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  • A simple checkout and a few clicks are all you need to purchase all your favorite products from the US and UK/EU and delivered straight to door here in the UAE.
  • binge.com.kw is providing you an easy and affordable solution to have all your favorite items that you want but can’t find here in the UAE. With the process as simple as any other, it feels like your purchase is arriving from your local retailer. We have eliminated all the tedious tasks of importing products or setting up drop shipping accounts at ridiculous prices, and also provide you with excellent delivery times at no extra costs.
  • With all the products from 3rd party sellers based outside the UAE, we make sure to cover all the after sales hassle you may be worried about when purchasing products from abroad.
  • We hope you enjoy shopping with us with our selection of over 50 million items to you from major retailers across the globe, and a customer service team to assist you in every way possible.
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