockfield gives you the oral fixation, the calming release and desired pleasure of smoking. There is no other product like Rockfield. Proudly Supporting American Farmers, all Rockfield products are grown, blended, processed and packaged entirely in the U.S.A. Rockfields are available in Red 100's Gold 100's and Menthol 100's by the 20 count pack, 200 count carton and even 6,000 count cases. Due to our local sourcing, blending and manufacturing, we are able to offer Rockfields as the least expensive cigarette alternative on the web. Purchase a carton at a great deal. Rockfields are also available at a great discount by the 30 carton case. GIVE ROCKFIELD A TRY!